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  1. Yvonne

    Thanks for the kind words buddy :) I'm not around much but I still put art up on http://cheezopath.tumblr.com/

  2. oh I'd be in if it was in Jan, for sure!
  3. @Jonnas well I stopped a kill and targeted two mafiosos with roleblocks. I'd say that was fairly good targeting :P
  4. yep, woulda done the same. Good round!
  5. maybe not my best round of playing, but definitely my greatest round of target selection
  6. It's roleblock night for me. I will RB mr-paul, so maybe swap you and peeps and we're golden, right?
  7. Don't do it Peeps. I think this is the team!
  8. no, fishing the other direction. I notice it's been fairly quiet since I voted. I suppose it is also friday night.
  9. I am fishing. I'm watching the thread for a while, and if I need to go I may well remove vote.
  10. in fact I'm happy to give this a try vote ReZ
  11. Right well they tried to kill me I guess I'm feeling a ReZ lynch might be worth doing?
  12. OK that's the part I don't get, why he would have been blocked by Peeps from the previous night if he was mafia, but nevermind, I'll go with it. vote Jimbob
  13. I'm a bit puzzled by that. Why would ReZ be roleblocked tonight if he was evil? I have been a bit too busy to read deeply so have just been picking targets with my gut and skimming
  14. I wanted to RB ReZ. Sorry Peeps! Also would appreciate being left to my own devices as I've been confirmed town by about 400 different things now
  15. yyeah I guess there isn't much else to do but watch the flip. vote cube
  16. that's a good point, don't apply logic to Jim's actions! Clearly I haven't been paying enough attention
  17. remove vote Jimbob's vote felt a bit hasty after mine...
  18. Mostly I'm horribly unconvinced. There doesn't seem to actually be an argument against me so far?
  19. uh...thanks? I successfully protected you btw?
  20. That's a little much! I will oblige vote animal
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