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  1. Essential Programs

    Add ZipGenius (webb page) http://www.zipgenius.it/eng/ (info) http://www.zipgenius.it/eng/?page_id=3 (handels 50+ formats including RAR, zip, tar etc etc) (download) who cares, you'll find it if u want to
  2. Whats the best Antivirus program

    one thing: NEVEREVER use norton the shit crashes css and other online games all the the time and i cant remove it cuz its not my PC oh and ive been using avast for some while now and it is @ norton
  3. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Hot girl :P I realy like it 9.9/10 BTW: my sig whas made using Code::blocks and paint ^^ and i can actuly get the code working if i want to
  4. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    dark, style, hard to see youre name in there 8/10
  5. bitpop.se no comment besides the page is in swedish and it is awsome track list 01 - Excite Bike - Intro 02 - Bubble bobble - Main theme 03 - Super Mario Bros. - Overworld 04 - Final Fantasy VII - Cosmo Canyon 05 - The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time - Lost woods 06 - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Overworld 2 07 - Silent Hill 2 - Theme of Laura 08 - Duck Tales - The Moon 09 - Soul Blade - Intro 10 - Final Fantasy VII - Aeris theme 11 - The legend of Zelda - Main theme 12 - Final Fantasy VII - Turks theme 13 - Megaman - Elecman 14 - The legend of Zelda Ocarina of time - Market 15 - Final Fantasy X - Song of prayer 16 - Super Mario Bros. - Thank you Mario... link to his free cd directlink to cd for those who cant read sweadish for the love of god listen to it god i hate my own spelling
  6. Good specs? Plz help

    a X850XT (PE if u find one) is good not bes but good my bro has a X800GTO and it runs fine get a amd 64 3500+ and up (my bro has an 3700+). id recomend a X1900XTX or GF 7800 but those card are a bit expensive EDIT: btw get more RAM 1-2gigs
  7. bitpop by jonas tunander

    somewhere under 3 seconds for me :P and MoogleViper i feel sad for you its good music.
  8. bitpop by jonas tunander

    too bad for you :p i got 100Mbit/s but that dosnt help you :wink:
  9. Possible Rev tech specs information

    intresting if true
  10. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Nice colors, Link, nice text on the name and Xbox?!? 7/10
  11. Official RE Battle Cards!

    think im seriosly gona code thogether a real game out of this. goto think about it for some time tho we ll se in summertime if i can find the time for it.
  12. bitpop by jonas tunander

    useless bump... :shock: or perhaps not he has released a track from Bitpop? v2. Download and enjoy http://www.bitpop.se/filer/08%20-%20Super%20Mario%2064%20-%20Cool%20Cool%20Mountain.zip
  13. man drippy realy rules, keep it up pit.
  14. THE TIME IS NOW...

    there exist onley 2 games (now) that can fulley use 1 Gbyte of ram (FEAR and BF2) so get the better gfx card, you can always upgrade ram later.
  15. bitpop by jonas tunander

    hope peapole is downloadig this so thay dont miss it
  16. bitpop by jonas tunander

    unzip it ^^ silly character limit )())()()()()()()()()
  17. bitpop by jonas tunander

    i realy love nr.4. The guy is recording bitpop2 as we speak.
  18. bitpop by jonas tunander

    it is FREE for everyone im no idiot
  19. bitpop by jonas tunander

    ^^ .....ok.....
  20. CSS anyone?

    hmm think my spray is suposed to be heare