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  1. Is that what you do in Sweden? Get strangers to hold you on the bus? :p Thanks. Wait...why is he coming at me with a...murder implement?? Yeah, there was a huge amount of uncertainty involved, so I didn't like to go into specifics or parade it around too much in case everything blew up. But we powered through and are now together, so Obviously there was something like "luck" involved, I don't think it's normal/common to begin talking to someone online and be like "this dude is legit" and start planning flights and stuff (do not recommend in general), but it's not an impossibility.
  2. Short story: we've been talking online for 9 months, and Skyping for 6 months as he lives halfway across the world. On Monday, he flew here to see me. This is a pathetic summary but basically we both have magical intuition or something, because everything is amazing - at least compared to 6 months of persistence, distance, money, effort, unreliable technology/postal system, planning (and more). And also not being able to tell anyone because meeting people from the Internet leads to getting kidnapped and murdered, etc. Now he is at my home and playing Wii Sports with my little brother After he leaves again on Monday, who will hold me when the bus swerves?
  3. Picked my cute bf from the airport this afternoon. (Story to come later.)
  4. Cloak and Dagger Mafia

    My understanding of it: - ReZ used epic ability on Cube. - Someone redirected ReZ to Cube - unsure as to whether the "epic ability" involved protecting, or the redirector forced ReZ to use protect. - Someone else targeted ReZ and changed his abilities to "boring sideline player!.
  5. Gaelic Games - Coming to Sky Sports

    From my experience, camogie is basically hockey except the stick hurts more when someone whacks it against your shin.
  6. Cloak and Dagger Mafia

    Wrong. I was one of the agents who didn't leave their office - someone locked me in from the outside. I'm guessing that means I was roleblocked last night.
  7. bad stuff thread.

    I had the same problem today, all I wanted was a pair of black, straight leg jeans! Checked the two main Penneys/Primark stores in town, 98% of the jeans which were black in colour were Long (I need Short). The Short ones were size 20. I found one pair of Regular length in sizes 8, 10 and 12. Maybe they should fire the stock buyer? Based on my experience, try Primark :|
  8. Inspiring Speeches

    Amanda Palmer and Steve Jobs: Awesome Commencement Speeches (a thread I posted)
  9. bad stuff thread.

    It's a smiley with a unibrow and a monocle edit: I didn't know there was another page Omg. I thought your offline message about being hit by a car was a silly attempt to get my attention Get your shoulder checked!!!
  10. Welcome To The House Of Fun

    Wow, nice!! The bathroom looks fancy, and it looks like there's everything you'd need in there overall! Very clean too! I enjoy this thread. I hope you both enjoy your new place : peace:
  11. Cloak and Dagger Mafia

    Vote: No Lynch!!
  12. Cloak and Dagger Mafia: Sign Up Thread

    Sign ME up!
  13. Game Show Mafia!

    I don't really understand my second power, Simplify (which I never used) - so mafiaish. I'm sure if I had used it and got found out, I would've been lynched on the basis of that...especially when people were already suspecting my character of being the killer :p Overall I enjoyed it, especially nearer to the end as Yvonne cleared things up a bit for me - I was clueless about the majority of game shows and their hosts. Thanks EEVIL
  14. Cloak and Dagger Mafia: Sign Up Thread

    Is this based on a comic called Cloak and Dagger? Will it be boring/confusing if I don't know anything about it?
  15. Hey, I used to be like that too. I avoided parties and social gatherings all through my undergraduate degree. To be comfortable in social situations requires practice and motivation - actually wanting it. Dispel the negativity in your mind (easier said that done, I know) and make yourself like people, or at least try to see the good, interesting sides of people. No one is 100% asshole or 100% stupid. I like this quote by Neil Gaiman: You're probably sick of people trolloping on about you in this thread, but I just personally think you have a lot going for you - you seem hardworking, funny, you run a successful Pokémon site (may be irrelevant to people who don't care about Pokémon...), and from your pictures, you're hardly hideous-looking. Take control of social situations and control your mind! Don't be so scared of talking to girls - don't you talk to girls in everyday life? Don't you have a sister (I forget)? She's a girl. Girls are everywhere, they are people too! Like you! I'm a girl! /crazypost
  16. Funny Stuff Thread

    My sister just gave me what is clearly the greatest top of all time. "the wond an the streer is MUSTACIE" I can't wait to wear it. And be mistaken as an illiterate fob.
  17. Game Show Mafia!

    Whoa. Very sneaky, mr-paul! I targeted Peeps, roleblocking him with the glass walls. Vote: MadDog ?
  18. bad stuff thread.

    My brother has seemingly embraced pyromania. Smelling smoke in the hallway, my mum opened the door to his room to find the whole room filled with smoke. Proceeding to root through his possessions, she found a stash of gas refills for lighters/lighter fluid? and various burned things. Their fault really, for giving him whatever he wants, i.e. a lighter collection. Good thing I'm leaving soon. My room is right beside his And I have a blocked nose at the moment, rendering my ability to smell a possible outbreak of fire useless.
  19. Forum User Photos

    Have you and Magnus set up a date to go watch Twilight to satisfy your shared obsession yet? :P
  20. Forum User Photos

    Raining, your hair is so cool -- Gavin, you look like some kind of wolf-boy hybrid with those eyes and washed-out complexion! I like it.
  21. It's another Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday men!
  22. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I just rediscovered this. I don't remember how, when, or why I downloaded it, but it's the cutest song ever!
  23. Online Storage

    I used to use DropBox, but deleted my account after some kind of security issue was discovered. I don't really have a need for cloud storage, so I stick to external HDDs, and use Gmail to back-up small things like homework, or things I intend to print via another computer. According to someone I've talked to who runs a web business, SugarSync > DropBox. A few of my friends have also mentioned Amazon's cloud, but I think that's more expensive and suitable for big projects/businesses. They may sponsor you if you use their services for an academic project - they sponsored my friend's final year project. (btw everyone I've mentioned studied Computer Science, i.e. legit/informed advice.)
  24. I'm engaged!

    Congrats! You look good together