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  1. Bad Dem0. Just go without food for a week or something, haha. :P


    Erm, well I've used it once properly since I got it when Dead or Alive came out which was March so that probably answers your question.


    Honestly I was quite underwhelmed with the machine, sure it's powerful but it's lacking something for me, maybe it's that Nintendo touch but I'm not sure. I found the OS very confusing and still do. The d-pad isn't as good as everyone says. The screen is nice I guess.


    I mostly bought it for the new Ys and PSO2 if that gets localised, admittedly I think I bought it too early and should have waited for Ys to come out first.


    Also doesn't help that I've been playing on the 3DS all the time.


    Might be worth it for you if you think there are enough titles you want to play but at the moment it's been sat in my draw for 2 months and to be honest I kind of forgot I have one.


    Oh, I think I saw you mentioned you took a break from gaming a few weeks back, what was up with that?