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  1. You think those memory card prices are ridiculous?


    They're cheaper than Vita memory cards, and the official ones are the only ones you can get.


    Yeah, but that's just Sony. There must be someone working for Sony who has the job of literally shafting their customers with the Memory Cards. It's with all their electrical products that require removable memory, and it was the main reason I backed HD DVD's not BluRay's. Damn that failed! God damn over-priced Sony Proprietry Technology.

  2. That's almost certainly referring to services like NintendoTVii or BBC iPlayer, which would all be IP locked (as all VOD services are) or certain MMO games like Dragon Quest 10 (where the Wii version is IP locked). The vast majority of games however would be perfectly fine.


    They're probably just covering their arses and playing it safe with the responses. There's absolutely no reason to believe that they'd use one and indeed no reason to use one. It's completely against their own (and their 3rd party publishers') self interests to do so (and also would make internal testing much more difficult!)


    Completely agree. I have a UK 3DS in Taiwan and although I can't have access to Nintendo Video, everything else is fine, eShop works a treat, all on-line games are OK, except Mario Kart 7 (had serious issues with that). Should imagine that the WiiU will be exactly the same.

  3. I recently sent an email to Nintendo asking about the power supply being applicable in different regions, and some of their response pertains to Cube's argument, vaguely however:


    And if Nintendo wanted to be utter dicks they could have some kind of IP/DNS detection to further limit the console for importers, requiring them to spoof it (like what is required to access Hulu).


    Which is more likely than Nintendo simply allowing you to create an account for any region.


    Here's their response to my email; (I highlighted interesting parts)


    Dear Lee,


    Thank you for your email.


    The Nintendo Wii U console will be region locked as with its predecessor the Nintendo Wii. Region locking does include but is not limited to, the games released for the console, both physical and digital copies and use of online services will vary between regions.


    Any console purchased in one region and being used in another may have an issue with the power supply. If you do not obtain a power supply for the console from the region you are using it in, you will have to use a pin/power converter, and the use of third party products such as this is not recommended by Nintendo.


    The online services offered in each region on the console will require an internet connection from the same region. If you use the console outside of the region it was sold in you may find that you have limited or no internet functionality.


    We hope this information answers any queries you may have and that you enjoy the Nintendo Wii U and any other Nintendo products.


    Kind regards,


    Nintendo UK

  4. On the deadline, but here's my take on the top 10:


    1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - bettered the first in every way.


    2. Metroid Prime 3 - completed an awesome trilogy in the best possible fashion.


    3. Wii Sports - sold the Wii to me. This was the first Nintendo home console I didn't buy straight after launch, but playing this at a function totally changed my viewpoint of the motion controls. Had so much fun playing this with my son.


    4. Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition - they made one of my favourite games even better, and the bonus of Mercenaries and Ada's missions pushed it over the edge, amazing.


    5. Tiger Woods (doesn't matter which edition) - the motion controls were so good , made my son and I lose weekend mornings together. Hopefully, we'll see an HD Tiger Woods on the WiiU.


    6. Super Mario Galaxy 1 - perfect 3D platforming, only bettered by it's sequel.


    7. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - the motion controls were perfect, don't know why so many slagged them off.


    8. Mario Kart Wii - another great multiplayer for me and my son, but with the addition of great online races with very little lag.


    9. Kirby's Epic Yarn - beautiful imagery in a family friendly orienated game. Once again my son I would lose hours in this, I think my son preferred the newer more realistic Kirby game though (don't know it's name as I bought it in Japan, Kirby's Adventure?).


    10. Close call between 2 light gun, on-rails shooters, but I'm going to have to go with:

    10. House of the Dead: Overkill - B-movie parody with an awesome soundtrack, not for the squeamish or timid (excessive use of the 'F' word and doing that 'F' thing to your mother).

  5. Nano Assult Neo looks cool as hell, especially as it has been confirmed for local 2 player co-op. Been playing Mutant Mudds and Mighty Switch Force off the 3DS eShop, even though both these games are really good in their own right, I very much doubt I'll pick them up again just because they are HD versions. They will have to do something fundamentally better/extra to entice me.

  6. So they've effectively robbed the thing from Resi Revelations where your friends end up as zombies/dogs/monsters in different levels then....when I first experienced it in that game I really wondered why other games weren't doing that as well but I'm happy that ZombiiU has it now though. Still not decided on this or Black Ops 2....hmmm...


    Get both, I am.

  7. I actually quite like the idea of your corpse being looted, to see a handful of freinds backpacked zombies in your game would be incredible, especially if they were stronger in some way.


    Has the size and make up of the game world been discussed? I'm hoping for one huge near-perfect recreation of the City of London (yes, setting myself up for disappointment there) and missions within that; I don't want levels.


    It looks like levels, with missions based in different 'areas'. From what I've seen the areas are not 'joined', but instead you jump into an opening (like a sewer drain) from your safe house and then choose where you want to go from the Gamepad by clicking on the location. You then spawn at that location. Will you be able to travel to any location within the game at any time, hopefully, but I assume only after you finish that particular area/level first. Who knows?

  8. Reading H-o-T's post just upped my hype level for this game.


    Oh and on the bit when it says if you had a super awesome weapon an die you can tell your friends where you died so if you spawn in their game they could get the weapon.... do you think this could only be done once? Like if one friend finds your zombie character in their game, kills it and loots it then will it still appear in your game and/or other friends games or will it now be gone? Could make for an interesting race to see who can get the loot first, haha.


    If it's the case you can only kill your Zombi (now spelling like this and not Zombie) character once, then I'm not telling anyone where I died. I don't want people looting my awesome gun, and leaving me with diddly squat. I imagine it would be multiple spawns. Think about it 100s of Zombi Londragons everywhere.

  9. It's not so much about download speed but about the ping and also the upload speed. My ping is 29ms and the download is 8.3 mb


    Try speedtest.net and find out what you've got!


    Just tested via speedtest.net. My ping is 120ms, download speed 0.98 Mbps and uploading at only 0.05 Mbps. Will have to look into it.

  10. Nintendo should link loads of Game Parks up in some way...


    So your Mii jumps on a Train Station at Nintendo land, followed by a short cutscene, and upon entering a tunnel you are prompted to change discs...


    Put in 'Pokemon Land' and it boots up you leaving the tunnel and arriving at the Pokemon 'Nintendo Land' theme park.


    Put in 'Animal Crossing U' and the Train and your Mii arrive at Animal Crossing!


    Even better would be if you loaded all your games onto a Hard Drive so you didn't have to change discs and could just selected your next game destination! A whole Game world for Miiverse to interact in!


    Brilliant idea. What I'd like them to do is, just before the release of a new game, say one month before, to encourage enthusiasm for a future product, is to release an additional 'attraction' via DLC (preferably free). So, if a Star Fox game were to be released, make me excited for a by adding to NintendoLand's attractions Nintendo. Do it, you know you want to.


    Like canand above me, I too will be purchasing the ZombiU Pack and NintendoLand Separately.


    ZombiU Pack, NintendoLand and CoD Blops separately for me.

  11. Just found out after pre-ordering the Premium ZombiU Wii U SKU, that Nintendo of Europe have confirmed that the aforementioned bundle does NOT include NintendoLand. My source is the ONM website.


    Gutted, cancelling my order to rethink this through.

  12. Just heard Reggie mention the points too as I watched the NA Conference, so that's why this promotion is going until 2014 it'll allow people to be able to build a decent amount of points by then.


    Also, to see if the Reward Scheme is viable, and whether or not they should extend it into the future, I suppose.


    Truth be told I like the look of Nintendo Land, it looks much more fun then the footage I saw of it at E3, especially the Metroid one! :D


    Metroid Blast does look like a Blast, and each 'mini' game/attraction seems to be a larger affair than most of Ninty's other offerings from the past. Blast, for example, has multiple modes, multiple single and multiple multi-player modes. I think the overall package will be pretty impressive.


    Looking forward to it.


    Just found out after pre-ordering the Premium ZombiU Wii U SKU, that Nintendo of Europe have confirmed that the aforementioned bundle does NOT include NintendoLand.


    Gutted, cancelling my order to rethink this through.

  13. Welcome to the team! Now with the Wii U power it'll be six on a team instead of five. What's more, we'll be getting ground war too, so even if we go over six we can play 9 vs 9! More spaces on the team and now extra players to fill them - it's all good :smile:


    Oh, I'd love to join the team (I'm not very good though). Getting this day 1, but exporting from UK to Taiwan. So will be about 2 weeks behind you guys setting it up. Haven't had a CoD blast for about 2 years, can't wait.

  14. Anyone else think NintendoLand will be installed on the Wii U already rather than given as a disc?


    I have a feeling it will be installed or available via a download code to entice eShop transactions.


    Anyone going digital since they are giving out 10% discounts with the premium SKU? Will depend on the game and price for me but the 10% might make it so there isn't a huge difference in cost.


    I think peolpe have mixed this up. Shibata said that by buying games at the WiiU eShop will allow you to collect 'points'. The points are equivalent to about 10% of the price paid for the game in pence (not pounds). So a 30.00 quid game would net you 300 points. It is only after reaching 500 points can you then redeem those points on future transactions. So, it is a 10% discount, but you don't get the discount upon your first purchases it's paid for loyalty, and repeat buying.

  15. Price for basic package 250 quid.


    No HDMI cable in any SKU.


    This is my BIG prediction. NintendoLand is only a "Packaged" game in digital form. If you want it on disc, buy it separately. If bought "packaged", either it's already on the internal memory, or you have to access the new WiiU eShop for download, via enclosed code. This will keep the price down of the console SKUs. They could also do this for other 1st party and 3rd party SKU bundles.


    Release date : UK in late December, rest of Europe 2013. Japan/US in November.

  16. I'm obviously a huge Nintendo fan, but I'm also a big COD fan too. Treyarch have been a great supporter of Nintendo and the Wii and deserve the respect of Nintendo gamers.


    When other tried party developers were giving the Wii the shaft, Treyarch stuck by it developing World at War, Modern Warfare Reflex, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3.


    What's more they not only pushed the Wii in terms of what it could graphically and technically, they also single handedly produced the best online system on the Wii with a proper headset, in game chat for everyone regardless of whether you were friends with that player, the ability to add random players to your friend list, full messaging support and the ditching of all restrictions that hampered online play.


    What's more Treyarch developed the best FPS control scheme to exist on a home console. They really played to the strength of the Wii and the Wii remote making for fast and fluid aiming without the gimmicks that other developers opted for.


    If any third party developer deserves a round of applause it's Treyarch. What's more, if any third party developer will have actually thought out great ways to implement the tablet it will be those guys.


    I'm looking forward to their continued support and to see what they can do with the new hardware and the controller. You make not like COD - but I can assure you Treyarch like Nintendo and have shown more love to Nintendo gamers than most third parties.


    Totally agree with this. I do like the CoD games, and without Treyarch wouldn't have played any as I only own Nintendo platforms. They looked after Nintendo's lack of serious action FPS' with all swinging online.


    If it's the case that CoD BOps appears on the WiiU, I will certainly be supporting this awesome company.

  17. Realistically, I'm not expecting anything other than price, release date etc. In other words, the details. I don't want to hype myself up into expecting new games.


    On the other hand, I am excited about it (I can't help it) and would certainly have the day off work if I could!


    But, all third parties have been holding off about speaking of their games, due to Nintendo putting their foot down and screaming at them, "STOP IT! STOP IT!"

    It must be the time for the 3rd parties to start releasing their info. too.


    I'm expecting a reel of 3rd party games including, up to now, unmentioned and previously mentioned ones. I don't expect a glut of new games, but 2 or 3 would be lovely (CoD, Tiger Woods ,a First party game, etc.). Or then again, maybe not.


    This direct is just the beginning, but what a mighty beginning it may be.


    Edit: I actually think 200 quid will be too low, put me down for 250.