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  1. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I do need it! Well not really, but I've been waiting for a new iPhone since April, and I'm not in work next Thursday and Friday so I'm really hoping to get one either of those days. I'm also really fed up with how slow this 3G one is. How I long for a keyboard that doesn't lag!
  2. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Orange prices don't look very good at all do they. Not impressed to be honest if they are their prices.
  3. The iPad

    As Steve Jobs said, Adobe showed them Flash on iPhone and it wasn't very good. They said come back when it's better and they never have. I believe the Flash app creation thing would have meant a load of broken apps if Apple made changes to the OS. Can't say that's not understandable if it's the case.
  4. The iPad

    Having seen what Flash did to a Nexus One I can't say I agree. Or I suppose I do agree, but my annoyance is with Adobe for not having decent software, rather than Apple.
  5. The iPad

    Bought one earlier. Girlfriend lost her job, and decided to go to uni so my plans changed and I can afford to get one now. Apple website says 7-10 days delivery.
  6. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Orange sent out emails saying they will contact people on the 15th when you can pre order. I'd think it would be very stupid of O2 to risk losing customers by not offering a pre order now. If they don't I'm gonna go with Orange as long as they are similar on price etc.
  7. iPhone 4/iOS4

    The unlimited texts are good, and something I wanted from the beginning. Minutes are not something I use that much at all really, maybe the odd hour here and there, but generally just a 3 minute call once or twice a week. O2 have said 97% of Smartphone users are below the 500mb, and most are below 200mb, but 0.1% of users account for a 3rd of data use. So you can definitely see where they're coming from. Reading the comments from O2 as well, about the heaviest users being the ones that pay for it, I understand completely, making the experience better for lower users. They talk about the future, and building a better network, and I hope they stand by that and we see this cap removed in the future when we all start using higher amounts of data. For instance, if in 5 years the average use was 2GB I'd expect the cap to be 3GB etc. and to constantly move ahead of what the majority are using.
  8. iPhone 4/iOS4

    If I can go in without crowds of people, and guaranteed stock I wouldn't mind, but otherwise it's a pain. In fact I'd rather really good stock levels and go and buy it in store cos I don't have to wait around then.
  9. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Just read on O2's forum that someone went to an O2 store and got told they won't be doing pre orders on iPhones. I'll be pissed off about that if true, I just want to order and have it delivered to me on the day. I was certain to go with O2 but going to have to look around now.
  10. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Not that I'm trying to defend O2 because I'm annoyed that they are dropping unlimited data, but I've had my iPhone 20 months and my usage for data is at 2.3gb and I am always using the browser and apps. I think most people should be ok with 500mbs.
  11. The iPad

    I'm getting an iPad My girlfriend is going to buy me one for my birthday (and christmas....). Gonna get the 16GB wifi only one. Aside from the ridiculous price for the higher models, I don't think I'd use 3G all that much, and with a device like that I don't think I'd have much of my music on it. I shall get one in August. Can't wait!
  12. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I'm assuming O2 will let me pre order through their website on the 15th, so I can have it delivered to my door on the 24th. That would be nice of them
  13. iPhone 4/iOS4

    From the screenshots that screen just looks utterly amazing.
  14. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Can't say I'm a fan of Apple's marketing videos. They almost talk about video calling on a phone as if it's never been done before. I really love Apple, and I love their products but they could do with cutting out the bullshit from these videos.
  15. iPhone 4/iOS4

    Very nice. Can't say I'm bothered about the Facetime thing, I just won't have much use for it. But the new camera, screen, and HD video are very welcome! I'm definitely getting one.
  16. iPhone 4/iOS4

    There is that, but I think the iPhone has been really good quality so I haven't really worried. I mean I haven't used a case or screen protector at all and I don't have a single scratch on the screen. I've been really impressed.
  17. iPhone 4/iOS4

    My phone has been perfectly fine for 21 months so far, so I've got no problem with having a 2 year contract. I'm happy to keep my phone that long, and it'll mean I can upgrade when the new iPhone comes out in 2 years. I don't want to upgrade every year.
  18. The iPad

    I really want one, I just think I'd find it really useful. But at the same time the usefulness is what I'm generally doing on my Macbook. I just can't justify getting one while I'm trying to save up money to move out and get my own house. I'm hoping getting a new iPhone will satisfy that need for shiny new tech.
  19. The iPad

    I've quite enjoyed reading the last few pages, as for once it's not fanboys vs haters.
  20. Extending Apple Warranty

    Why is it very likely they'll break?
  21. The iPad

    I have to say I agree with this. I don't think the £429 is that bad, considering it's an Apple computer. Before it was announced I expected higher. But, £300 extra for a memory bump and a 3G chip?
  22. The iPad

    But people who bought the PS3 wouldn't have moaned at the price. People who don't like the iPad are moaning about the price the same as people who didn't like PS3 moaned about price. I still agree with many points on here that there isn't really a point to this device. I mean, my laptop can do what this can, but I'd prefer to be doing these things on an iPad. But how can you justify spending this much when you have more important things to be doing with your money (such as saving to move out)? I just can't so I'm going to have to give it a miss. I also completely agree about the 4.0 software being on the device at launch. Folders and Multitasking should absolutely be on there right now. It makes even more sense than it does for those things to be on the iPhone. One other minor thing that annoys me, why is there no calculator, weather, or clock? These are Apple apps I use almost daily, and they're not on there. If they would look weird on a big screen, why not have a dashboard app you can open with them all on there, and throw in the stocks app as well? I've also heard this from other people who have held the device, that it would be odd holding it with it being 16:9. It's the same with the large bezel. Without it, it would be difficult to hold it without touching the screen. People always say Apple is form over function, where I think both these decisions are actually the opposite.
  23. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)

    Very happy to see that removed. Feeling much better about this now.
  24. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

    What? If you take away the game developers we wouldn't have any games to have for free. You're essentially saying certain people should get everything for free while others pay for it. I'm sure you're one of these people that would happily sit at home on benefits just because it's possible to cheat the system.
  25. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

    Core gamers certainly annoy me. So many of them moan about Wii games, yet don't go out and buy good games when they come out. They'll buy Mario Galaxy but no one bought Madworld or Okami.