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  1. Selling a long list of games to make some cash/get new ones/make some room on shelf...


    - Right now I can only accept payment through PayPal ... sorry if you can't use it

    - All the prices listed are inclusive of a £2 P&P cost, I'm from Ireland (estimated cost of shipping to UK)

    - Feel free to throw in an offer if you think an item costs a bit much but remember the P&P costs

    - If any of you want to trade games instead I have a list of a few titles I’d like at the bottom

    - PM me if you dont want the other zany forum folk to know your business!

    - If you want a photo of any item just ask

    - Will strive to post item(s) within 2 days of receiving payment

    - Games are also listed on another forum






    Need For Speed Most Wanted (Classic) - £10

    Like New


    Amped 3 - £10

    Like New


    King Kong - £10

    A Few Scuffs On Case


    360 Memory Card - £15

    Unboxed, In Hard Plastic Case


    NBA 2K6 - £9

    Promo/Review Copy, Full Case, No Instructions


    NFL 2K6 - £9

    Promo/Review Copy, Full Case, No Instructions


    Tony Hawks Project 8 - £22

    Promo/Review Copy, Full Case, No Instructions, Still In Wrapper


    Call Of Duty 3 - £22

    Promo/Review Copy, Full Case, No Instructions, Still In Wrapper




    The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - £4 (SALE PENDING)

    Long Cut On Transparent Case Plastic


    Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic - £5 (SALE PENDING)

    Good Condition


    Top Spin - £5

    Good Condition


    Fable - £5 (SALE PENDING)

    Good Condition


    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - £5

    Good Condition


    Full Spectrum Warrior - £5

    Good Condition


    Serious Sam II - £5

    Good Condition


    Lego Star Wars: The Video Game - £5

    Good Condition


    Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - £5

    Good Condition


    Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 - £5

    Good Condition


    Sid Meiers's Pirates - £5 (SALE PENDING)

    Good Condition


    Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Classic) - £4

    Good Condition


    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - £5

    Good Condition




    Yoshi Touch & Go - £11

    Good Condition


    Pac-Pix - £12

    Played Once




    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (Players Choice) - £19

    Played Once


    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - £14

    Good Condition


    Super Monkey Ball 2 - £11

    A Few Case Scuffs


    P.N 03 - £11

    Played Once


    Freeloader - £8

    Good Condition


    Cube NSTC (US)


    Animal Crossing - £13

    Played Once


    F-Zero GX - £13

    Good Condition


    Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - £15

    Played Once


    Cube NSTC (JAP)


    F-Zero GX - £14

    Good Condition




    Ridge Racer - £13

    US Version, Good Condition


    Wipeout Pure - £13

    US Version, Good Condition


    Burnout Legends - £12

    Case Plastic Wrinkled


    Splinter Cell: Essentails - £15

    Still In Wrapper


    Tokobot - £14

    Played Once


    The Godfather - £14

    Played Once




    Devil May Cry 3 - £6 (SALE PENDING)

    Played Once


    Eye Toy: Play 2 - £6

    Played Once


    SSX 3 - £7

    Good Condition


    Tokobot Plus: Mysteries Of The Karakuri - £14

    Still In Wrapper




    Yoshi's Island 2 - DS

    Fahrenheit - Xbox

    Psychonauts - Xbox

    Test Drive Unlimited - 360

    Killzone: Liberation - PSP

    Me and My Katamari - PSP

    Exit - PSP

    Lumines II - PSP

    Every Extend Extra - PSP

    Tekken DR - PSP

    Gitaroo Man Lives! - PSP




    Anything Intresting I Don't Own :grin:




    Fight Night Round 3 - £14

    Tony Hawk's American Sk8land - £10

  2. If I am playing with some of my older friends or the one I would not class as a 'gamer' or my aunt, uncle, dad or mom then it is Wii Sports but I find I can have more fun with Wii Play if I am playing with a someone who knows how to play games... Tanks and Shooting Range is great fun at time like that.

  3. TNA is on every week (one week behind US arings) on The Wrestling Channel (427 on sky). iMPACT is on Saturdays at 9pm and PPV's are on every 4 weeks at 8pm on Sundays. I am guessing some of you guys have NTL or one of those others things and cant watch it.

  4. Anyways….


    Kurt Angle has signed for TNA! It was announced at the end of their PPV tonight...


    Here is the video:

    TNA took the video of YouTube, looks like they want a few more PPV buys of the repeats in the US, the other vid gives you an idea of what it is like anyway.


    Here is the crazy live crowd reaction:



  5. I watched the Experience highlights, saw the line-up and laughed at how WWE has gone down hill..I watched it around 2000/01 when it was good, not anymore :P


    there doing a nice build up to both DX and ECW returing right now so not all is bad. Anything got to do with Smackdown is terrible right now though so bash that all you want...


    PS: It nice to see my posts were deleted, well done

  6. I have made two threads on here since September...


    The first one got locked for no reason and if this one gets locked because of idiots telling mods what to do I will end someone. If anything delete these first few posts and for once try and keep stuff on topic

  7. I agree with IGN, there is no way in hell the PS3 version of "moving in a 3D space" can compete with what Nintendo are offering. Sony are only offering basic function and that is all the can do unless the copy everything Nintendo has done with the Wii (seprating the controller in two ect.)


    Also we dont even know the full extent of the Wii yet. Wait till the confrence tomorrow!


    The Wiimote looks like the better controller overall to me right now as it is the perfect combonation of form and function