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  1. im guessing near the 360 launch, and perhaps playable demos at next e3
  2. A couple of cool Resi 4 videos!

    The was truly AWESOME, nice stuff Retro Link, ye i too missed a lot of great deaths there, and for he bodybag wtf is it ?, i shot it after wating for ages.
  3. If Metroid Prime 3 was running on GC dev kits...

    thats running on GC,
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It most likely WILL sell more on the ps2, more ps2's out there
  6. I know its a blog but...how about some research?

    A small system, with the most powerfull technology. The ATI-developed GPU called Hollywood is better than XBOX 360 GPU. I'm sure. HD on Revolution...sure. yes i totally believe that dude and everything on that site
  7. How The Revolution Will Work

    Cool stuf, nice read, still need the facts n confirmation!!!!!!!!!
  8. Molyneux again on the Revolution Controller

    nice stuff from Molyneux, he's an awesome dude lol. ye i'm thinking REV will be getting a LOT of FPS, RTS and sports games
  9. Zelda Spartan warriors The Movies
  10. New hints at Revolution graphics?

    It was said that the statement of REV being 3-4 times more powerful than GC was totally fake, so disregard that statement
  11. What type of Media type CD will the REV be using, The PS3 is using its Blu-ray CD and XBOX 360 is using Double Layer DVD's. Im guessing it will be using the same as XBOX 360 media, which holds around 9 gigs which seems good but is it enough to hold the games which will be coming later on in the consoles life ?
  12. New hints at Revolution graphics?

    of course the RE4 graphics for PS2 are great but when compared to the GC version you can see the many downgrades, in all the GC version is superior. Anyway im expecting REV graphics to be near the XBXO 360
  13. What media type will the REV use ?

    Here is a good site for those unsure on HD DVD and BLU-RAY http://www.engadget.com/entry/1234000623059130/
  14. Revolutions Name

    NES5 sounds good, and N5 and REV
  15. Revolution Games

    Nintendo said they will be making a a controller shell, it was confirmed at TGS, but the final design wasnt finalised so they didnt show it, IGN made a great mockup of it, it looks awesome in my opinion.
  16. Too much 'NintendOptimism'?

    Marketing and Advertising are perhaps the biggest parts to making anything regardless how crap or good it may be a success. If Nintendo manage to pull off good marketing and advertising for the REV, then it may well be a huge succeess.
  17. Nintendo Marketing & sales?

    agrees with K-project
  18. It will have 512 mb of flash memory It will be tiny...much smaller than xbox 360 or ps3
  19. Nintendo E3 2004....a very special moment not just for Nintendo but for the Gamecube too.....also a honarable mention to the one and only RE4
  20. well we know it will be a console
  21. will the revo be able 2 play dvds?

    Well i think Nintendo should have put DVD in Gamecube, was one of their many many problems with the GC lol....anyway dont matter with the REV....add on featue is kwl
  22. J Allard invented revolution.....

    well atleast he praises it too
  23. Rumour: Revolution to be $99

    $99 is sar too less, and wouldnt work in Nintendo's favor, but instead will show the console is much far underpowered, underdeveloped and no multimedia facilities to the public.
  24. omg u havnt heard of GUN ? you gotta check it out, being done be activision, looks and sounds amazing.