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  1. This thread should be useful, a few days ago I was trying to think of my favourite movies from 2012 and I couldn't remember any movies before The Amazing Spider-Man...I came up with:


    • The Dark Knight Rises (DUH)
    • The Amazing Spider-Man: It was good and very entertaining the first time, second time ok...it's worn off now.
    • The Avengers: It was amazing the first time, the second time was bad. Don't think I'll be watching it again.
    • Looper: Don't think I'll watch again, but JGL was so good in it, and it wasn't completely generic.
    • UM. ???


    I did see TDKR 3 times and Spider-Man twice in the cinema, so that took up a chunk of cinemagoing...

  2. I can't see the difference between them!








    I guess I'm used to kigurumis more (J-rockers and gyaru wear them...), they're blatantly for dress-up and CUTER! Onesies are like baby clothes for adults. /completely subjective answer

  3. Right now, Ine is probably in a corner crying. :p


    I like Christmas cards. It's nice to receive them, although I am shite at giving them out. If anything, it's nice just being able to see the pictures on front.


    Hey now, I bought cards from her last Christmas to send all over the world :) This year, I bought handmade cards from a different friend :)


    Also the last line you said only makes sense if the pictures are actually nice/by Ine :p

  4. If I've managed a whole line you're lucky, it's usually;



    To [name]


    Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday


    From [my name]



    Mine is:


    To ___


    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    (an inside joke)


    From Eddie

  5. Save the trees!


    Cards make no sense. You buy them, write at most 2 detached lines in them, and give them to people who will end up throwing them in the bin.


    The only time I buy cards is if I'm going to use them in place of letter paper, at Christmas.


    At work, we got an e-card. Those are stupid too, unless it's really funny/a meme.

  6. I bought this sheer cape thing yesterday for only €25, vintage (I think). The beading is so amazing, and the gold trim...I immediately feel good when I put it on over anything (wearing it over my PJs here...). Perfect last purchase of the year.




    Got this ring as well.




    Also I got my dad an iPad mini!! I had ordered one for each of my parents, but they're sold out everywhere here until January. Yesterday there was a freak shipment of 10 iPad minis arrived at the store, and I was one of the customers who got one! So happy I will see my dad open it :D

  7. I'm not as active ever since I started working, but I used this forum a lot for news - e.g. the RIP Patrick Moore thread, wouldn't have found out otherwise. There are also accompanying discussions, which you wouldn't get from simply reading a news article.


    Overall it's the people: I like reading everyone's opinions, and I honestly did feel comforted by some of the things which have been said to me. There are a bunch of talented folks here too, evidenced by the Creative Gallery forum.

  8. 64596_10151191257155745_1304508921_n.jpg


    Brownies! Really simple recipe, the key to chewiness is melted butter (I used margarine because I'm a health freak like that). Would make an awesome dessert with ice-cream, but everyone just snarfed it out of the dish.




    Terrible photo, but soba with tsuyu and broccoli, and vegetarian gyoza.

  9. Omg my first smartphone! (I have a Samsung Galaxy Player 4, but that doesn't count because it's not a phone.) My fiancé bought a busted iPhone and replaced the glass :) It looks so ghetto and nonstandard, I love it. I'm going to glue plastic ornaments on the cover! I have apparently forgotten how to take photos.




  10. Just dropped my fiancé off at the airport / cry at the airport episode III! Except this time I didn't cry in the bathrooms because I couldn't find them~


    We assumed that it would get easier (this is the third episode after all), but it seems to be getting harder. Man, why am I still here? I'm bound by logistics (rent, accounts, Visa) and the fact that I want to be promoted to a consultant at work - min. 18 months. But sometimes it's just like...fuck being a consultant, why are we torturing ourselves? At least I signed up on a few US job sites to start scoping out jobs over there.



  11. When I'm in a difficult dilemma where I keep weighing pros and cons without getting anywhere, I employ the following strategy: Pick one of the options. Make a decision. Then go around for a while with that decision in the back of your mind. Soon you should be able to feel if it feels right. Then after a while, do the same with the other. If nothing else, this should hopefully clear up your feelings on the matter a bit.


    This strategy usually works for me, but of course I can't guarantee it will for you. I hope it does. :)


    There is never a perfect decision. The best option transpires only because a decision of some sort was made that served as a stable base from which to build and create an end result.



  12. What do you take in to consideration when you buy games?

    If it's pretty, has a good story, fun/wacky, not one-dimensional or cheap (repetition for play time etc.), replayable.


    Whose oppinions matter to you?

    Are oppinions the opposite of an opinion? Ahem...


    No one's, I'm quite headstrong. Well, if it's regarding something practical, it's probably whoever I trust on the subject most Regarding things such as looks or entertainment, no one's.


    What makes you feel succesful in your life?

    Being self-sufficient, financially independent and being able to support my family. Having a good career. Certifications.


    What are your ambitions?

    To find out what I really want to do. To move out of this country.