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  1. Rate the song above.

    Quite nice. The lyrics paint a beautiful vivid picture that matches nicely the melody. 9/10 --
  2. Cheese

    No fair. This thread made want cheese but all I have is an ounce or two of slightly moldy Kraft cheddar. I'll just have to make do with this until I can get some proper cheese. Mozzarella is most definitely a real cheese; at least proper mozzarella is. There is just no comparison between fresh mozzarella and the lame rubbery low moisture mozzarella that you find with the rest of your common brand cheeses. Surely you must be referring to the latter as fake. Unfortunately, I've never been able to find buffalo's milk mozzarella around here. Is it that much better than cow's milk mozzarella?
  3. "a ken its gd but fuk me nae need t rub ur nipples about it calm the beef min" -Famous quote left on YouTube by Craggus666
  4. Rate the song above.

    An alright song. The vocals were rather unimpressive. 5/10 -- And now for something completely immature.
  5. Rate the song above.

    Big Boi The melody is clean and simple but has enough small changes at key spots to keep it from getting tired and the vocals sound like they are dancing. It is all around aurally interesting. I also like that the sound is allowed to breath. 8/10 -- Quiet Riot Loud for the sake of being loud. Everything is pretty much the same volume and it lacks variety or anything noteworthy. In short, it is boring. 3/10 ---
  6. Rate the song above.

    Excellent. Good synthpop sounds melded with nice vocals. 8/10 --

    I have no idea what this is about, but no words can describe its pure awesomeness.
  8. Rate the song above.

    Quite the interesting song there. *Singing happily to happy music* "...and Dad would dream of all the different ways to diiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee". I can't help but to like it. 8/10 -- You know what this thread needs? Beards! Want to know what I have? I have Epic Beards! And they're not just Epic Beards from any place; they're Epic Beards From Texas! And I have for you not one, not two, but Three Epic Beards From Texas! For your listening pleasure I present: Beards so epic that they are unembeddable! Also note that the applause at 2m 34s is not the end of the song.
  9. Rate the song above.

    It's alright. Nothing particularly stands out about it though. 5/10 -- The song to be rated starts at ~49m 30s and ends at ~54m 20s
  10. Rate the song above.

    VV Brown: While I've been disenchanted with modern pop for quite some time, I must say that this is remarkably good. Classy too! 8/10 A cover of the Nine Inch Nails song Hurt by The Man in Black:http://vimeo.com/10372748
  11. Rate the song above.

    So I guess this means I rate dwarf gourami's song. I don't usually care much for heavy metal but this one is not too bad. My ears were not screaming for mercy at the end and the guitar playing sounded rather pleasant. 7/10 --
  12. Rate the song above.

    An excellent swingin' song. 9/10 --
  13. Autoglass WTF!

    In Texas you can have this on you windshield as long as the driver can still see and it does not interfere with the wipers.