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  1. Awesome stuff thread

    @Emma: Yes, that was an awesome stuff indeed. So all three of you were staring at her through the window? Didn't anyone feel weird? :p
  2. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl SIGN UP thread

    Autosign meeeeeeeee in the future prz ^^*~
  3. Psychological Models

    I asked my friend (who is not Chinese ): 1: OBVIOUSLY a)! 2: Assuming the chance of being able to provide evidence first is 50:50, there is a better expected return from providing evidence as soon as possible.
  4. Psychological Models

    1: (a), I hope it helps my friend! And ?1 is better than ?0. 2: Provide evidence, because justice should always be served. If the crime was committed, criminals should expect to go to prison. Not having to go would be a "bonus", not an expected thing. Unrelated, but may be of interest to people who enjoyed the second question: http://listverse.com/2007/10/21/top-10-moral-dilemmas/ http://listverse.com/2011/04/18/10-more-moral-dilemmas/ http://listverse.com/2010/12/26/another-10-moral-dilemmas/
  5. Lent

    Whoever thinks like this should consider changing their model of thinking, then (see above for alteration). Not saying it's easy, and you do have a point...I think maybe Lent only works for kids quitting sweets, who haven't been exposed to the concepts of crash diets and addiction yet :s It's like quitting anything, I guess - quitting cold turkey works remarkably well for some people, but it just doesn't suit others.
  6. If you won the Texas lottery, what would you do?

    I would combine it with my riches from the my friend who's a prince in Nigeria. Then I would Be Rich! Yay!
  7. Lego!

    Spooky Lego houses! Beats the spooky castle I had. Needs some Lego ghosts.
  8. bad stuff thread.

    Sorry for your loss, Mokong The silver lining is a good one, my mum had to fly halfway across the world for a funeral before, I'm sure it doesn't help.
  9. Pancakes!

    I'm kind of impressed, I've never seen such...bad pancakes before. I've never seen ANY pancakes like this before! Looks like tortilla wraps
  10. good stuff thread.

    My Good Thing is that @Frank seems happy, and mostly everyone else I know, after a spate of bad tempers and misfortunes
  11. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    It's like she's singing in your ear. Also: (500) Days of Summer soundtrack.
  12. Lent

    I don't observe Lent. However I went to a Catholic primary school, so it was amusing to listen to everyone's ambitious declarations of what they were going to give up. Some planned a reprieve on St. Patrick's Day. And all the smartasses said exactly that :p Or "I'm giving up homework!" etc.
  13. Funny Stuff Thread

    Yeah - it's not even solely about money or free stuff anymore, but also ease of use. They should really improve the purchase model. Netflix for movies and bandcamp for music are doing it right, but there's still the problem/demand of instant availability.
  14. Pancakes!

    To be more on-topic, I can imagine that pancake cake being yummy...it's probably the blue tint that's putting people off. (Please don't kill me for editing it, I'll take it down if you want ) And I like crepe-style pancakes with honey and butter Haven't had a pancake since last summer, though, and even then it was savoury...
  15. Pancakes!

    Not long 'til Waffle Day (25 March)!
  16. Game Boy Photoshop Project

    Looks nice!! I need a bit of practice with drawing in PS and not just photomanip, I'll be giving that a go sometime too
  17. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    If no one starts another game after the current Pokemafia, go ahead
  18. What Have You Bought?

    Yay, groceries.
  19. Public Speaking

    A good tip (depending on how strong your imagination is) I learned from a TED talk by an artist: imagine that each person in your audience is a rock. You are speaking to a crowd of rocks. Nothing to be scared of! I'm ok with public speaking, I don't get nervous because I hate letting people see me being anything but composed. It's like I've lost and they win if I let any nervousness show >:/ Being well-prepared makes a lot of difference, that's key for me. Though I've never spoken or presented to an overly unfriendly, hostile, or huge group before, so I don't know whether or not I'm really that ok with it.
  20. Awesome stuff thread

    Discussion-killing statement: I stopped drinking minerals about 3 years ago. I did try Mountain Dew for the first time last month, though. It was too sweet, but I like how the bottle looks radioactive.
  21. I need an English to Starbucks translation...

    Ask for a skinny latte. Skinny = skimmed milk, latte = coffee with milk. They never add sugar for you.
  22. Awesome stuff thread

    Yeah, and I counted exactly 2 people drinking a bottle of 7up in the restaurant
  23. Awesome stuff thread

    I am disappoint :| Basically, in that episode of Daria, her principal decides to endorse and advertise UltraCola (fictional drink) in the school for extra funds. It starts with vending machines being placed around the school, then soon all educational aids, advertising, furniture, sports equipment etc. is covered in the UltraCola logo. Also ridiculous stuff like a quota of cans of cola to drink before the school gets money. The principal ends up going crazy and making everyone drink the cola, causing the football team detrimental health effects, then goes on a rampage and smashes up the vending machines due to pressure from the UltraCola rep. That was the first thing I thought of when I walked into the restaurant at lunchtime. 7up-endorsed signs everywhere, I'm basically likening it to the UltraCola propaganda. It's way clearer if the episode is watched! Or maybe I am a huge Daria nerd! Btw Cube is bluffing :p
  24. Forum User Photos

    I am glad my disgusting sparkly aznness appeals! @nightwolf: Those sofas...so sci-fi! Awesome! It's like you could lie across one and a glass lid would slide over and teleport you somewhere! (Like a tanning bed, I guess. But cooler. And less orange.) @Frank: I would not think it gross if you decided to wear that shirt forever. So dashing!
  25. Forum User Photos

    Bard: what a trendy cut! -- So I just installed the Chinese photo editor for vain girls and boys. SPARKLES AND SOFT FOCUS OVERKILL! Check out that angry bun!