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  1. Funny Stuff Thread

    ??? PROFIT!
  2. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Well...it's hardly me or Jimbob, we're tiny. Tales is never described that way, and Dohnut isn't that sturdy. Night 7: A towering Pokémon witnessed a hovering Pokémon glow gently. A large, beautiful structure appeared nearby. From a distance a blast of sparkling energy erupted through the scene. A turqoise, dark teal and red Pokémon glared at a large Pokémon. -- A towering Pokémon = Peeps a hovering Pokémon = Jimbob, no one else hovers apart from SPAMBOT, who appears below. A large, beautiful structure = ???? >:| From a distance a blast of sparkling energy erupted through the scene. = I think that's me A turqoise, dark teal and red Pokémon = SPAMBOT large Pokémon = ? Yvonne? Tales? I don't think SPAMBOT said who he targeted that night?
  3. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Jimbob, I boosted you last night. Tales is also a booster, and is immune to roleblock.
  4. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Was the intended kill target protected? Jimbob, who'd you protect (if it's safe to reveal)? I targeted Jimbob and Tales (was boosted by Tales last night). -- "Burning embers sparked from the sky." = me "Beautiful, shining structures smashed through the ground." = ???? "Several powerful psychic Pokemon concentrated their minds with extraordinary precision." = several? Definitely Tales, but who else? Jimbob? Empoleon isn't psychic...Peeps didn't appear again?
  5. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    /tries to appeal with a smiley that is green, like an artichoke
  6. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Hey. I don't not have a good result, I have no result :p Right now there is nothing against me, other than the fact that Dohnut hasn't targeted me. Please tell us who the other person is. At least then we can do some research and compare tone, write-ups, target lists, etc. etc. rather than relying on this 50/50 chance that you might be lynching a townie. Be sensible! -- Sorry Rez, I posted like less than a minute after you so I hope you'll let it slide
  7. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I'm making stuff up because you're making stuff up! How can you be so sure that I killed? You've brought it up out of nowhere. How am I supposed to know your Pokedex doesn't do more - I don't have your PM. Maybe you have an auxiliary power which creates structures? Again, since no one admits to it, all I can do is speculate. I also speculated about Jimbob creating them earlier on, and he didn't go mad and put a vote down on me :p As Tales said, I don't understand how you haven't targeted everyone yet. Could you at least narrow it down a bit? e.g. if there are two players you've left to investigate, it's one of them - so concentrate on finding them in the write-ups, their targets etc. instead of having to take EVERYONE into account. Please don't lynch me. Grill me all you like, ask me anything. I have nothing to hide. I am not the final mafioso. Seriously, if you've narrowed it down, please use the remaining time to go through the write-ups and try and pin down the two people. At least use that against me to justify my lynch if I'm one of the 2 you haven't investigated. Or. How about posting a target list WITHOUT results?
  8. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Nintendohnut: Tentacruel - using his beeping device to create structures? Tales: Kadabra - using mind power to create structures? The Peeps: Empolean - creating structures...somehow? EddieColeslaw: Xatu - I don't make structures... Jimbob: Azelf - structures don't fit
  9. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Hang on, I just thought of something. Jimbob, maybe you protect using those structures, even though it doesn't explicitly say in your PM? Go back through the write-ups and see if the structures appear near where you're mentioned
  10. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Requesting @Nintendohnut's target list And if no one admits to the large structures, that means they're the work of the final mafioso.
  11. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Then either something/someone interrupted me from reaching Dohnut, or Dohnut is lying. Or Peeps is lying and my targets don't actually get PMs -- Trying to identify the killer in the write-ups: Mafia (lynched, so far): DuD: Hypno EEVILMURRAY: Yanmega/Metagross Zell: Uxie Yvonne: Palkia Remaining players: Nintendohnut: Tentacruel Tales: Kadabra The Peeps: Empolean EddieColeslaw: Xatu Jimbob: Azelf Night 1 "Elsewhere a selfless Pokémon was having a bad night. It succesfully completed its night actions, however it started having nightmares. It dreamt it was being ripped up from the inside. When it awoke and looked down, it realised it must have been slightly more than a dream...." Killed by Hypno? Night 2 No direct reference to the kill. Night 3 "Across on the other side of the town, a singe Pokémon was about to discover some important information when it fell to the floor. A powerful noise had affected it so badly that it couldn't move. Blood poured out of its eyes and nose...." Killed by EEVIL (screeching sound). Night 4 "Elsewhere a mystical Pokémon clicked its fingers. Instantly its target was relieved from its life." Probably killed by Uxie (Zell)? Night 5 "A mystical Pokémon was nearby and about to investigate but the painful mind strike of an attacker prevented it... ...Falling to the floor, a severe stabbing pain smashed through its skull...it became a more physical presence and a barging pole of pink force appeared out of nowhere, literally pulverising the defending Pokémon's brain." Killed by Yvonne. (None of us remaining players are pink.) Night 6 "Suddenly, out of nowhere an incredibly bright and powerful blast of energy smashed into a noble leader..." Yvonne? Night 7 "The night was silent and by the time the sun rose, no one realised what had happened on the other side of town. A broken shell lay by a dead Pokémon." No further details about the kill. Night 8 "The sturdy Pokémon glared with beady eyes at the towering Pokémon." No direct reference to the kill; that was the only explicit detail of any activity: SPAMBOT glaring at Peeps. I was also trying to see who doesn't appear in the write-ups, who could be the killer, but it's difficult :'(
  12. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Peeps! I see you viewing the thread, answer me! :p
  13. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I just went and double-checked my sent PMs, and I did target you. What are you saying? You didn't get a PM this time? Maybe our powers just work differently? Peeps, I targeted you on night 6. Did you get a PM informing you of it? You MUST have investigated everyone by now, and there's only one remaining mafia player among us. Why are you refusing to give your target list? Might you be the remaining mafioso?
  14. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I guessed that you're not in the write-up. How would I know for sure? And those structures have been appearing in past write-ups, sometimes described as "beautiful" structures. Dohnut, will you post your target list now? Have you investigated everyone still alive?
  15. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I targeted you to prevent you. Though you apparently can't be boosted anymore, I prevented you from being redirected. Yes, I can confirm that Tales targeted me. Why do you say that about Jimbob? Peeps, why didn't you vote for Yvonne yesterday?
  16. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    No, Jimbob also isn't in the write-up. I can confirm that. -- Peeps, who did you target last night? And Jimbob, did you go for Dohnut? And Dohnut?
  17. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    sturdy Pokémon = who is this? Who's been glaring at people? towering Pokémon = Peeps minds were intruded = Tales large structures appeared from the ground = WHAT ARE THESE??? fire rained from above = me, I supercharge using pink fire devices bleeped = Dohnut Someone is very likely lying about their target list, power, and Pokemon from before.
  18. Fruit Mafia Sign Ups

    Interesting. Me please!
  19. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Vote: Yvonne
  20. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    What I got from your vote summary: - Dohnut, Yvonne, and Peeps did not vote for EEVIL (mafia) on D4, but then did on D5. Also didn't vote for Zell (mafia) on D7. - I am lazy and do not vote :p Jimbob, have you posted your full target list yet? Can't seem to find it? --2nd post-- Yvonne, you say you charged Dohnut on Night 3. Why is the write-up so strange? "A purple, cream and pink Pokémon glistened in the moonlight arching its head down..." And I just noticed that Palkia doesn't have any cream colour...and there's only a spot of pink... Night 6, you charged Peeps and Jonnas. But the write-up only shows you targeting one person? "A purple, cream and pink Pokémon opened its mouth once again, and a rush of energy engulfed a giant Pokémon." -- Night 4: Dohnut, is this you? What happened? "In the confrontation a blue, brown and red Pokémon pressed some buttons, before it fell to the floor." Night 5: Dohnut, who did you investigate? Because it seems like you got redirected? (Unless those aren't your colours, idk.) Did you post a target list? "Three distinct orbs floated around the town, one of them caught the attention of a blue, brown and red Pokémon and it wandered off towards a dark area of town." -- Would like full target lists from @Jimbob and @Nintendohnut please (unless they were already posted??)
  21. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    Dohnut is an investigator, and still alive. Investigators are often hunted by the mafia too.
  22. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I think so too, but...who? :p Are you still against Jimbob? Why do you reject the Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie hypothesis so much?
  23. Funny Stuff Thread

  24. Wireless Access Points

    I had this problem at home when the router was stupidly put behind a wall with metal inside (some kind of reinforcement), which was solved by moving it to the centre of the house. You could also just link a new router to your current one as a wireless bridge, or a client (receiving from the current router instead of the Internet). That way, if your current one breaks somehow, you still have a router on your hands. They might be cheaper than a repeater too, though I didn't check or do any research or this. You might have come across this already, but just in case: http://www.microsoft.com/athome/setup/wirelesstips.aspx
  25. Pokémafia 13 : Diamond and Pearl

    I like the bluntness of your question :p I have suspected everyone but Dohnut and Jimbob (due to the Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf trio alignments) at least once at this point, and have become suitably confused...if I wasn't, I would've laid down a vote. I'm planning to read through the entire game a little later after I get some college work out of the way, will report my findings then!