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  1. Contact lenses (and glasses)

    Do you mind sharing what brand/type of lenses you got? My eyes are relatively dry too, and am opting to switch to dailies instead of monthlies as they're more comfortable. edit: Should've mentioned that the ones I'm getting are Acuvue 1•DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® for ASTIGMATISM, got a trial pack and was happy with them!

    That's how cool people celebrate NYE.

    That actually sounds like a perfect NYE/NYD Glad you had a nice time
  4. Game Show Mafia!

    Vote: Zell !
  5. Game Show Mafia!

    Yes, I am Phillip Schofield from The Cube (and not a killer). MadDog hasn't posted once in the whole game... :s
  6. Game Show Mafia!

    Yup. I'm meant to do both, but for Cube, I seemed to roleblock him without investigating. Since then, I either do both, or neither.
  7. Game Show Mafia!

    I think that's me! I targeted Cube the first day, but he mustn't have targeted anyone? Or he was killed before I got to find out what he did? (I roleblock and find stuff out.) Someone broke my wall
  8. Game Show Mafia!

    I'm not 100% sure (because my character isn't very distinctive), but I think I only appeared in yesterday's write-up, the only time I got results from my night action. I targeted ReZ, found out that he used Shunt, i.e. he is the RC man.
  9. Game Show Mafia!

    I explained why I didn't appear in the write-up!
  10. Forum User Photos

    Happy New Year to all, from duckface Eddie.

    I'm home, same as every year except when I had to work. The reason being I live in the middle of nowhere (can't get anywhere without car), and I don't drink (much) anyway. Therefore I see no reason to be anywhere but home. I think my dad wants to crack open a drink at midnight though. I will provide some "the world is gonna end this year!" jokes.
  12. Game Show Mafia!

    My notes are a bit sloppy, it seems I still maintain that, even if people have given info, they are suspicious in my eyes. And hey! I caused people to talk! >___>; /salvage Ok, my mistake, it was tied in with info about ReZ and Rummy which was said before, so I assumed you were just repeating what someone else had said. Roleblocking is part of my power, yes. -- I have given not much apart from what I said about ReZ being the RC man yesterday, because my power keeps failing and that's pretty much the only result I've gotten so far in the whole game.
  13. Game Show Mafia!

    First of all, thanks to the people taking the effort to write out summaries including the names of the hosts. Not gonna lie, I know like...2 shows out of them all, which makes the write-ups confusing for me to interpret - I'm concentrating on player actions instead...therefore: Summary of Day 4 Dohnut: suspicious about Jonnas, asked for protection Diageo: "got nothing", wanted info from ReZ and Dazz, voted for Tales, asked for protection, "Double votes are important" Yvonne: voted for Tales, cannot be nightkilled, don't protect Zell: repeated known info, voted for Tales Peeps: speculated about inactives being mafia, voted for No Lynch, then for Tales ReZ: voted for Dazz, then for Tales Dazz: "not inactive", had nothing to say, countervoted for ReZ, wanted info from Diageo before giving own info Jonnas: voted for MadDog (inactive), voted for ReZ mr-paul: gave epic summary, suspicious of Rummy, ReZ, The Peeps, Zell, voted for Tales (Feel free to correct me.) PEOPLE WHO GAVE NO INFO/suspicious according to ~me~: Rummy, Peeps, Zell, Diageo, ReZ edit: I posted that before mr-paul's post, so I guess maybe Diageo isn't to be suspected after all...and I just remembered what Yvonne said about Rummy's vortex, so strike them from my list. I got no result last night, I don't think I even appear in the write-up so I'm assuming complete failure rather than redirection.
  14. Phoenix Wright Movie

    Trailers! The judge isn't fat enough to pull off that beard. Also, Hiroki Narimiya I can't take him seriously with that hair! It looks entertaining, and probably will be. I hope they play that kind of music throughout the movie! At the very least, it will be fun to see real person versions of the characters in the game
  15. bad stuff thread.

    Excellent guide to healing piercings: http://www.compunction.org/healing2.txt
  16. This! Just don't...feel her up or anything!
  17. I'd tab that!

    What kind of machine/OS are you running? :s
  18. GIF

    I Maru.
  19. N-E Award Suggestions

    What about some Mafia Awards? I can't wait to take part in voting! Last year I had just joined and didn't know who anyone was :s
  20. I'd tab that!

    I usually have a bunch of tabs open, the ones on the LHS could have been saved from days or weeks ago, either for reference or things that I want to read/look at but am not in the mood for it when it was discovered, and the ones nearer to the RHS can be closed at any moment. Currently: a picture of Snorlax: painting reference. a picture of Snorlax #2: painting reference. a pretty girl's Tumblr: looking through her pictures because she is pretty. page 4 of Thought Catalog: to read when I'm overly idle. Thought Catalog: Interview With Bradley Soileau, Actor And Model In Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die” Video Thought Catalog: How To Screw Your Life Up After You Graduate College Thought Catalog: 8 Things Yoga Taught Me About Life Use Gnome Desktop with Docky in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot): because Unity is fugly. Gmail: using in-browser gchat. N-E thread: I always pick Princess Peach (Yeah yeah, I could have hyperlinked them to make things more interesting, but...) Magnus and I are the only ones not viewing deviant porn, I see :p
  21. General Movie Thread

    Will get in touch when I'm back in Dublin!
  22. I always pick Princess Peach

    My thoughts after a quick skim of the thread: Colours are colours. They were not invented with gender in mind. Blue for boys and pink for girls is just easier to market, and easier than making two things in 100000 different colours each labelled with "boy" or "girl". My sister used to refer to "girl colours" and "boy colours", but anyone with sense will stop that kind of thoughtless associative thinking when they grow up. I buy mens clothes because they just look nice. They were designed with men in mind (not fitted, bigger sizes, etc.), but that doesn't mean a woman or a kid or a dog can't wear them. That goes for just about everything...as far as I can think of. Big chests/sexualisation in games/comics/anything: they will stop drawing/designing them like that the day it no longer appeals (to men), including the creators.
  23. Game Show Mafia!

    Vote: Tales
  24. Post your Cooking!

    You also ate a Brunch before, which has at least 3 colours! Unless you threw that on the ground after I left :p
  25. Game Show Mafia!

    How many votes 'til majority? I think the Tales thing seems quite solid.