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  1. bad stuff thread.

    I see that you've been really successful with your career, that must be such a boost. AND achieving that despite all that garbage you are suffering. You're one of the gooduns.
  2. Job woes/wins

    I'm sitting on the fence right now in my job. I hae a decision to make very very soon. Every time I think about it, it fills me with anxiety and stress. I could potentially take someone to tribunal for the way ive been treated but she has a way of getting out of these things (i've witnessed her go through at least 3 and somehow she gets to stay in her job despite losing one of the cases). I have to get my union involved. I don't know if i have the energy to do all of that without making myself seriously ill. I could accept ill health redeployment and hope i get somewhere ok (anywhere is going to be an improvement over where I am), and be rid of her. the latter is probably going to be the easier answer for me, but it feels so wrong that she gets off with it time and time again. Should I shoulder the weight and stress of a tribunal, with potentially not enough proof? Should I morally just let it go for her to bully other people..? I really don't know. I'm a very fragile human right now I don't even know if i can handle the decision bit let alone anything else
  3. Job woes/wins

    Generally speaking the admin staff on the lower levels (we are talking non management, maybe lower management) are not bad spuds. Obviously there are the exception to the rule in every dept. But we are basically bound to the rules, bound to systems that DO NOT WORK. Management won't spend money to adequately staff services, fix technical issues, sort out safety issues, or even look at waiting lists. Any time they do anything positive (which is usually too late) they make us feel like we should be grateful for the gift they have bestowed upon us have had several GPs and other medical staff at a loss for words at the position im in, and I don't doubt you are the same. Incidentally we had a suicidal patient on the phone today that no professional wanted to deal with. We are admin staff. We dont have the professional training nor the emotional training to deal with that.
  4. Job woes/wins

    Head of dept is pushing to get rid of me. Implied I don't do a full days work (which is bullshit). we have 3 staff on long term sick, 2 agency people being let go at the end of the month. My occ health interview this month which, i assume, starts proceedings to have me moved.... so they then are down to 3 members of staff out of a total of 9. It's FUCKING INSANITY. She is doing a disservice to the department and the remaining staff who are literally falling apart at the seams. The staff that have been here since day 1 of covid, taken shit tons of abuse from both staff and patients alike. If i fight this redeployment and win, sure i might get to stay, but she will have a target on my back and she'll be watching for a single mistake to have me fired. There are so many laws in place to protect disability. People being able to go part time or have duty changes to suit a disability etc.. but if someone wants rid of you theyll just find another way. I'm a damn hard worker, i have skills and abilities way above my post. All for nothing and completely thankless. I'm worn out. This is a picture of the NHS and how it treats the wellbeing of its staff.
  5. bad stuff thread.

    this breaks my heart. If I could, I'd give you my fertility in a heartbeat. So fucking cruel for that to be taken from you both. Love ya girl <3
  6. Job woes/wins

    sounds like pretty typical public service level organisation to me. I'm sure you are more than capable though Haps.
  7. guaranteed when shit goes back to normal they'll go back to the same ableist ways they once adopted too. 2020/1 has been a fuckin eye opener from a disabled persons perspective.
  8. the office situation is a problem at the moment hence why i think they are getting rid of the agency staff. but that doesnt help in the short term. I will be expected to come to work once the restrictions are lifted though. I don't really want to WFH long term. I like the seperation of work and home, because i do spend a LOT of time at home anyway in general. That stress can stay away from my home environment! But its better than doing nothing when there are no other options
  9. I knew i loved you for a reason lol I did some digging and messaged some of my colleagues.... sh*t is going down. We have 8 staff (2 agency, 6 permanent) + 1 manager as standard. Manager is off sick, 2 perm staff are off (one sick and one stuck in Australia) AND they are letting go of the two agency staff because there isn't any money left. All the remaining 4 staff's leave has been cancelled. Legit crisis. I'm only getting to work from home because they need me. I had a feeling of distrust in my bones when i woke up this morning and i wasn't far off the mark.
  10. my work have finally caved. 2 people off sick and they need me to do work. So now i get to work from home. YAAAAAHHHSSSSS thank god!!!
  11. Your dad must be in group 6? I know NI hasn't got anywhere near to the level of mid 50s "healthy" people. My mum is in that category and is waiting anxiously. My dad is 65, i think he falls under group 5, he just had his first vacc last week. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-vaccination-care-home-and-healthcare-settings-posters/covid-19-vaccination-first-phase-priority-groups#fn:1 clinical risk isnt determined by severity of disease or pain unfortunately, its immunology risk. I consider myself fairly significantly disabled now, but 3 years ago i wouldn't have appeared to be at all disabled but still CEV. You should check the criteria and see if you fall under the moderate risk group.
  12. Job woes/wins

    Seems to depend ENTIRELY on who your manager is. each dept is so different. Our service lead and her dept are treated fairly and we as the call centre are treated like absolute shit and thats a very common practice within admin nhs. you are introduced as your pay band before your name. I'm a mere band 3 not deserving of the "luxury" of working from home. It makes absolutely no financial sense to have paid me full pay for going on 6+ months now when i could have actually been doing things. My immediate boss is now off on what seems to be relatively long term sick (its been a month now) and i guarantee the fact im not there carrying a lot of his work is a factor. Sounds a bit like that post you applied for had someone already doing it as a temp or someone they knew that they had in mind for the position. Have seen it soooooooooooo many times in my 16 years in the nhs honestly. They have to go out and do all the interview process for legal fairness, yet they know exactly who they want and someone who isnt in the panel preps them for the interview. Actually its unusual for that NOT to be the case. More often than not you get in by agency and prove yourself worthy then you apply for a post (as i did in 2007)
  13. Technology In Ten Years Time

    Goddddd I cringe at my posts lol I had very little to be at clearly I reckon mobile devices, and maybe even computers will run entirely from a server, and hard disks will disappear. We have VDI tech in my work, its in (relative) infancy, but its very clever I wonder if @MoogleViper's internet has improved.....
  14. Yesssssss I definitely am looking forward to my second dose, if a little nervous. I had a terrible reaction first time. Will be interesting to see if my reaction is any different this time with some level of immunity, but I suppose thats not always how it works. I will only really be able to rest easy when my immediate family get theirs. But progress is progress. My dad (65) and sister (dental nurse) have both had one, but my mum's that bit younger (59) so she has to wait a bit yet.
  15. Job woes/wins

    I am so pissed off with my workplace. My seniors are all working from home for the most part. I am considered CEV and in northern ireland, currently, the restrictions mean that CEV patients are advised not to be in the workplace. All of my (current) post involves computer stuff, that could easily be done at home. I have worked for the NHS, in that very department, for nearly sixteen years, and they are refusing to let me do any work from home. I am being fully paid, thankfully, but i am super frustrated that im not allowed to do anything. I've been very tempted to get the union involved but then its like, saying it and doing it, i would be rocking the boat big style... when i could just be quiet and take my full pay to sit at home. Pick your battles and all that? (I sure as hell got a bigger battle coming, I have voice damage and im currently on limited duties, i suspect that wont be forever and theyll try to have me fired.)
  16. I'm still shielding, still bored, nothing to update 2nd vaccine on tuesday
  17. What Have You Bought?

    You can grow them inside, mine is living on my south facing windowsill right now. I just referred to a YT video on planting lemon seeds from a lemon and managed to get a few saplings, its pretty easy to do. banana skins soaked in a bottle of water is also a good feed for them. I was at a loose end early 2020 (lol) and decided to give it a go. My plant is still very small, i believe they need a few years in the warm before they grow to a point of potentially getting any flowers/fruit. Really looking forward to seeing how much growth i get from it this summer. Kinda started it as a pet project without any assumptions that id get fruit from it, just gave it a go since it didnt really cost me anything. Peppers are also ones that do reasonably well inside.
  18. What Have You Bought?

    IMO its much harder to look after houseplants than it is a garden. I have only had one outside plant death compared to dozens of indoor deaths You'd think they would be easier especially when they arent subject to the weather elements but actually a lot of that ecosystem keeps them alive (nutrients, water retention etc) when you pick the right plant for the environment.
  19. honestly, i think everyone is, its getting really tough. I hear that they are bringin in army medics here because our health system is on its knees (northern ireland) which is just impressing on me how important it is to be careful. Stay safe buddy
  20. bad stuff thread.

    i truly feel for you, and people who are looking to get married any time soon. I don't forsee big weddings being possible in 2021. My sister got married in august 2020 and was talking about an actual "ceremony" as such on their first wedding anniversary which would be august, and i'm sure even that isnt likely to happen. We all thought this would be over and done with by the time winter rolled around... how wrong we were
  21. maybe your room will end up the same way it was by the time covid is over
  22. Job woes/wins

    I dont think that having a degree not related to your current field of work is neccesarily a bad thing - surely uni taught you more than just the very specific subject, life skills, living by yourself all that carry on? A surprising number of folk do work completely unrelated to their degree, wether its just no longer having a passion for that subject, or not finding work, or completely shifting what they wanted to do. I honestly dont know how people expect a 15/16 year old to know what they want as a career path. A lot of young guys do IT related education, and in this country there is just no demand for tech staff... unless of course you don't mind wasting away in a shitty tech support call centre for min wage using none of your skills I'm 34, i dont have any degrees, fell into my job by pure chance. story of my life lol
  23. Completely agree with you pestneb So, the first batch in NI has been designated for NHS staff from what I gather. When I booked my first one, the vaccines were only designated for vaccinators, high risk wards and CEV staff. There was 3000 vaccines in our first batch of pfizer vacc. I personally would much rather see 3000 staff get some immunity, for the majority of staff some immunity will reduce them to not being sick at all. I do see the logic in this, and yes we may pay in reduced efficacy later on but its time to act now, hospitals are in crisis and need this. No one is going to come to any harm by having 1 vaccine rather than 2. We all still have to pay heed to all the restrictions even fully vaccinated, and PPE isn't gonna be just forgotten in a hospital setting since they still have to look after the patients who are not all vaccinated.
  24. thats pretty shite, and sounds extremely typical of the nhs tbh
  25. mm yeah that is definitely a possible issue...