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    That's a nice read, it's really good to see Iwata and Nintendo reaching out to embrace other development teams, to share philosophies, etc.


    Now, when do we get get to read the EA Iwata asks;


    Iwata: Good morning, and welcome to the new Iwata asks. Now EA personnel why have you changed your philosophy and made retarded buggy games for the Wii U?

    EA: Fuck you!

  2. David, over at WiiUblog posted the file sizes of all the US eShop games, here: http://wiiublog.com/a-complete-list-of-download-sizes-for-wii-u-games-on-the-eshop/



    Assassins Creed III – 17 GB

    Chasing Aurora – 103 MB

    Darksiders II – 9574 MB

    Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two – 7522 MB

    EA Sports FIFA Soccer 13 – 7490 MB

    ESPN Sports Connection – 1645 MB

    Game Party Champions – 1719 MB

    Just Dance 4 – 15 GB

    Little Inferno – 114 MB

    Madden NFL 13 – 4840 MB

    Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition – 525 MB

    Nano Assault Neo – 81 MB

    New Super Marios Bro.s U – 1733 MB

    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge – 5443 MB

    Nintendoland – 2852 MB

    Rabbids Land – 7383 MB

    Scribblenaust Unlimited – 1378 MB

    Sing Party – 12 GB

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – 5898 MB

    Trine 2: Director’s Cut – 1941 MB

    Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper – 16 GB

    Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 – 1913 MB

    ZombiU – 5737 MB


    Wow, Nano Assualt 81MB! I'm getting it though, as file size is not an indication of game quality.

  3. What's to stop you installing games then selling the disc? They won't let that happen, you'll still need to put it in. The only reason for a HD install is to run faster and I'd wonder if the USB will be good enough to handle it well, really.


    It would be like the PS or 360 if they did it, where the disk is required in the console, and the install only allows faster loading and the disk is used more sporadically


    Of course, damn discs. Didn't think it through. I really hope the eShop is a viable option monetary wise, I'm hoping to buy virtually everything via the eShop , I've had a guts full of discs.

  4. Quick question about the Hard Drive. Is it only for use with downloadeable games, or will we be able to copy games from disc onto it?


    If I'm not planning (initially) on getting dowload games, do I assume that there's no rush to get an HDD as I'll be getting the 32Gb Premium Wii U and this will be enough to be going on with?


    Yeah, 32GB will be enough for the time being, if not downloading anything. I really hope you can install the disc based games onto a hard-drive as it would save a lot of hassle. You'll be able to be super lazy, pick up the GamePad and turn everything on from there, TV, console, no swapping dics, yeah. We'll go from activity based Wii to sedentary Wii U.

  5. I don't know. To be honest, this is a difficult game to review as the caveat of "should you bother picking this up if you've played it already" still seems to answer NO. Whether that should effect the review score is an interesting debate.


    I'm interested to see if Gametrailers will give it a worse score as they seem pretty pissed about Reggie's attitude that tons of people are yet to play this.


    I am one of those people who haven't played it yet, and don't won't a reviewer to mark it down just because it's been available on other consoles for the past year. Just give it it's score of how it plays on this platform (Wii U). The IGN reviewer (Greg Miller) mentions that;


    when it's [GamePad] used for touch-screen weapon selection, or as an in-game gadget, the Game Pad is just awkward.


    Is it more awkward than pausing the game, selecting through menus by pressing start, followed by down, down, left, A?


    BTW I can't wait for this game. So excited.

  6. I just finished listening to/watching the IGN video podcast and they let slip in the mid-section, and then badly tried to cover it up, that NSMBU is their highest rated launch game for the Wii U. It was in context of ZombiU, and at first they sounded as if they weren't happy with the game, but it seemed to be resolved that it was just because of the embargo. Anyway, we'll know either way all too soon.


    Even if this is a mediocre game, I know I'll still enjoy it, taking my time, being careful, planning in advance, and bashing a lot heads in with a cricket bat.


    From Gamespot: With an uninteresting world and dull combat...

    Does it look dull? Not to me, but I haven't played it.

  7. I'd never thought about the shiny finish beside the screen on the original 3DS but it is fucking horrendous...my other thing is it is primarily for use in the house, when the TV is in use by the missus (hey if I could a afford it I'm sure there is a home console that would be just perfect) so maybe a XL makes more sense....maybe I should just hold out and save up.


    I'd hold out even longer and buy that

    home console that would be just perfect

  8. Talking about a kick in the nuts, according to Jeremy Parish of 1UP, Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U has technical issues. He explains:


    This version of ME3 seems a lot less visually stable than, say, the Xbox 360 version — the frame rate is choppier, the animation seems rougher. The audio suffers, too; while the music and sound effects have come over fine, all the dialogue has a hollow, echoing quality to it.


    Good job EA.


    No, I was joking about harking back to the Wii days, but Matt Prior does state;


    We've seen a lot of games for the new console [Wii U], they just throw inventory on there. It's not really a game changer in what they've done with the GamePad. Ours is, particularly for a more casual demographic


    Nice read though.

  10. Yeah, the score seems all right, but ONM do say;


    If you're a dab hand at the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version of FIFA 13, it's probably best to avoid, because the GamePad features don't make up for the missing modes and mechanics. If you've never played an HD FIFA game before, however, and this is all new to you, then by all means snap it up, because you'll be blown away.


    The missing modes...ahhh, it's EA again giving Nintendo users a watered down version because we are more casual.

  11. Multi-player video from Gamesradar; at 2:25 in the video it mentions controller options for player 2 (the survivor). Interestingly, it confirms WiiMote and Nunchuk as an option for playing in multiplayer, as mentioned before.



    Cheers @Mokong X\-C don't know why the embed was ballsed-up.

  12. Guys guys guys - If you want old look no further than me I'm 42 and am not excitied in the Wii U at all......................................... yet! : peace:


    Does that officially make me the oldest git on here? Where do I collect my prize???


    Damn! Beat me by 5 years!

  13. Ahh right, so that's what that bit in the vid was on about. So a Y-USB cable draws power from two ports at the same time and data can go through either one. Well you learn something new every day!


    Kind of, it draws power from 2 ports, but the data only passes through one of them, so it has a spare port for the power when in full data transfer, so not to 'turn off', or just be underpowered for the job at hand.