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  1. Strange indeed how cubeeurope doesn't have it. You can email NOA and they'll tell you LTD sales of their 1st party titles in the US. Famitsu/Media Create tells you weekly and LTD sales for all titles But Europe all you get are the positions.... I need some numbers dangit
  2. Sales data I mean how much a game has sold. I specifically want to know Super Smash Bros. Melee Donkey Konga Mario Power Tennis Mario Golf Toadstool Tour Final Fantasy CC Tales of Symphonia Mario Sunshine Zelda Wind Waker Metroid Prime RE4 Mario Kart DD Kirby Air Ride Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Soul Calibur 2 MGS: The Twin Snakes Metroid Prime 2 Does ANYONE know of a Europe sales place?
  3. Please find a way to get UPDATED sales data of Gamecube games in Europe?! I'm tired of sitting seeing increasingly high sales for GCN titles in US and Japan, but jack squat for titles in Europe. I don't know if emailing them will work (a la Nintendo of America) but please will someone try?