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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    So ive been having issues wit charging that I think other people might come across. Its like my charger just stops working. If you turn it off at the plug though, let the transformer discharge for a 10 seconds or so then turn it back on the its fine! Weird....
  2. So do we think that Nintendo will wait for an event to announce anything or just go Direct?
  3. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    I think that there will be new hardware but it's more likely to be an engine for the software platform, which as you say will be across handheld and the console hybrid. May even be possible that this expands on to mobile too. A whole Ninty ecosystem.
  4. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    A lot has been said about the hardware that's been speculated but does anyone get the feeling that all of that might be misleading? Does anyone else think that the NX isn't purely hardware but is more of a platform, like steam?
  5. Novelty sure but I still say that the DS has one of the best and most varied catalogues of any platform ever. Even the SNES... The 3DS is a monster for high quality and substantial gaming but none of those experiences will stick with me and be cherished in the way they were with the DS. (Although I do love 3D Land too!)
  6. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    Im extremely concerned for the platform. In a recent interview Reggie stated that he didnt think that the wii u controller was a failed gimmick but that their messaging to communicate its value was poor. Concern for several reasons: 1) Ignores that games should demonstrate its value NOT messaging 2) Ignores that making a gimmick to differentiate your console is useless unless it genuinely improves experience 3) Does not address fact that weird controller affects third party support 4) Ignores things that the wii u did really well, like Miiverse. The interview sounds like we're going to get another gimmick ridden platform next with little follow through.
  7. The 'Other' Switch Thread

    @Ronnie and @dazzybee Ive read the beginning of this thread as: there are some areas od discussion that seem to upset some of our members. Rather than carry on upsetting them, lets continue discussing what we feel is relevant but in a different format. To me that's drahkin actually trying to do something nice for everyone. Let some people have the discussion they want whilst letting others have a discussion more how they want. Lets at least give it a try eh?
  8. No Man's Sky

    I really don't understand what people find so difficult about the game's concept. It's like having to explain to people what you "do" in Animal Crossing (underneath it's basically the same game!) You are free to go explore this enormous universe and find incredible beasties and most importantly.... RELAX. It's not a game which urgently pushes you towards the end of a level or defeating a boss or getting that next special item (which is different to getting slightly better gear). This game lets you do what you want at whatever speed you want. Honestly, I think it's going to have a huge evergreen following of people who just go on to escape for a bit and to mess around. Virtual tourism if you will. Some of you say it's an empty husk, I say that that is more of a reflection on you than the game.
  9. 1. Yes 2. No 3. Yes, easily. 4. No 5. No, it will slip. 6. Yes 7. Yes 8. Yes but you won't be able to buy it in all of the colours shown. One, maybe two of them.
  10. OOOooooooh DEMO in ze eSHOP!
  11. Ok, I see what you're getting at but even so, Metroidvania does tend to mean 2D.
  12. Yep, sorry, just have to jump in to disagree. Tomb Raider (classically) is a linear experience; it's 3D Prince of Persia. Metroidvania games are much more about an open world design where your progression is blocked off from certain areas by not having certain items. It's much more RPG-like. And the definition is almost always used to describe a 2D game. If you want to start stretching the definition then Zelda would be far more a Metroidvania game then Tomb Raider. But it's not :p Revival: Another Code/Hotel Dusk (I know but Nintendo could easily buy these rights as Cing is no more) - I think Nintendo need something puzzly, story and character driven that can appeal to both the West and the Asian audiences. This needs to an be adult focused game and dripping intrigue, mystery and probably pretty dark. Think Stranger Things. Crossover: LEGO Zelda. Would love see LEGO's appeal open up Zelda to a whole different group of people. Would allow it to take the mic out of itself properly and most imporantly.... real life LEGO Zelda play sets. Exclusive: Whatever it is that That Game Company are making next.
  13. I've voted no. In my opinion, Nintendo's last really good platform was the DS because it had a fantastic combination of software. The balance of exceptional 3rd party ip like Layton, Phoenix wright, castlevania, contra and so on with a very strong first party offering but mixed in with some broader appeal games made for one of the most balanced catalogues of titles since the SNES. I don't think nintendo is interested in attracting excellence from outside japan. I'm spending more and more time with sony being able to do that for me our my PC. I'm not going to be spending £200 to play just Zelda, Mario, kart and smash (doubtful about another true metros ever happening). I've played so many of each of them now that I'd rather spend my time playing new series.
  14. No Man's Sky

    I'm hoping that the weapons get a lot better on the game as it goes on. The space combat is HARD
  15. No Man's Sky

    Thats a good deterrent for breaking street date.
  16. No Man's Sky

  17. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Ah ok thanks Didnt I hear something about peer to peer PvP or was that just speculation then?
  18. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Shall I take that as a no then?
  19. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    Hey guys, I remember pages and pages back that people were talking about planned future features and content. Having trouble finding it though. Does anyone have a link to a post about it or could someone be kind enough to just give it to me in bullet points! (Puuuwweeeeeeeees?)
  20. I'm not waiting until they announce it, I'm waiting until they're released! If Nintendo have taught me anything over the past 2 hardware releases it's that: - You will get shafted financially as an early adopter. - They design new hardware concepts and do not have the games that demonstrate their necessity - Their 3rd party support is poor and that situation has only got worse in the past 3 generations - They try to keep fans on the line by announcing release dates for games to fill slots with no intention of filling it (see most of the Zelda games) I'm not investing in another Nintendo system until I can confirm it's going to not be a waste of my money. They have become so unpredictable that I can't confirm that they will cater for what I want and they don't get my benefit of the doubt any more. But back on topic. I think Zelda's looking great and from what I've seen/read I think the original release date was a joke. They have SO much work to do on it still. Interesting though that this is what we were suggesting Zelda should be well before Skyward Sword came out.
  21. PS4 Pro

    I'm expecting to see a full No Man's Sky, PSVR and Neo bundle. Guessing that that will be one of their big bundle deals leading up to Christmas.
  22. Nintendo @ E3 2016

    I think "ruining" Christmas is a little harsh, I mean let's face it how many Nintendo gamers aren't getting their gaming needs filled elsewhere nowadays? I do feel the same though. I'm not bothered in the slightest at watching Nintendo's briefing as it would genuinely be a waste of my time. I could give a rats ass if I wake up the next day and find that something interesting was announced and everyone says it was the best briefing evaaaaa. I can watch it afterwards. But my money is on it not being that.
  23. Nintendo @ E3 2016

    I'm not sure if them responding and putting out this new schedule makes things look better or worse. This change seems more like desperation and I'm not sure that much in that line up is going to set the world on fire (Zelda might cause a reasonable stir I suppose).
  24. Overwatch

    Still really loving this. Every character is so different and full of personality and now that it's been out for a bit, the high level play is starting to come out. Every time I get trounced it's because of a lack of teamwork and people not sticking together. Each time I lose, I find myself congratulating the other team for doing a good job usually, not cursing our own which is a testament to the game.
  25. Yep, on topic would be nice. I don't have much to add to the conversation about the NX yet but this very much looks like a thread from the Other Consoles section. I have a suggestion: If the NX is a hybrid, what genres do you think would benefit most from being both portable and having an expanded at home experience?