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  1. My instructor was filling in on a day everyone had gone on strike. On top of that, he'd not long won half a million quid on the lottery, so I have a suspicion he passed me not because of my wholly retarded driving skills, but because he had the money to not care who drives and who doesn't.
  2. Creationism vs. Evolution

    People only ever argue about this God v Chance issue when they've got nothing better to do.
  3. Vista Thread

    Vista installs on my mate's Macbook like a whore installing a cock into herself. She will not, however, install on my sublimely non-Machiavellian PC. This is a dick-slap in the face. EDIT: Who's Machiavelli?
  4. Racism: Your View.

    My grandad once told me that the 'coloured race' was everyone from the Middle-East to as far as India. 'Coloured' also included the Native Americans and Aboriginees. The, believe it or not, 'yellow race' was used to refer to Eastern Asians, like Mongolian, Chinese and Japanese et cetera. How quaint.
  5. Post 1 song that means something to you.

    To me, R Kelly's Trapped In The Closet is special just for the line 'midget, midget, midget, midget'.
  6. Bulletproof "Halo" suit invented

    This is the same guy who claimed he'd invented a machine which could make solid objects see-through. I can't remember a link but I'm sure it'll be Googlable.
  7. Forum Love

    Has provided so many laughs in tandem with the Jordan. Hats off to them both.
  8. Flat/Housemates From Hell

    I supposedly live with five people, but I only ever see four of them. The fifth's a total msytery. Seen her maybe five times.
  9. What to buy?

    No no no, the Apple notebook is a much better, and cooler option.
  10. She gave her number but dumped me.

    Shoot him full of confidence why don't you.
  11. Double Hand Transplant Surgery Success!

    It's fair that my organs shoud go up for shotgun, so Booker you can have it if you're genuinely in need. On the family thing, I'd talk to them about it and if they didn't like it then I'd make it so they couldn't find out. If they were okay though, it's all fine.
  12. Double Hand Transplant Surgery Success!

    Thing is about organ donation, you can't know that your shit won't be wasted. I'll donate it all but I'm still skeptical.
  13. Fitness

    I was gonna ask whether anyone else played ultimate. Sweet.
  14. Yay - I lost the vodka belly.

    I'm gonna echo what Daft said.
  15. Love?

    'Cause she'd rather be male and doesn't want to go through official channels.