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  1. Ok I thought this was the only one? But okay
  2. Free Retro Event In Norwich

    And some information on the venue! http://norwichretrogaming.co.uk/news/?p=148
  3. Free Retro Event In Norwich

    Here is the teaser Image for the event!
  4. The forum are hosting a FREE retro gaming event in Norwich, something that NRG are happy to be able to sponsor. So if you can make it please do come along and see the information and have a play on those retro games! http://bit.ly/hSvKNG
  5. Ah flameboy now you put it that way I see, you are so right. I am going to stop everything I have worked on as my hobby and give up retro gaming now. Man, you have shown me the light. Thank you!
  6. This is a truly amazing Sonic 3 video! It's sonic but not as you know it! http://norwichretrogaming.co.uk/news/?p=108
  7. After more than 10 years, a new megadrive game is set to be released. Check it out! http://norwichretrogaming.co.uk/news/?p=69
  8. A slice of RETRO

    One day the dream may be achieved, I never said it was functional but I did say it was cool. Maybe one day.... If not maybe we should all just accept the fact that, the SNES was for playing games and the toaster was for turning bread into toast!
  9. The Legend of Zelda turns 25

    Agree 100% although I promised myself this is the year that I go through all of the Legend Of Zelda games. For me to this point with the games that I have played... IT HAS TO BE ... DRUM ROLL PLEASE. LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME
  10. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

    Why does it matter bumping an old post? I have never really got the issue with doing that i think it is a good thing. This post has really made me think of all the quality that the NES had. I am going to start off my LOZ journey from game 1 soon.... Just me, some beers (which I would of never had as a youngster) and some retro gaming. Write a review on each as I go.... Thanks for bringing this up guys I now have a mission for the next year!
  11. You may or may not have seen this on the net but this guy is certainly serving up a slice of retro action! I can't link to it on this site unfortunately but google SNES TOASTER Brilliant!
  12. Robocop VS Terminator

    need more hours in a day.... Blurghhh damn job etc. its as much as i can do to get on here. BUT I WILL PLAY THIS SOON!
  13. Sega are "back!"

    Yes, seeings as Morrisons amongst others have started selling them again in a lot of areas.... Sorry forum police
  14. For me, legend of zelda ocarina of time. Has to be the bit where you are looking for saria in the lost woods. Immense, running through the woods listening for the music and getting back and seeing how it is. How it has all changed.....