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  1. The fine line between Constructive Criticism and Trolling...

    Why should tolerate something that is wrong? Someone needed to stand up against constant bullshit. Someone needs to do it because it was clear that staff or moderation wasn't up to the task. But, fine, I'm leaving, so you can pretend it makes things better.
  2. The fine line between Constructive Criticism and Trolling...

    Funny how that doesn't work two ways.
  3. The fine line between Constructive Criticism and Trolling...

    So the idea is getting rid of me and MCJ because we are responsible for all flamewars? It's great to see I'm turned into a scapegoat, although I have been away for very long time.
  4. The fine line between Constructive Criticism and Trolling...

    Or perhaps you should take hike? I don't really find it very nice that someone throws shit towards me always when I want to talk with my pals, and calls it constructive criticism. Sure you have right to be unhappy customer, but it doesn't allow you to terrorize and derail every thread. It is already impossible to have thread longer than three pages without usual suspects coming to bitch. We have tolerated this for two years, but seriously there is limit for everything. If you don't play nice, nobody requires us play nice either.
  5. The fine line between Constructive Criticism and Trolling...

    I see it used to define your generic shooter, sandbox, and other "mature" games (which, frankly, are most immature games around). These are not challenging at all. In fact, I would say that majority of games that people here think as hardcore are casual. They are marketed towards mass market, easy, and there is lots compromises about design to please typical player. People here call Halo 3 as hardcore game, although isn't obscure, uncompromising, daring, or challenging by any standards. It is basically lunch at McDonalds (which arguably is really hardcore experience). As opposite is this: Europe Universalis 3. 100 000 sold, grand strategy. Ugly as sin. Manual over 200 pages. If we want to use term, this would be hardcore. Not shooter that has sold 9 million copies. That is why term is practically useless, and I see it as something that mocks readers intelligence.
  6. The fine line between Constructive Criticism and Trolling...

    The problem here is that hardcore term is used here as some kind of badge and standard of being better gamer. Of course it starts to annoy.
  7. The fine line between Constructive Criticism and Trolling...

    As a flip-side we have lots of people who think that Nintendo never does anything right. I loathe that people use core / casual bullshit to justify superiority of their tastes, and to feel special. This need goes so far as that people re-invent term to suit their needs, logic to be damned. "I'm playing mature hardcore games". Try to read that aloud. Can't you people grasp how stupid that sounds? Seriously. So far gamers here go, I'm easily most "hardcore" gamer in these forums, but goddamn if I hate the term and how cheaply it is thrown around with burning passion.
  8. Miyamoto Was Sad During GameCube Era

    This has continued for two years, actually. But why moderators don't do anything? There is very simple reason that no-one wants to admit. Majority of our moderators are friends with our problem childs, and you don't say no to your friends. You really can't except moderation to work in this kind of enviroment. It doesn't help either that moderation has completely forgotten what N in this site's name stands for, and that this site has financial responsibilities, meaning that it can't just cater their pals.
  9. Miyamoto Was Sad During GameCube Era

    It would be only curing of symptoms instead of removing the cause.
  10. Miyamoto Was Sad During GameCube Era

    Best strategy would be simply start to ban people. Harsh, but effective. As we can't have our discussion in peace, I don't really see reason why Caris and comp should be allowed to use forums either. Hell, it is probably only way to salvage this place. Some solid bans, and total re-boot of the forums. No need to complain, as using N-Europe isn't civil right.
  11. Miyamoto Was Sad During GameCube Era

    This. This is extremely rude and annoying, and goes against every rule of good discussion. Its like I would go to soccer forums, and started discussion how about soccer sucks, and ice hockey is so much better. I would never do that, because what it would serve? What I am going to gain by pissing off other people? Why can't we just can't live in harmony? But no, let's push our ideals down from the others throat. I think that the problem here is the anonimity like always. When people aren't speaking face to face, they start to do stupid things that they would never do normally. That is why I use my real name.
  12. Miyamoto Was Sad During GameCube Era

    Ah, and quote above comes from the guy who wrote shitty essays purely for trolling purposes and for stirring shit.
  13. Miyamoto Was Sad During GameCube Era

    Could you crawl back to your hole? I have talked with more than few ex N-Europeans, and you, and few certain other posters were claimed as main reason for stopping posting. You and your pals basically terrorized part of the community away, and you still act like you own this fucking place. As moderation isn't doing anything, I'm really starting to wonder should I bring this matter directly to the Advanced Media INC. There is no reason why Nintendo users should accept being bullied and treated like a second class citizens on a site that is dedicated for them.
  14. Miyamoto Was Sad During GameCube Era

    N64 had 228 games released in the US during its lifetime. This number includes roughly fifty first party games. Even Dreamcast managed to get more releases during its two year lifetime, if I recall correctly.
  15. Money grows on Wiis, not trees...Now what?

    Nintendo is developing faster and more games. Only time in Nintendo's history that they have done more games would be NES. New IPs, yeah, they are fine and dandy, but I'm against thought process of new IP = better game. New IPs they are really not worth it if you don't have really good idea. Without idea, new IP is usually emperor's new clothings, a.k.a same shit wrapped in different tinfoil (i.e. Resistance, Killzone). So far as studios go, Nintendo is outsourcing their games far more than in the past. It is somewhat strange that half of internal studios haven't still released anything for Wii after two years. Wanting Nintendo to have more studios is nice thought, but these studios would require recruiting talented staff, which doesn't grow in the trees. Trying to acquire studios via money is worthless, as talent tends to leave during buyovers.