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  1. -Dem0-

    *gasp* GO WITHOUT FOOD?! food is my fuel to play video games lol.


    Thanks for for your answer though. I think I'll just wait patiently for a Vita then. Besides, I only really wanted Persona 4 the Golden and that free Ico & Shadow of the Colossus game from PS + but that's for the PS3 apparently, so yeah. Not enough to buy a console.


    Did I really say that I took a break from gaming? I think you meant my post about playing MH3 again. I stopped playing that when Fire Emblem came out but I got back into it again recently ... only to stop playing once again :woops:


    By the way, new One Piece shirts at Uniqlo Some of them are okay but I don't think these ones are as good as some of the older ones.