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  1. Doesn't ashilder have another one of those 50 pence immortal life things ? Could she have not simply used it on Clara after the doctor was sent to the place in the last episode


    Didn't she use it on that guy that was getting hanged a couple of episodes ago?

  2. We will be starting the new season fairly quickly (2 weeks or so) as we're still at 30 active teams :)



    Can't believe I only managed a draw in my last game with the ratings/tactics I had but at least I know a win wouldn't have made any difference I guess. Next season might be the one for us again though!

  3. We don't do a pre-season cup because only 6 teams ever want one :p


    I'm all for a reset but the majority of players in xpert now aren't from the forum and I don't want to erase all their teams (also would prefer to keep my own). If we did a reset it would have to be a new league - which someone else can be in charge of :)


    Unless the revamp would bring in new/old forumers, it would only be a league of 8 or so teams I think. I'd still be up for a true N-Europe elite league though xD

  4. So who/what is Chesterfield? (I thought I'd found a fellow spireite.)


    I was considering joining, but it's such a commitment. Also I don't think I could do it continuously and one season isn't much use.


    It's not much of a commitment, you could honestly run a team by spending 5 minutes a day on the site. Chesterfield is managed by a random person logged in to Xpert Eleven. They joined through the site rather than n-e :p

  5. @MoogleViper Chesterfield isn't run by anyone from the forums. By the way, we're starting a new season shortly so it's a good time to sign up ;)




    If anyone hasn't seen the press release on xpert, we'll be doing a cup before the next season if we get enough people to sign up. Post on here or xpert if you're interested.

  6. Honestly I think it's 50/50 whether I stay up or not at this point. All the teams in the top division are so close in strength but I have the disadvantage of trying to bring up youths too. Either way I'll be back up to win it soon enough ;)

  7. N1: Marcamillian - visited Sprout and went to target someone else after but I couldn't see who it was.

    N2: Dannyboy - was observing sprout and his belongings from a distance but never got close.

    N3: Sprout - I heard some hellish music and had no result

    N5: Dannyboy - he ran after something but I couldn't see what. Afterwards he kept looking at Mia Fey

    N6: Sheikah - on my way to Sheikah I ran into mr-paul instead. I saw him walk through a few corridors before he decided to punch a wall.

  8. I think with the 13 we might well be looking at 2 - we've gotten Diageo and Marcamillian so far, right?


    Plus I was exonorated ages ago, and have been pretty upfront all game since like day 2/3. Are you saying you find out what people do, @The Peeps?


    Exonorated how? And when?


    If this is the case then the only real way forward is to Vote: Maddog

  9. My targets are above and I investigate my target each night and see what they're up to. It's more flavour based than a typical power cop as I get the specific actions rather than what someone did. I can give an example later if need be - still posting from my phone when I can. I'm just giving all the info I can from today rather than intentionally giving sheikah an alibi. His story matches mine but he claimed after me so could have constructed it that way. On the other hand there has definitely been a redirection and no one else is saying they did it.


    What did you do last night Maddox? Sorry if I missed it

  10. Sad to say I was told that Peeps targeted mr-paul - which goes half in favour of what's being claimed by some.


    Though if Sheikah and Peeps were in cahoots...


    So you know I wasn't the killer but still stuck a vote on. You're certain we're looking for 2?


    4 was sprout again I think - it must've been the night he was 'protected' by diageo. I was distracted by music. Not at home so I'm on my phone and not willing to go through all my pms on it :p all seems correct from memory.


    If we're looking for one I'd say it's sheikah or rummy - might just be saying the latter because of his poor voting strategy this phase :P

  11. Cube and sheikahs information doesn't match up so we should see what's going on there.

    I've already said I was redirected from sheikah to Mr-Paul and my ability worked with him so there's evidence that Mr-Paul was not untargetable and also that sheikah (or someone) switched himself with Mr-Paul. Cube, is there any way you could've been tampered with?


    do we think it's likely that the mafia can kill as well as perform their normal action or that there are 2 scumnags left giving sheikah the chance to cover his tracks?

  12. I targeted Sheikah, he was untargetable. I wasn't redirected as far as I know, I just couldn't find him. My PM said I punched a concrete wall in frustration :P


    Speak up @MadDog and @Sheikah.


    I'm also amazed I managed to get that lynch through. I was drunk and almost totally forgot that the phase was almost ending!



    That matches up with what my PM says you did. Sheikah is clear of killing too if he is indeed a target switcher. What did you do @Rummy and @MadDog?

  13. No one's really asked me anything and I've not had anything to report. It's interesting that you would slap a vote on with such a low majority and not even ask anything of me. Last night I seem to have been redirected to Mr-Paul, my original target was sheikah.