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  1. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    Any luck yet? EDIT: Its working fine now!
  2. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    What email address did you send it to? I'll fire one off later.
  3. Can't access 1up.com on Wifi :s

    Hi there:geek: That Guy, the exact same thing has happened to me. Ever since last Friday I haven't been able to download any podcasts from 1UP, and a few days after that I wasn't able to access the site at all. I an also on Orange, and tried everything you mentioned too but nothing works. One thing that could be causing it is that 1UP's DNS records were updated after the server were restarted, but Orange still have the old DNS details in their server cache. It's been more than a week now and nothing has changed, so I guess the best thing to do is for us to contact Orange with details of the website.