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  1. Nintendo Classic Mini (NES) - November 11

    Just in time for them to launch the VC on Switch :p Roll on the SNES Mini
  2. General Switch Discussion

    My only concern is that based on what we know, and a few rumblings I've heard, this year's Switch first party line-up has a considerable multiplayer focus until the end of the year. While Splatoon 2 will have a cool new campaign, it may not provide the single player experience many players crave.
  3. General Switch Discussion

    With Mario Kart, Minecraft and Street Fighter, I think it'll carry on til June, then ARMS is out E3 week with the E3 reveals. I honestly haven't felt this busy for games in a year in years, though most won't be physical. The intent to buy at the moment ARMS Splatoon 2 Sonic Mania Yooka-Laylee Sonic Forces Super Mario Odyssey Plus I'm fully expecting some reveals, especially Pokémon reveals, for later this year Maybe Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but without mechs and sci-fi I'm less interested
  4. General Switch Discussion

    If it happens, I'll fall into my pit of depression again :P I'll be ready with the data from the investor meeting
  5. General Switch Discussion

    Nintendo's back baby! To compare and contrast, it's just 2k under the XBO and just over 100k under the PS4's first months, and they were in the holiday season. It also did more than the entirety of the first 3 months of the Wii U's life in America. It did over double what the 3DS did in its first month and around double what the DS and Wii did and those two were in Holiday too (though like the Switch the Wii was supply constrained)
  6. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Yes. "Jelly".
  7. Arms

    Nintendo UK giving stress ball with ARMS
  8. I think a Pachinko Football game could be fun
  9. Yeah we're definitely getting Japanese third party support. Plus Indies up the wazoo, so it's just like you say the AAA publishers in the west holding back
  10. Splatoon 2

    Rundown of new info July 21st launch New mode: Salmon Run. Hordes amiibo functionality. Saves certain looks and loadouts for you to take to over Switches, may also give you new gear. Three new amiibo featuring the new look inklings Details of the new campaign to come later
  11. Arms

    Right, so a rundown of things we know At least 10 characters Crapload of specials 4 player mode Online features Special yellow JoyCons June 16th
  12. I think they have a chance. However, due to how Nintendo did the Switch launch, we just won't see them until the end of this year/middle of next year. Most developers didn't get dev kits until towards the end of last year. It's just not that feasible for them to get it done.
  13. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Not an amazing Direct, but a solid one to tide us over until E3. I'm happy. Wish there was Pokémon spinoffs in it, but happy regardless.
  14. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Pokémon Shuffle Switch would be hilarious
  15. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    PokéPark Switch would be nice
  16. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    I'd actually be surprised if we hear nothing about Pokkén by September Especially since... 2 years ago, Pokémon Rumble World came out 4 years ago, Pokémon Rumble U came out 6 years ago, Pokémon Rumble Blast came out 8 years ago, Pokémon Rumble came out.
  17. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Having just started a new generation on 3DS, it's a weird thing. Typically, Game Freak don't like shifting device until a new generation (which would be 2019), but this may change it. They'd have a lot of compatibility stuff to have to deal with first. I could see it being 3DS and Switch though. I'm expecting Pokkén or Pokémon Rumble here though
  18. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Yeah, and now it's clear that UK is the only market that's not loving the Switch, they're punishing us :p
  19. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    There are only a handful of times that are good for all three regions. This is, strangely, one of them. The other is afternoon for us which is early morning in America and late night in Japan. Whatever is picked, someone gets screwed.
  20. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    Japanese YouTube Link
  21. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    They're in development. Seriously, people have such weird recollection of how other devices launches go. This is not that different.
  22. Pokémon Sun/Moon

    Nope. It's: Original Cap Pikachu Hoenn Cap Pikachu Sinnoh Cap Pikachu Unova Cap Pikachu Kalos Cap Pikachu Alola Cap Pikachu or, generally just "Ash's Pikachu"
  23. Nintendo Direct - April 12 - 23:00

    That's a bit of a stretch. For one, Splatoon isn't a remake. It's a sequel. Second, people doubted Splatoon's selling power, and yet it sold really well. Don't count ARMS out yet.