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  1. Ike

    You should be able to access old issues that you got while you are subscribed, but no option to get issues before.


    I screenshotted them from my tablet. ;)

  2. Ike

    Where do you One Piece online? Haven't been keeping up lately so I don't know where the best place to watch it is these days. I'd prefer the FUNImation subs, but they tend to be region ip blocked, any other good ones will do.

  3. Ike

    Nice! Hope you enjoy! Where'd you get them from?


    Here's something they did in Japan to promote J Stars Victory:




  4. Thanks. The ones with the Toei logo are, you can normally tell by the way the subtitles are done as well. They seem to use different groups, but at least I can watch them.

  5. Ike

    No worries, bro!


    Here's chapters 57 - 60.

  6. Ike

    English Strong World trailer!


  7. How would you rank it out of the other movies? Waiting for FUNImation's release before watching it for the first time.


    Z's Ambition arc is supposed to set up things for the movie so watch the filler first. I decided to skip it so I've only seen 1 episode.

  8. Ike

    Well honestly I wasn't expecting much but, surprisingly, it's a lot better RPG than I expected, even if it is somewhat basic.


    Yeah battles are turn based, but you can join attacks into combos, so for example say Luffy can attack 3 times then use a Gum Gum Pistol. There are "special" abilities, I guess not sure what they are called, that you can use to heal or increase stats. Ussop has a move that just seems to knock enemies down (I think it involves him lying or something (I have 8000 men!), might be making that up though :P). You can unlock more combos and powerup our moves by sending SP.


    Boss battles seem to have a huge difficulty spike, Morgan and Buggy were long boss battles, although Kuro was the first one to give me trouble. I hear Krieg is tough and he's up next.

  9. Ike

    (post was too long so I split it)


    You can equip items to make the Strawhats strong, one item I got for Luffy is his backup he had in Skypiea I think and you can actually see it which is always a cool thing. Haven't found anything else that changes appearance yet though. I think there's an item combining mechanic but it's in Japanese so I have no idea. :/


    The actual maps are bit basic, they do have a little exploration but it's not too interesting. The main story maps have been pretty square, but the side quest maps are a little more rounded and slightly more interesting. The first stage had a running segment and you had to press buttons to break down doors.


    The story starts from the beginning and it goes to at least Marineford. Cut scenes have a manga style panel to them and uses stills from the anime. Even got a fully animated scene after the Kuro battle.


    Music's not bad, still don't use music from the anime but it has a new opening song.

  10. Ike

    Since it's on the PSP I think the chances of localisation are pretty slim unless they just release it on the PSN store with Vita compatibility. I can get along fine in Japanese though I think there may be some small battle details I'm missing plus I have no idea what the items do.










  11. Ike

    I don't know if you have an iPhone/Android device but Viz announced Weekly Shounen Jump is out over here now, although the Android version is coming out later (:() so they should be a bit better than the scanlation sites as I think they are fairly up to date to the Japanese chapters.

  12. Ike

    Few more:








    I'll stop spamming you now. :)

  13. It's £1.99 for a monthly sub, or £0.69 for individual issues. Don't know about annual sub's yet, they do have them in the US. Not sure if it will just be available via the Play Store Magazines or an app, they haven't really said anything about it.


    New chapters come out same day as Japan.


    Been watching the Krieg/Arlong Park arcs on the Collection 2 set. Good times.

  14. Ike

    Thanks. Ordered. Shouldn't have been split up, but not a bad price. Bit surprised the first one hasn't dropped in price.

  15. Ike

    Foxy has the best laugh. Unfortunately I can't find a decent video on YouTube. :(


    Although Brook has the best non-villian laugh.

  16. Ike

    All according to keikaku.


    Amazon's got Unlimited World Red up for preorder. Wii U is £45, 3DS is £35. Hoping those prices drop closer to release (which Amazon is cailming to be 27th June). Shopto haven't got them yet.

  17. Ike

    Yeah, was from the opening. Was nice they didn't just reuse "We Are!" for once.


    The first animated scene I saw was Usopp disbanding the Usopp Pirates and it looked like it had been redrawn




    But I don't think there's any new footage unless there's some later in the game or something, but most of it seems to come from the anime anyway.

  18. Ike

    Strong World is getting a UK release. Amazon.

  19. Ike

    Ah, that sucks. What/how did you get spoiled? Some of One Piece forums are really bad for spoilers sometimes. I had Marineford spoiled. Although I sorta had a good idea of what would happen anyway. The games are pretty bad since they all take place after the time skip now so if your not caught up they spoil a lot.


    Think I'm going to rename Punk Hazard to the Running Arc since that's what they do most of the time. I was surprised that Luffy ended up beating Caesar so quickly - but then it really wasn't the end of the arc.


    The Colosseum stuff has been great so far, didn't expect to see a certain returning character. And I thought that about Rebecca as well, wouldn't put it past Oda if it turned out they were sisters or something. :laughing: Don't think their backstory matches up though so probably not. I thought she might have had dark hair for some reason but it's not shaded so your probably right.

  20. Ike

    Watched the Chopper movie last night, pretty good (easily better than movie 8 ;)). Just reminds me how good/sad Chopper's backstory is.


    Has some weird animation in places and they changed a lot of the Wapol fight. Was also odd having Robin and frank there, Robin pretty much replaced Vivi though.


    Recommend watching it.

  21. I've got Strong World to watch but I think FUNImation are releasing it this year so might wait and watch it then, bit undecided though. :P


    FUNImation are currently on Franky's backstory on the DVD sets, think I only watched the first disk, need to watch the second. :laughing:

  22. Ike

    Decided to watch Film Z over the weekend. It's sooo good. Leagues ahead of the first 9 movies.


    Great story, the animation hasn't been this good in a long time. A certain character returning. :o


    Did you watch it? Don't want to say too much much and spoil it. :p

  23. Ike

    Forgot to mention before, but there's a special edition PSP for Romance Dawn. Was really tempting but don't really want to pay that much for a PSP at this point.

  24. Ike

    Good job I don't post any spoilers like I almost did then, haha.

  25. Yeah seems like a good deal, especially since it's the more expensive 3G model. Although the 3G isn't that useful. Shopto says last few so I would grab it if you want it.


    Depends if you would prefer the new model, the old/current model has the better screen.