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  1. Macbook Air vs ?????

    I've seen the HP ENVY series recommended over Macbooks, but there are none as small as 11".
  2. Funny Stuff Thread

  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day! TAKE THIS: http://paddynotpatty.com/
  4. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    One 'til majority.
  5. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Wait, are you saying that you protected Dohnut on Night 3? @Jimbob - please answer...or I vote. @Nintendohnut, did something happen to you on Night 3, rendering Jimbob's statement false?
  6. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I think EVERYONE may be Psychic... Jimbob: I gave my reasoning in the post above my vote. Also, the post in which you mention your allegiance is just weird :p We don't have any other leads, do we? SPAMBOT, can you tell us more about the time you were distracted by an orb? Is it just a roleblock? Getting off the lynch train before it goes too fast... Remove Vote
  7. Same-Sex Marriage

    I think (disclaimer: I am not married) that you don't get the piece of paper to prove that you love someone, you get the piece of paper because you love them, i.e. because you both want to : peace: No, it's a pretty big decision, with consequences. (Apologies if this was directed at Dazz only.)
  8. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Vote: Jimbob
  9. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Is it possible that either SPAMBOT or Jimbob are mafia? Conflicting info regarding the orb...
  10. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Jimbob, what did you do last night?
  11. How can you help someone with depression?

    You can't cure someone with depression. They have to do it themselves. You can only help them. And if they don't want to be helped, then there's not much you can do other than lend your full support. Therapy fails when the person doesn't understand why they're there, doesn't accept that they need to fix it. Of course you would do anything to help them if you could, but it's up to them to accept it and take action. You can only offer help, you can't make sure that it follows through. What I'm trying to say is, it's not unusual to feel helpless. It's hard on the loved ones of a depressed person. Don't blame yourself, as long as you openly offer her support, you're doing a lot for her I'm no professional, but this is what I've gathered from life experience.
  12. Same-Sex Marriage

    You have been fooled by the media/chick flicks. Also plenty of people have low-key weddings, it's really up to the couple what they want to do - no one's forced to spend a few grand on it!
  13. What's wrong with using order numbers? I can see what they're trying to do, they're trying to be personable to retain and attract customers, but that only works if the employees present good customer service. I can't imagine feeling comfortable or welcome as a disgruntled barista barks out my name for the whole shop to hear. Also everything I've tried at multiple Starbucks here is disgusting: hot drinks too sweet, hot chocolate substandard, frappucinos watery...everyone in Ireland, go to Insomnia! : peace:
  14. Same-Sex Marriage

    So single mothers and fathers should be kicked out of the church? I don't even get mad at stuff like this anymore. They are clearly obstinately deluded.
  15. Macbook Air vs ?????

    You want something as cheap as possible...yet your first choice is a Macbook? :p (They are very thin and light, though.) What are you mainly going to be using it for? Does it need a lot of processing power/RAM, good graphics, good display (digital photography/artwork) etc.?
  16. Same-Sex Marriage

    Really? Oh man, I feel dumb for posting misinformation :/ Couples do definitely get a tax break though, I remember that from when I was freaking out about - er, researching wages and tax! Sorry, you're too late :p i.e. civil partnership. Maybe marriage should just be replaced by civil partnership for everyone (not just same-sex couples)?
  17. Photography.

    I love the second and third photos, nightwolf. They convey such an air of peacefulness! I find that the iPhone has problems with oversaturation, but that's nothing Photoshop can't fix.
  18. Same-Sex Marriage

    Men and women are still people. If a man and a woman, a person and a person, are "allowed" to get married, why can't a woman and a woman, a person and a person, legally get married? As with a man and a man (both being people)? I honestly find it very hard to see the issue. Yes, there are tax reasons - I think a married couple pay less tax? Also one benefit would be the convenience of sharing mortgages, bank accounts, stuff like that. I think that for two people who are truly in love, marriage shouldn't be a necessity, but it's nice anyway. I dislike the idea of marriage as a bargaining tool or ultimatum, used to get or achieve something.
  19. bad stuff thread.

    Endure. It will pass. Nothing lasts forever.
  20. Photography.

    Fantasm. (I took this with my bf's iPhone :s)
  21. General Movie Thread

    I want to watchhhhhh omggggggg why July
  22. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    What to do I don't know...I'm still picking up on the fact that EEVIL doesn't sound too panicked, therefore non-townie vibes... Yanmega is considered an evil Pokemon in the anime, right?
  23. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Needz moar details from other players first... Remove Vote
  24. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    There is no metal type. There's a Steel type Did you make that up? :p It's rare that someone straight-up gives info without being all like "why should I tell you!" first...
  25. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    What information have you gotten so far?