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  1. ZombiU

    Just a follow up to this. The Wii U GamePad definitely doesn't have an IR sensor on it: http://kotaku.com/5918070/nintendo-has-a-plan-to-deal-with-its-wii-u-calibration-problem
  2. Kirby 20th Anniversary Disc

    Instant buy for me if it's the same price as the Mario one.
  3. Nintendo development list

    Just to add to what others have been saying about Retro Studios. As much as I love Metroid I hope they're working on something original. That would a) expand Nintendo's IPs and b) show us what Retro can actually do.
  4. ZombiU

    I wonder if the survivors all starting in the same place is just because it's a demo or if that's how it'll be in the end game. I was sort of hoping it'd change up where you started from too, just to add to the disorientation.
  5. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I felt that on the character select screen the 3D is far too strong, did anybody else? It was only that screen though and after actually entering the game it was fine.
  6. Wii U available for pre-order

    They made an unauthorised charge to my credit card and didn't want to know when I contacted them about it. It wasn't very much (and not the initial check your cc details are valid) but it was enough for me to not use them again. This happened over a year ago now and I had nothing but good service before hand.
  7. ZombiU

    I agree but I don't believe it's stated that the Game Pad actually has this functionality. It has an IR transmitter/receiver but that's different to what the Wii Remote has.
  8. Wii U available for pre-order

    I estimate that the price of the Wii U will be between £250 and £300 so a price of £280 seems possible to me. Even so, I wouldn't order from ShopTo again even if I were paid to. I would prefer the black Wii U to match the rest of the equipment in my AV shelving. The white Wii bugs me at the moment but if I could swap that out for my old black GameCube and a black Wii U it'd be excellent. As for games, I think I'm looking for Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU and Lego City Undercover. It depends on release date and total cost as to which I'll get though.
  9. ZombiU

    Does the Wii U Game Pad actually have an IR pointer? I thought it was using just it's motion sensors like the Wii Remote Plus in Skyward Sword.
  10. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    I really enjoyed the demo of this. It's a bit short but confirms that I do want the game.
  11. Twilight Princess and Wii Remote Plus

    I think it was under an hour but I wasn't on the look out for it so I can't be sure. If it didn't happen for you the Wii Remote Plus is most likely not to blame. I'll have to see if I can get it to happen again. UPDATE: Today the Wii Remote Plus + - HOME buttons only remained active in the first area I was in. I asked here because there are other cases of this happening when you Google search but none of them seem to have found the cause of it. I was hoping that between us all we might be able to solve it! I've just been using another Wii Remote to get around it. I don't mind! I'd still like to find out the answer but your question really interested me. I've been trying all week to think of a good reply but after playing all three I feel there's so little between them all. Gameplay-wise I'm going to say Skyward Sword. It's looking like that's an unpopular view but I was impressed with how it worked. It wasn't exactly traditional Zelda but we need the series to evolve rather than just putting a fresh coat of paint on it. I felt that the controls in Skyward Sword were the natural progression from the waggle controls in Twilight Princess and they were really good when they worked. But I do believe they should have put more forced Wii Remote Plus configuration points in places where precise controls were required (such as before boss fights). I also liked how Skyward Sword had the ability to upgrade weapons based on items that you collect. The musical instrument in Skyward Sword was nearly pointless though, they were better in the other two. Stylistically I think I prefer Skyward Sword and Wind Waker. The environments and the character design in Skyward Sword are incredible. While Wind Waker's cel-shaded look is an entirely different take on Zelda. They're both those type of games where it doesn't really matter that it's in SD. That's not to say that Twilight Princess doesn't look nice, it's just that it's the one that I feel would actually be improved if it were a HD game. Story-wise I like all three of them equally. Fi is significantly more annoying than Midna and the King of Red Lions though.
  12. Definitely not just you. I love the Metroid Prime series and I've enjoyed the little I've played of Donkey Kong Country Returns but surely their talent should be spent on new games!
  13. Heroes of Ruin 3DS ( S-E+N-Space )

    Thanks @Hero\-of\-Time for posting the link. I'm looking forward to this game even more now.
  14. Mario Tennis Open

    I wouldn't register your games today. I've had problems in the past with 'bonus stars' not registering when I've activated it before the release date. Enjoy playing it!
  15. Mario Tennis Open

    Nintendo seem to be giving an extra 250 stars for this if you register the game before Monday. It's on the banner displayed on http://www.nintendo.co.uk/NOE/en_GB/
  16. I finally got around to completing this the other day. I really enjoyed it overall but here are some issues I did have: The controls were a bit of a chore. The Wii Remote Plus kept losing track of where it was so any of the game mechanics which required specific strikes became far more difficult than they were conceived to be. Fi was annoying like many have pointed out and would have been much better if you had to actually activate her to get her massive clues rather than them being given freely. The final boss was pretty cool and the whole story of it was really good but because it was so awkward to get Skyward Strikes on demand I just brewed up a Guardian+ Potion which made it a pushover. Even so, I'd say it was one of my favourite games of last year and one of my favourites on the Wii.
  17. I would think we're not going to see a 3DS Zelda for a while because we had Ocarina of Time. I know it was just a remake but it's still 'a Zelda game'.
  18. Mario Tennis Open

    Thanks for posting that. Here's another from GamesRadar.
  19. Mario Tennis Open

    Is it bad that I'm trying to convince myself to keep my pre-order because they might use the new patching feature to patch in the ability to switch the chance shots off? It's just too unlikely!
  20. Mario Tennis Open

    I'm going to cancel my pre-order but will probably pick it up eventually.
  21. I agree that Mass Effect is probably going to be the game which defines the current generation. I personally see it as the Star Wars of the time. But saying that 'Retro Studios is talented with tech' isn't really a reason. They have no prior work with Unreal Engine 3 to base that on and have really only released games working with two different engines (assuming DKC Returns isn't spawned from the Prime codebase). As much as I love the Metroid Prime series, Retro Studios are no Bioware and probably never will be. Also, we don't want to get into remaking games which are less than 5 years old. It's bad enough with the recent Halo remake.
  22. PlayStation Vita Console Discussion

    I'm starting to get the horrible feeling that I bought the Vita way too early. I paid £227 for Wifi Vita + 8GB Memory Card + Asphalt and now, on Amazon, I could get 3G Vita + 4GB Memory Card + Mortal Kombat for £250. I still think the best game on it so far is Motorstorm RC. It has such a pick up and play style. The problem is that other than that there hasn't been that many games I want to play over and over.
  23. Minecraft!

    Apart from the downgrade to 1.6.6 beta I'm actually enjoying the Xbox 360 version more than the PC. Runs a lot more smoothly and nice split-screen co-op. I'm yet to feel the reduction in world size so maybe that would change my mind.
  24. Mario Tennis Open

    Those Chance Shots that show you exactly where the ball is going to land are beyond annoying. Very close to cancelling my pre-order now as that seems like it'll drain the enjoyment out of the game.
  25. Mario Tennis Open

    @\-Dem0\- for the information posted. I don't seem to have a thanks button that I can press on the post.