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  1. I've heard that egg moves can be passed onto existing pokemon in This gen but a bit confused as to how I can get it to work. I've got an Umbreon I would love to teach Wish, is it possible to do without rebreeding one?
  2. What a boss. Thanks so much for the help
  3. Yeah that's cool I expected as much. When are you free?
  4. Would any of you generous people be able to help me out at some point to complete my pokedex? I can provide shield exclusives or whatever other stuff are in my boxes. I need via trading : Slurpuff Rhypherior Escavalier and accelgor Trevenant Sword exclusives: Passimian Turtonator Any of the Kommo-o family Any of the Hydreigon family Zacian My friend code is SW-4451-8794-0511 but some of you should already have me.
  5. Eightbit


    Brass is a great edition to the roster, just played through the GP with him on level 4 and it seemed harder? Love the stats screen. Although there is now a gold badge you can earn for beating the 1vs100 mode with every character and beating the Grand Prix with every character...... ON LEVEL FREAKING 7!!!!! Also, Hedlok is massively overpowered, you just become a wrecking machine if you get his mask
  6. Eightbit


    Can do. Except Saturday night
  7. Eightbit


    I've never seen anyone online use Master Mummy, which is a shame because he's such a juggernaught. The key to Master Mummy is to pair the slow Megaton Arm with a fast one. Makes him hard to predict.
  8. Eightbit


    I'm also going to check out now Great matches, that 3 way fight for the championship at the end was ruthless!!! Almost thought about switching to Master Mummy but thought I'd stick with that horrible dog bothering robot. My mistake haha
  9. Eightbit


    I'll join if you'll have me
  10. @dazzybeeI mainly lurk now. I had a bunch of you all on my friends list from the Mario Kart Leagues. Thank god for the friend suggestion update, inputting all those friend codes again would have been painful!
  11. Hey, I've got a spare volcanion code if you want it? I've been trying to get hold of a protean froakie/frogadier/greninja for ages if you or anyone else has one to trade?
  12. Thanks for posting that. Great video and it's really interesting to get a perspective from somebody that didn't get on with a control scheme which I have fallen in love with. His points are all good, and I found myself having similar thoughts throughout the game. If I found a part of the control scheme which I struggled with or was against the norm, I got annoyed but then I simply adapted Take the point about the TV reticule being inaccurate and forcing you to use the gamepad. He's 100% right, it did tick me off when I found out so I just used the gamepad to get more accuracy and now I prefer it. I suppose people might have had a similar reaction in FPS games all those years ago (Doom, Wolfenstein) when they've been running around with guns doing damage fine with the standard aim, never having to look down the barrel of the gun or through a scope to hit their targets; only to have that flipped on its head when the genre evolved.
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