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  1. Can I have some people to help me out on Saturday, during the day if possible? Just basically to get me through some early quests. I don't have much free time to play this game and it really obviously requires a bit of a commitment... so I think a long session on a few days is better than a half heartedly half an hour every day.
  2. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  3. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  4. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  5. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  6. Luigi's Mansion 2

    This game is beaaaaaaautiful. Nintendo has always said that giving Link or Mario a proper personality would ruin the experience. But Luigi's personality makes the whole game so much richer and makes me really feel for him... Nintendo need to give their other characters some... character!
  7. I always feel really bad about asking someone to help me progress. When I see someone like @Hero\-of\-Time online, HR 3424 or whatever... and I just need to do some HR 1 challengers... I really feel like a burden. I'm home home for the weekend so I can't play but next week I wanna organise some proper sessions with you guys!
  8. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    In the comics he is called Max Eisenhardt and then changes his name to Eric Lensher. First Class skips the first name. I'm skipping the last name. I think in my grand plan I will have his name change included buuuuut the description of their origins was already long enough...
  9. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    Also redid Thor
  10. So mine will be coming tomorrow and I fully intend to be playing with you guys this weekend. Sound good?
  11. Marvel-ous Monday!!

  12. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    Remember to check out - http://marvelousmondays.tumblr.com/
  13. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    To be honest? Yeah. A man's opinion of feminism is largely invalid. If a woman feels something is sexist then it probably is sexist. A man telling her that it isn't sexist is sexist. White people can't tell black people what is and isn't racist. Straight people can't tell gay people what is and isn't homophobic. If a woman was to disagree with Anita's points on sexism and I would be a lot more willing to listen to it. I'm still bewildered how this video has caused this much controversy. Sexist games should be the ones causing controversy, not intelligent and articulate people calling them out.
  14. Doctor Who

    Looks like lots of fun adventures in space with monsters! Fantastic!
  15. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    I think feminism is less about equality actually and more about liberation from the systematic oppression in our culture which treats men and women differently from birth. Women don't necessarily want equality with men, because what "men" are made to be by our culture is not something that they aspire to be (as in violent, sexist, etc). (And by men we do not mean individual men or lots of men, we mean the idea of masculinity and how that is worldwide seen as something to be admired, while femininity is something to be embarrassed about being). Feminists fight for equality in the sense that women must have the same rights as men, and mean need to be brought down and made less privileged than they are now. Which I think is pretty bloody fair. Feminism is called feminism because females of the people being oppressed.
  16. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    Super Princess Peach is an incredibly sexist game and shouldn't be used as a counter in this argument. Mario and Luigi get super powers from flowers and stars and leaves and defeat their enemies with fire and jumping. Peach gets her powers from being overly emotional.
  17. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    It was pretty dire. Another man trying to make excuses for why he doesn't like his beloved games being called out. I'd love to see a woman who disagrees with the video make a response. Although it'd probably be from one of those "girls are bitches I like my dude friends more because dudes aren't bitches or sluts" kinda girls... I want to see a feminist put up some counter arguments. And to be honest if anyone ISN'T a feminist they're pretty fucking disgusting. If you believe men and women are born equal, you're a feminist so all these anti-feminism people don't really know what they're saying. I also think you guys are forgetting that PART 2 is essentially going to be a counter argument from her. I think she should have put it up sooner but still... let's just wait to see what she says.
  18. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    I can't believe it took 5 pages for an online discussion to bring up Hitler. I was expecting Page 2 or 3 at least. Your point doesn't make sense, you've got the wrong end of it. AmazingAtheist = extreme misogynist makes a reply to a video on feminism... I'm pretty sure his points are going to be highly informed by his clear hatred and disregard for women. However, you've got the wrong end of my point. I'm still an atheist and think atheism is a great thing and it should be promoted. Just because AmazingAtheist doesn't make me condem Atheism. I still don't quite get your point... at all... I can't even decide how to answer that point it is so unrelated to this discussion...
  19. Superman: Man of Steel (June 2013)

    I've always liked the idea of it being completely alien and the "S" being just something us mere humans see, just an alien pattern or symbol meaning something else. EDIT: I think the justification of the outfit is often the hardest part when trying to make a superhero film "real world" like. Batman did it well in that it was high-tech combat armour redesigned to be frightening. I feel like for Superman it HAS to be some kind of alien uniform for it to make any kind of sense. I appreciate Russell Crowe having a similar design in his costume.
  20. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    Yeah I wasn't being serious about that, I've liked Anita's videos for a year or so now and when I found out people are posting AmazingAtheist as like... a good counter argument I was pretty shocked. Don't mind me.
  21. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    Just clarify what I was saying about AmazingAtheist. He frequently uses rape as a threat to anyone critiquing his opinions. And when someone he threatened to rape mentioned that they were actually a survivor he said
  22. Marvel-ous Monday!!

    I have also just started a Marvelous Mondays blog which will feature more detailed character information. http://marvelousmondays.tumblr.com/
  23. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    I think also the fact that the AmazingAtheist is a disgusting, rape-promoting freak makes me love everything he hates unconditionally.
  24. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    I think the examples she used were good for a 20 minute video. It needs to be short and concise, and she mentions a lot that these are just a few examples of a wider problem. She also intends to counter balance the points in her next video (as she does in most of her videos, she shows good examples to illustrate how bad the bad is). The fact that the gaming market is largely aimed at men IS sexist. You can target games at specific genders but the industry forces women out. It seems like a really stupid marketing decision to not include half the human race and yet they press on. Think about Sony's PS4 conference? How many games did they show? And not one of them featured a female playable character and barely any of them even featured a non-playable female character. I think the point of the videos isn't so much to complain for complaining sake. Hopefully the industry will realise they're missing out on a huge market. And no, that doesn't mean making games like "Imagine! Babies" or something. It means making small changes to characters, plots and representation.
  25. Tropes Vs Women in Video Games

    You didn't respond to any of this. And I was not using geek in a derogative way. I am a geek. We're all geeks. Every single member of this forum is a humongous, giant, flaming, beautiful, fabulous geek. And part of the definition of geek is that you're highly enthusiastic about things like this. So she knew that by analysing geek subjects, she knows she's going to get backlash from people who don't want to see any negativ aspects in the thing they loves and yet she makes it clear she loves them. People can still like things and understand what’s wrong with them like I don’t understand why some people can’t see that. I can't see anything in that video that is even slightly controversial and don't understand why she's been receiving so much animosity from simply pointing out problematic stuff.