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  1. I agree that Mass Effect is probably going to be the game which defines the current generation. I personally see it as the Star Wars of the time. But saying that 'Retro Studios is talented with tech' isn't really a reason. They have no prior work with Unreal Engine 3 to base that on and have really only released games working with two different engines (assuming DKC Returns isn't spawned from the Prime codebase). As much as I love the Metroid Prime series, Retro Studios are no Bioware and probably never will be. Also, we don't want to get into remaking games which are less than 5 years old. It's bad enough with the recent Halo remake.
  2. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    I'm starting to get the horrible feeling that I bought the Vita way too early. I paid £227 for Wifi Vita + 8GB Memory Card + Asphalt and now, on Amazon, I could get 3G Vita + 4GB Memory Card + Mortal Kombat for £250. I still think the best game on it so far is Motorstorm RC. It has such a pick up and play style. The problem is that other than that there hasn't been that many games I want to play over and over.
  3. Minecraft!

    Apart from the downgrade to 1.6.6 beta I'm actually enjoying the Xbox 360 version more than the PC. Runs a lot more smoothly and nice split-screen co-op. I'm yet to feel the reduction in world size so maybe that would change my mind.
  4. Mario Tennis Open

    Those Chance Shots that show you exactly where the ball is going to land are beyond annoying. Very close to cancelling my pre-order now as that seems like it'll drain the enjoyment out of the game.
  5. Mario Tennis Open

    @\-Dem0\- for the information posted. I don't seem to have a thanks button that I can press on the post.
  6. Mario Tennis Open

    I have this pre-ordered but with all this talk of it being a bit shallow it's making me wonder if I should cancel. The video shown during Nintendo Direct mentioned that there were lots of unlockables (for the Mii character) but I haven't really heard much about it since.
  7. DS/DSi General Discussion

    The DSi and DSi XL are getting prices cuts in the US. I hope they do in Europe too as I'm still looking to pick up a DSi XL.
  8. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    Note that GAME have removed the "GAME Exclusive" label from the page.
  9. I honestly thought that more people would be happy to have a high profile game released on the Wii U. PS3 users have already had to do without ME1 when playing ME2. I only included it on my list because I actually think it's likely to be announced by EA. I'm fine with playing it on the Xbox 360 and would only buy it again for the Wii U if it made the most out of the systems unique features.
  10. But what you're hoping for is never going to happen. So I don't understand how you can compare that fantasy with something which is possible and would result in people actually being able to play one of the games in the series. ME3 being released on the Wii U is just like AC3 being released on the Wii U and the Mass Effect series has already released ME2 on the PS3 without ME1. Also, why would Bioware have to do graphical enhancements? You know the game is on the PC too, right?
  11. 1.Predicting the MEGATONS of NINTENDO's E3 2012 conference You're all allowed to make 5 predictions which will happen on stage with Iwata and co. One cannot predict games of which we already know, but one may predict, for example, things we'll see in such games such as new gameplay mechanics, new characters etc, of which we haven't the foggiest. A new Metroid game. I'm still undecided on if I think it's going to be a Metroid Prime on the Wii U or the oft-denied Metroid Dread on the 3DS. I think it's about time we get a sequel to Fusion! Wii U name change. <- With how Nintendo realised that the 3DS is a confusing name when it comes to mass marketing the product as something different to the DS, I think they'll change it. Of course we'll all believe it's because they realised it just isn't a very good name. A Wii U Mario launch game. I think it'll be a brand new game (think Super Mario Sunshine to Super Mario Galaxy rather than Galaxy to Galaxy 2). <-They keep talking about how the 3DS only really took off when the two Mario games landed, so I think they'll leave the gates with one this time. The Nintendo Network will be fully unveiled explaining how we can have a single account for use on the Wii U and the 3DS. It will also be mentioned that we can transfer Wii purchases to the Wii U. <-Not sure if this one counts because it seems to be considered a certainty. The GBA & DS back catalogue will be trickle-released on the 3DS Virtual Console and the Gamecube & Wii on the Wii U Virtual Console. <- I'm almost certain we'll get one of these. As they're going to be digitally distributing Wii U games it can't really be countered with "but Wii games will have huge file sizes!". Also, with the Wii U having Wii hardware for Wii emulation it should still contain the MIOS for GCN. 2.Outrageous claims This is where you can make the most out of your fantasy, because you can make 4 'unlikely-to-happen' kind of claims which might happen during the whole of E3.. DS games will also be available on the Wii U Virtual Console with the controller screen acting as the lower screen and the TV acting as the upper screen. <- Unlikely as Nintendo probably see this as a selling point on the 3DS. All Wii U games will be playable in 3D on 3DTVs. This won't be a selling point but will just be there and work much like the nVidia 3D Vision on PC. <- Unlikely because it might detract from the 3DS. I think it has to happen though because it'll probably be like this on the other next gen consoles. A 3DS redesign will be announced. It won't be called the 3DS Lite to avoid confusion with the DS Lite. It will have a second analogue stick, slightly better screens and a clamshell design which doesn't leave an imprint on the top screen. <- Unlikely because Nintendo won't want to steal the Wii U's thunder. Wii games will be rendered at 1080p instead of just using hardware emulation. <- Nintendo have already said this won't be the case and it would take quite a technical feat to achieve without issues. I've included it though as they know it's a wanted feature. 3.Predicting the aftermath You're also allowed to make 2 predictions regarding all that follows the conference, which would be predictions regarding interesting teases from developers, roundtables, Reggie laying down the law on Geoff once again, ...etc.... Super Smash Bros 4 will be shown behind closed doors to the gaming press. <- I seem to remember it happening with Brawl. Mass Effect 3 will be announced as a third party title available on the Wii U at launch. It'll be a port which makes very little use of any of the Wii U specific features. <- I'm hoping for a ME3 which uses all of the Wii U features to the max but I can't see that happening!
  12. Fire Emblem Awakening

    Personally I'm hoping that the Wii U offers Gamecube games for download. The prices for Path of Radiance are crazy. Edit: But then again, I'm not crazy about playing games on different controllers to which they were designed on.
  13. Pandora's Tower

    Same here. I'm wondering if that's why we had to wait a while to receive the emails. Some people were receiving emails on release and I'm guessing they had done it in release date order.
  14. Pandora's Tower

    Oh wow, twice as long as I thought it said. Even more reason why people's Kid Icarus cards shouldn't have arrived yet.
  15. Pandora's Tower

    I've also received two emails about this recently. Just out of curiosity, did you register the games out of order? Nintendo Club deliveries have always taken 30 days. I think it even says that when you checkout.
  16. New Super Mario Bros 2

    The selling of digital codes at shops is actually a really good idea. Yes, you won't be able to trade in the games but in return you get the ease of having the game for use at any point. In addition, unlike pure digital distribution, there's a chance that the shops could sell these download codes as competitively as they sell the cartridge games.
  17. Advice on Web Hosting and Domain Names

    Personally I use Namecheap for domain registration. I've heard good things about AwardSpace's paid hosting. Their most expensive package includes two domains and ASP.net hosting in addition to PHP.
  18. Fire Emblem Awakening

    Thanks, seems like 2012 is a busy year for the 3DS!
  19. Fire Emblem Awakening

    What's the ETA on this for the EU?
  20. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I really hope it's just a special SKU or advanced release.
  21. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    The latest news article on the official Nintendo site doesn't mention the horrible move of giving retail exclusivity to GAME, just that Nintendo are acting as the distributor for the game.
  22. 3DS Firmware Update - Includes Folders

    I like this update. I think it shows that Nintendo are serious about using online features of their consoles to their full extent. Like many others have said, I wish there was the ability to change the colours of the folders. I'm still hoping that one of the future updates will contain some kind of in-game messaging functionality. Even if they just make the letter box app one of the apps which can be launched while in a game.
  23. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I guess we can hope it's just a three day exclusive, right?
  24. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    It is the case. It's on GAME's website and they've mentioned it in their twitter. Rather amusingly they said "As it's exclusive we will make sure all pre-orders are fullfilled." Anybody remember Mass Effect 3's N7 Edition? I can't post the link to their twitter because I'm under 15 posts.
  25. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I know it wasn't aimed at me but I did have a pre-order down with another retailer and I'm hoping that the GAME exclusive is just a short period of exclusivity or a new SKU like someone else mentioned. By limiting the amount of sales the game will make it will negatively effect the online aspect of the game. With how this game seems to make use of the online a lot I think it will have a negative impact on the game overall.