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  1. lol, the Jim.. is that a good thing or a bad thing? :) It's me, I drop by every now and then.. I'm very very rarely on at this time, and i even more rarely post nowadays... just got back from a night in town and its 4am here. Decided to check a thread Ive been watching recently, and my slightly intoxicated state has lead to me spamming away... :) lol


    back on topic.. I'm also a fan of A.. amanda, alicia.. very nice names :) though J? I cant think of many good female names that begin with J.. I'm partial to Jennifer i guess..

  2. complete.jpg

    l0l at UK


    Bought a new PC today, was definately time to upgrade. Had my beast for almost 4 and a half years now i would guess... During which time nothing has died, which i really cant complain about.


    Was definately time to upgrade :) Cbf listing the new stats, but yeah, yay for me i guess :P now im poor again!

  3. Interesting thread :) For some reason, alot of my past girlfriends or people ive been attracted to name's have started with K or C. Its actually quite bizzare! Honestly... let me see, starting from about the time i was 17. Caitlin, Katey, Kisane, Kristen(ex-gf), Kimberly.. the the chain kind of breaks a bit... but my gf of 7 months is Courtney. It's something I'd always found a little ammusing.


    Names i find hot, hmmm...

    Emiley (Emily is fine too)





    Not hot..





    Edit: After reading some more replies id like to add that I agree with Laura being a hot name :)

  4. Motion City Soundtrack - Hold Me Down


    Platty is onto a good thing with Feeder, fantastic band. Alot of the stuff they've done after their original drummer died could be called depressing - although I'd rather call it fantastic :p Jimmy Eat World have quite a few good songs which could also be called depressing, check them out. They are actually 2 of my favourite bands


    (ugh, i dont listen to them because they are depressing btw! I listen to Feeder and Jimmy Eat World because they write fantastic music with good lyrics.)