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    LOVE: EddieColeslaw :P After I die, please investigate Dazz's claim that I targeted Diageo. That is all.
  2. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    I told because it might help to dispel some theories which are based solely on the fact that dragon Pokemon are all evil, so we can get on the right track. That said, I would like to echo Nintendohnut's worries about not having a decent investigator. I'm not actually that useful, so I won't fight you if you want to lynch me :p heroicjanitor claimed to be an investigator, and said that Smeagol, Tales and Dyson are good. We still don't know the roles of Tales, Dannyboy-the-Dane, Dyson, mr-paul, Paj Meen Ah and Zell. I forgot to say this: I'm Dragon and Ground type, but rather small. In fact I think I would be squashed if someone sat on me :P
  3. Old adverts from childhood

    The "MMM!" makes her even more evil
  4. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    MadDog came forward here. I'm also half Dragon type as well, if this helps. Does that mean dragons are the good guys now?
  5. Old adverts from childhood

    Argh, this one was everywhere, and kids at school kept doing it with their own Jaffa cakes After watching the video again, I've noticed that the woman looks slightly psychotic...

    I would love to see this printscreen, because I did not target anyone last night. Unless there was some kind of impostor or imitator (I don't really know how those roles work). Nintendohnut (also a good guy) said that I was mafia, along with Diageo (who turned out to be good), so why not trust him, too? I was never suspicious of Diageo after he was lynched as Christopher Robin and then brought back. I even gave him LOVE to say sorry. Maybe you should asked Diageo if anything happened to him BEFORE jumping on me. If you say I targeted him, then surely it must have had an effect? I am 100% certain that I didn't do anything and your claims confuse me to the point where I am beginning to suspect you. Surely others must think you look suspicious right now? Pushing for me to get lynched so aggressively? Were you forced?

    I am powerful, and can be a great help. If you stop concentrating on me, lynching townies by mistake and having to bring them back with a handicap, and do some more investigations, I can come into play then. That's all I'm going to say. I'll leave it to you guys now, I'm going to bed

    I shouldn't think so, I'm NOT the don! You will seriously find that out if I get lynched. I'm not silly enough to deny something over and over again, only to be found out at the end. Above post @ Jonnas

    Don't lynch me, people!! I think you're all recognising the confusion I was trying to emphasise a couple of times earlier on. I can't see any reason to trust anyone right now Apart from the ones who were good and died...but they could have been recruited by the mafia/Hades?? I REALLY have never targeted Diageo before, and I really don't know where Dazz got his information from!
  10. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    *head explodes* So far we don't seem to know much about Dannyboy-the-Dane, Dyson, mr-paul, Paj Meen Ah or Zell yet (if I'm wrong, correct me please). That's all I can think of. Not sure whether or not to believe the quoted PM fully, but leaning heavily towards yes. Pressure vote, and because Sazandora is Dark-type, looks evil and is flying...what colour would Sazandora be described as? Also, has anyone been keeping track of how the colours in each write-up matches up? Sorry for changing my vote 100000000 times, ReZ Change Vote: Dannyboy-the-Dane
  11. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Mewtwo said: "He proved himself to be a powerful killer and I believe I can restore his life." I don't see any reason to believe that he was good, as he was being used for cybernetic Mewtwo's plans. He was resurrected to kill for Mewtwo. Maybe ReZ left out the alignment because it was obvious? Not sure, obviously. Woop, I guessed the Pokemon correctly I think I believe you, MadDog. Something to think about: mr-paul, have you been cleared yet? How do I know that YOU'RE not trying to frame Nintendohnut by picking out those details? Just speculating, as I know nothing about either of you. Pressure vote!! Change Vote: Nintendohnut

    People, please think about his claims!! Did anything even happen to Diageo after I apparently targeted him (losing track)? I specifically didn't do anything and resigned myself to being useless because I knew I was a suspect.

    I swear I did not target anyone last night, I don't know where you're getting this from. Why would I do something bad to him?? I knew he was Christopher Robin too, and obviously good...why would I do such a stupid thing? Can you please explain what your "FACT" is?? Ok, I guess I'm dead already (didn't read this page before I wrote).
  14. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Oh sorry, I had read Marcamillian's claim before but forgot. Tales contradicted him here, so one of them is lying (or redirected/confused/etc.). Tales is apparently Moltres, too tired to go back to the earliest posts to look for info about him. Unless MadDog provides a proper explanation, I won't change my vote. After this, seems that there are two other leads: either sort out Marcamillian and Tales or question heroicjanitor. Vote: MadDog
  15. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    That was a violent roleblock indeed...the blue Pokemon sounds like a tracker/watcher? The green and red Pokemon should preferably speak up, too. But I suspect MadDog even more for messing Diageo up. (P.S. - what's the majority needed right now? Won't vote yet just in case I kill him off by mistake)

    On day 4, Diageo returned from the dead. I voted for Nintendohnut then, on page 13. Then on the next page, I removed the vote here, as I said above. He then got lynched that day, but I had removed my vote. On night 4 (last night), I didn't do anything. Today is now day 5.

    Hold on, trying to find the right post to reference right now...
  18. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Didn't do anything on night 1 because I didn't suspect anyone.

    Nope. I'm not sure, but I think something bad might happen to either the town, or me. Sorry, I did, I voted Nintendohnut. His info was crazy and I thought it seemed like he was desperately trying to cover something up, so I voted. I thought he was the most obvious choice at the moment. That's all there is to it. But then I removed vote here because I was confused and didn't want to kill an innocent again (like Diageo).
  20. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    *double facepalm* The townie roleblocker was me. I just wanted to make sure that you are good, since you said you created a whirlpool and I assumed that was a bad thing, and you were indeed a suspect before that. Argh!
  21. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    Sméagol, can I ask whether you targeted someone on night 3?

    I am not aligned with the mafia. I did absolutely nothing last night and possibly risked getting killed because everyone was so suspicious of me. As I said before, I can be very useful, but there's no opportunity for me at this point in time. I didn't roleclaim because I'm not allowed to say (I think I also mentioned this before).

    Ha, good one. I agree, let's make him explain first. Cube, you still can only say one word? LOVE: Cube

    Again, I have absolutely nothing to do with the mafia and am most certainly not the mafia don. If I get lynched or killed, you can look back on what I said in this post. As for who is mafia, I'm very confused but I think there's possibly a lot of redirection/attempted framing going on. How can you be sure that your information is correct? Don't want the Nintendohnut situation happening again...does everyone get a chance with Hades after they die?
  25. Pokémafia 8 : Crusade of the Dragons

    To me, collection sounds like more than 3...which is why I suggested Exeggcute (6 faces). Maybe Mcoy is required to change his vote a set number of times :/ The only other Pokemon that has been mentioned by name before is Vulpix, who evolved into Ninetails, seemingly as a result of spores coming in through the window. I really don't know.