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  1. Yvonne

    Thanks for the kind words buddy :) I'm not around much but I still put art up on http://cheezopath.tumblr.com/

  2. http://www.youtube.com/user/cheezopath


    Mostly let's plays and photoshop videos, but I am planning on doing some live stuff. Still pretty excited about the idea of a video mafia...

  3. It's cool, like I say I probably wouldn't have said anything but by the time I'd collected the condensed ignorance and hate of the thread into one quotestack I was feeling flamey. Thanks for being cool.

  4. Who gets to decide what is the necessary amount? I didn't bring it up in that thread, as I said it was out of place. I don't want people to carry grudges between threads, it makes me feel unwelcome. I mentioned your comment with some bile because at that point I'd been speed reading the thread to flesh out an earlier point and I'm sure you've noticed it reads like a passage from "a clockwork orange". I ask that you grant some leeway for frustration but also that you try see things from my point of view. Also most threads I've been involved in have been directly related to gender issues, so it's to be expected that the subject matter covers the same ground. As I said before I have no personal problems with you and I hope we can have many a mafia game together with no hard feelings.

  5. Oh yes! Though I'm probably a bit behind, need to catch up on that. Walking dead too...