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  1. I ask, because most of tonight I've suddenly been trying to find people who went on gamecubexl.com. Years and years ago. I think I was around... 11?


    Anyway, I've found quite a few who are still on a forum that spun off from it, nintendonow.com


    I'm not sure what brought it on. Do you guys reckon you'll think about this place in years to come?


    Aw man... thinking about that old forum brings back some awesome, awesome memories. I was the perfect age for fanboy forum lovin'. Jesus I wish I had a backup of the entire forums so I could read.. me. Being an idiot. And having fun. :(


    I was a moderator and long time member of gamecubexl.com at the same time that I was the chief admin here. That place died because the members who had been there since the early times started thinking they were above all the noobs, and just generally didn't seem to want new members hanging around. In the end, the people who made the place what it was found better things to do i guess, old moderators and admins left and either weren't replaced or were replaced with irresponsible dickheads :) In its last few months the place was more or less an unmoderated shit heap, and the owner eventually decided to pull the plug.


    I think if more suitable people were given moderator powers, the place might still be going. *-europe has always had pretty logical people in control, hence why this place is still going strong :)


    Well done to all the admins who took over after me, especially Sven and Svt4Him. They put some good harsh rules in place that really set the standard for this place today. The more recent admins have certainly done a great job in maintaining and also evolving those standards in a forum that is incredibly busy compared to what it was in my day! :)

  2. The Wii has a shortage of good fighters. This seems a bit similar to Soul Calibur. And also, all previous 3D Castlevania adventures have been crap.


    This is a welcome adition.


    i personally loved the n64 castlevania :( I thought the whip might be a great weapon for the wii-mote to utilise, oh wells.

  3. So need to do an all-nighter so i can play some games with you guys :( 2 weeks or so and the game will be rleased here in ozzieland and some chums will finally have the game... they just arent hardcore enough for my liking :P

  4. Anyone else noticed that sometimes your bike/car just seems to stop for a little time - as if you stopped pressing the speed button. I am not sure what this could be ... maybe my Wiimote is broken or something. It really happens on a regular base - I am driving and suddenly I nearly stop as if I "forgot" to press A.


    Check that ur not sub-conciously letting go of the button. I found i did this alot in MK:DS. Sometimes I would just relax a little too much and found that I wasn't actually pressing the button in... Could that be the problem? Or are you absolutely sure of yourself :)?


    I haven't ever had any drop-out problems with my wii-mote, and I imagine if i did a pop-up would display telling me that my wii-mote was not being detected...


    I guess there could potentially be a problem with ur A button... but I would say that you are just tripping out a little bit. Stay focused!!


    Torpedo (large bike) Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghost Data in Time Trials


    I think.


    I've done that, and no... definately different :S

  5. To get Stars you have to try and win every race ( 60 points ), dont fall off the track, finish the races as fast as possible and use as few items as possible. I was wondering the same thing and thats the answer I got from G-Faqs.


    As for the Time Trials I dont really know why they are using that character, maybe he handles well for them? I have only unlocked about 9 expert ghosts so it would be best to ask Cookyman as he seems to be putting alot more time into the Time Trials

    Ta for the response chief. Seems to be a combination of all those things. However, i finished a cup on 57 points and still got a single star rating. I'm sure we'll figure it out :)


    CHeck out my attachement please guys, can anyone tell me what bike that is so I can get to work on unlocking it? I'm a bit of a time trial buff :P

  6. This might be a silly question but... is online only 100cc? (Ranked matches) If so that would seem a strange choice by nintendo, 150cc has always been the best.


    I've been in 150cc online games. I'm not sure what decides which cc the game will be in. COuld be the ranking of the others in the game, or might even be to do with the amount of people in the game (can't handle 150cc with 10+ players maybe?)


    edit: also, i have some questions >:(


    1. What is it exactly that determines the ranking? Sometimes i win every race by country miles, and only get an A ranking... so annoying

    2. Why does everyone seem to be using Funky Kong on the time trial leaderboards?

    3. What bike is it that the record holders have on Luigi Circuit? mmm, this one


    cheers if anyone can answer these ><

  7. had a bit of a crack at time trials. I love the way you can download peoples replays :D After stuffing around for an hour or so I posted the 2nd best luigi's circuit time on the continental top10. Can see myself having some fun with this! Long way to go to catch those crazns on the worldwide top10 though :(


    Also, which kart/bike are people using for online? I just can't decide :(

  8. Online is so so so much fun. Jesus, even here in australia if i play worldwide with people from europe, japan, anywhere... everything feels so lag free. So happy with the online so far, definately keen to hit some games up with you guys if I can stay up late some night :P


    What control method are people going with? I hated the wheel, honestly. Noobs would probably like it though, and its great fun with 4 wheels at the one house! But if you are playing seriously online its not precise enough imo. I love the Wiimote + nunchuck, is the gamecube controller really that much better? Might have to dig the old wavebird out, i couldn't go back to having cords...

  9. Not a fan of the wheel, but definately liking the wiimote+nunchuck option. :) One thing I am immensely dissapointed about is the lack of 2 player Grand Prix, what were they thinking removing this mode? :S

  10. Executive Decision

    Kurt Russell and co must stop terrorists who have highjacked a plane, from detonating a bomb in USA airspace, by sneaking onto their plane and taking them all out. Very enjoyable and David Suchet is awesome as the main villan.


    Thats one of my all time favourites :)


    The Brave One

    The mrs had been wanting to see this one for a while so we hired it out and gave it a go. I've never been a huge Jodie Foster fan, but she was great in this. Basically her and her partner get mugged one night and left for dead, she survives but he doesn't. What follows is basically a revenge plot, where she takes out a few other no-gooders along the way. Not a bad movie, great ending too.. My only complaint was that I felt like this movie had been done before in Boondock Saints, but I guess The Brave One had enough variance from that to make it stand out on it's own. See it !


  11. lol, not bad. Thankfully i got the double pack (2 guitars and the game) for almost the same price as the standard bundle. :D Had a few mates over on the weekend and both guitars got a massive work out... One of the whammy bars is already coming a little loose, is there any tips on tightening it again? Or should i take it back? :)

  12. just picked up this a few days ago. Id played all the ps2 games at my gf's place (shes a huge guitar hero fan!).. The timing and feel of the guitar definately seems a little different, but took almost no time to get used to. Firing through medium for kicks at the moment, no problems. Cant wait to knock it up to hard :D

  13. I'm a fairly huge wow nerd. Before BC i had a priest who was decked out in Naxx/AQ40 gear. I was the raid leader of our guild, who was one of only 4 guilds to kill C'thun on our server. I rolled a pally in BC for our guild, but stood down as an officer more or less.. Our guild called it a day about 5 months ago, we had cleared SSC and were working on Kael'Thas in Tempest Keep. My pally was decked in T5 gear.


    I was intending on quitting, but decided to sell my pally and priest, and got given a 70 priest. So I've just been playing that casually ever since. I'm in a guild that raids, but I don't go out of my way to do so anymore.


    Cougah 70 UD Priest - Frostmourne-US


    It'll either be my Arena, raiding, or grinding gear shown there, depending on what I'm wearing when i log out :P