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  1. I know Kurt R has already said Majoras Mask but, Versing "They" in the ranch was really scary for me. The whole mood and music was perfect. But then again, i really hate alien related things in general. Nevertheless, a scary moment i'll always remember. ...And yes i'm a wuss compared to all you guys
  2. Serious? I kept dieing on him. Maybe it was because i was so under leveled according to FAQS......
  3. Why hasn't anyone mentioned Abyssion from Tales of Symphonia yet?
  4. I lost the rubber on the analouge stick for my Gamecube controller. I was also playing smash brothers
  5. Oi can anyone tell me how to start a new game so it will contribute to the hidden character counts? do i have to do something with my epilogue file? Do i just go to a blank file and choose "new game"? And is it possible to copy a file with the last level and just complete it over and over, successfully cheating to get the secret characters? Well who ever answers my...complication, thanks in advance:grin:
  6. God of War on playstation 2. Trying to do the infinite red orbs cheat over and over. And when I finally got it after a few hours, i died on the way back to the save!!!!! Also the part in the game where you have to verse all the..to avoid spoilers i'll just say multiple enemies near the end. Talk about the ultimate in cheapness
  7. :eek: Exactly what I've been trying to do!!!! I finally got it for $57.00 Australian including postage and handling. I'm expecting it to arrive by Monday the 10th of July. After playing the first 2 (to come outside of Japan) on gba, I'm very excited about this one. Well good luck with finding it cheap on ebay Stocka.
  8. Yea I agree. I'm not expecting them to release it in Europe. The first Baten Kaitos was hard enough as is to find in shops. Back when i didn't know about ebay, I spent almost a month looking for it. Eventually I found it in a Kmart but the damn game came without the disc holding thing that holds the second disc. Damn you Kmart Anyway what I'm trying to say is that based on personal experience, the first one wasn't so hot in Europe. So i don't see Monolith wanting to release it in a place where it's not popular. But I hope I'm wrong...
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch.php?v=4zQC3S7D9ag&search=gamecube This is baically just a video of some woman finding out which console is the strongest. She does some pretty funny things that I would never do to my gamecube. I'm surprised how the gamecube still works even aftter how broken it looks. If this video has been posted before, please feel free to delete
  10. Yea, stay away from that chest thing for now Don't worry you can come back later on to beat that enemy
  11. I've always wondered how they got all those different names for all of the games! I mean there just so many people, but then again i do guess there are heaps of names across all languages. Whats the name of the blue-haired main character in the Path of Radiance. I forgot already.
  12. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaahahahahahahahahah. Its funny cause its probaly true. hahahha
  13. Cause if you did then that would cut the game in half :shock:
  14. LOL, i think its the same music when you fight Sheena
  15. F****** RED FLOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Now that thats over, damn this game is fun. So glad i bought it Hey just out of interest, who was everyones favourite boss battle. Mine would be I use Lloyd, Genis, Sheena and Kratos/Zelos in my party.
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