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  1. bad stuff thread.

    Benadryl for hayfever (my mum has the worst hayfever ever and it's the only OTC thing that works), coconut water for dehydration, and hope you get a break soon!
  2. Moving House

    Businesses do, as it's a bit more secure than e-mail for sending sensitive information, as e-mail is classified as open communications.
  3. Eurovision 2012

    The lyrics of Jedward's song make no sense. It makes me imagine the captain from The Simpsons singing it. And I keep thinking of waterline as in the waterline of the eye. The show is crap, so I do not extend my interest beyond what the country I'm in is offering. I used to watch it with my family though, my mum provided a very enthusiastic running commentary.
  4. bad stuff thread.

    What about getting a fan? I live on the street so I hear constant traffic and people with the window open, but I'm pretty used to it : peace:
  5. Awesome stuff thread

    I can't decide whether or not this is more freaky than awesome, but it's still awesome. It's by a self-taught animator and this short film has apparently won a jillion awards at film festivals.
  6. Happy Birthday Chairdriver

    Happy Birthday! Have this:
  7. The Avengers

    ANOTHER reboot? Are they going for the world record in highest number of franchise reboots? Not that I'm complaining, if it turns out to be good. It's just amusing that it's going to be rebooted like...straight away!
  8. The Avengers

    I think so too! I thought he was an annoying git as the Human Torch, but then I hate the character and I also did not like the movie, so. He's so different as Captain America, more stoic but still cool.
  9. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Well. What just happened :p Thanks again, Rez
  10. The Avengers

    I dunno, maybe if you did a running jump and landed there he might leave you for a few seconds...then you should run, because I'm sure his punches hurt :p
  11. The Avengers

    This is so awesome. I want to sit on Loki's shoulders too... Story of a Five Year Old Avenger, Meeting The Avengers http://www.g33kwatch.com/movies/story-of-a-five-year-old-avenger-meeting-the-avengers/
  12. Why not put the DVDs into wallets and slide the cover out of the box too. Then when you get to Canada, buy plastic DVD boxes for cheap and re-box everything!
  13. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Oh my god. I check this only to stumble upon madness. Thought heroic was trying to split the votes there. Is Jonnas implying that we're falling into a trap by voting DuD? What the hell. Vote: DuD
  14. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    Did Jonnas just admit to being evil? Ha ha.
  15. What song(s) are you really into at the moment?!

    I've been listening to the album non-stop during the past few days. Question: is it annoying when live videos are posted, as opposed to a video of the MP3?
  16. bad stuff thread.

    That's what I said! >___>;; That seems a bit drastic...I wanted to phone up the local station and get them to come over /stupid
  17. bad stuff thread.

    Clearly, you should move here so we can be housemates!
  18. bad stuff thread.

    People next door playing techno so loud that half of the apartment shakes violently. I highly regret not getting phone credit today which means I can't call the police on them. How do people enjoy clubbing? I got a severe headache from the past few hours of that...music. It sounds like multiple Hulks are pounding on the walls. It's so repetitive and senseless. I guess you have to be on drugs to enjoy it? It's one reason why I don't enjoy going to pubs, clubs, and parties (unless it's a super nerdy one, with videogames and stuff). Headaches ahoy! Am I normal? I hate living near students so much. I don't think I ever acted like a student, and I'm still a student. Can't wait to be a ~professional~ and not be required to live near uni.
  19. Pokémafia 14 : Fate of the Omni-Verse

    I didn't target Jonnas last night. I was redirected to Diageo. Mafioso protecting his fellow? I can see myself being redirected every night to a mafioso who doesn't receive PMs from now I am the "large navy and cream Pokémon" that "changed direction".
  20. Forum User Photos

    Make way for the forum pair of 2012, just after seeing The Avengers:
  21. The Avengers

    Excuse my untimely arrival in this thread, I just saw it with @Frank.
  22. Piercings and/or tattoos!

    Septum piercings seem fun - you can flip it up your nose (depending on the jewelry, of course) and hide it!
  23. RIP Maurice Sendak

    Source I keep meaning to read Where the Wild Things Are (and failing to fulfil that), but I saw the movie and loved the soundtrack.
  24. Piercings and/or tattoos!

    (Wasn't there a newer tattoo/piercing thread? I can't find it ) Taped and stretched up to 1g both ears, wearing SF glass colourfront plugs (these):