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  1. Hi ford, i've been a member of these board for years but not posted in a while. ANYWAY, you live in Norway! you sued to live in the UK right? why did you move to norway, is that place yours? I have a passion for scandinavia. I'm sure tis cold and wet there, but it bet its also pristine clean aswell. Fresh air and clear water. Beer is expensive tho..
  2. Stargate TV Shows

    My favourite episodes are ones in which they find out some new ancient technology or discover a freindly race. allways exciting. The worst ones are the wormhole-extreme and the "go on re-con, get shot at a bit" type ones. The best bit of stargate for me between atlantic s1 and s2 there is a three part episode. its like a massive space battle. which is awesome. I also loved the episode when they first met the asguard.
  3. Stargate TV Shows

    I hope it continues FOREVER! With the prospect of seeing the furlings etc i think s10 could be one of the best yet. I especially like the whole Or'ai vs Ancients thing.
  4. N64 kids is selling his N64

    the internet has gone mad! people will pay 900$ just because this was the system in that video??
  5. Post your random pointless fact here

    I'm pretty sure if youg et flung out into space you explode. Space is a vacuum. Whereas everything in your body would be at atmospheric pressure. Sudden decompression would make your lungs and any trapped air rapidly expand making you explode. One thing i'm not so sure about is that if you slowly decompressed the atmosphere in an air lock to that of a vacuum whetehr you would explode. I think the air in your lungs would expand slowly enough so that it would just come out of you. So that wouldn't explode. However the pressure difference between fixed fluids, such as the eyeball fluid or blood vessells. This has no room to expand into so i'm pretty sure at any decompression speed that your eyes would pop and you blood vessels would break. you would die from blood loss. Possibly your skull would pop open too, killing you.
  6. The R-E insomniac thread

    Series 10 has started now. I hate to admit it but i've become a huge stargate fan, geeky i know but there you are. Since January i have watched every single episode. Which is 244! and i've watched the original movie too. Man, its good though! best sci-fi ever.
  7. Question to everyone living in europe

    One of the big differences between old english and middle english is that old english was before "the great vowel shift". So vowels at the end of the words such as the "e" in "Name" were pronounced. As in the modern german "Name". Kinda sounds like "Nahm-Ah" If you speak english in this way it very quickly starts to sound a bit more like old english and more germanic. The main reason old english would be very hard to understand (well, impossible) is because the grammar was different. Old english had more tenses depending on if the object was feminine, masculine etc which had been lost from modern english. But modern english itself has some grammar that diddn't exist back in the anglo saxon times. Basically english has been moving away from old german for about 1000 years. The grammar remains germanic as well as most of the everyday words but there is an awfull lot of vocabulary that comes from Norman French, a bit from celtic and latin. Even recently some indian languages.
  8. How hot is it where you are?

    Considering the hottest temperature EVER recorded was 58c then i find that hard to believe. Sure you thermometer isn't in the sun?
  9. How hot is it where you are?

    32 today. Still 30 at almost 7pm/ its very unfortable inside the house (upstairs).
  10. I take the aran side on this, i don't think Israel has any moral superiority -perhaps even less. This is also mostly the wests fault, if it wasn't for us then Israel would not have succeeded as a nation. Wouldn't have such a military advantage either. I would be surprised if anything war-like ends us happening.
  11. 7/7 One year on

    I don't like fussing over this as it just shows the terorisits have had an effect. I also believe the government and the media over play the anniversaries of 7/7 and 9/11 in order to "remind" us of the "terrorist threat". Its in their own interests to intimidate us through fear of such an event happening again. I personally cringed when i turned on the TV this morning and found no less than 4 main channels covering the event or talking about it. I have the deepest sympathies for the families of the deceased and its right that they should be remembered, but i refuse to get too involved with it cause i think its melodrama on the part of the media.
  12. Results

    I got a 56% average this year, but i failed thermodynamics so i will have to retake that in september in order to progress to the 2nd year. Its a good job the marks from first year don't count.
  13. Show Us Your House

    yeh, bad idea to post your house on the net. anyone could easily find you.
  14. Power Metal and/ or other music.

    I have dragonforce tickets for december:awesome: I love them, i also really like In Flames, Sonata Artica, Symphony X, and some others. Nightwish is kinda good too.
  15. Nintendo on Iceland

    Iceland is gonna be like that though, it is (unfortunately) a very small market. With is it only 250,000 people? alot of cities in other countries have more people than that. Then theres the isolation, iceland is a long way away from where the games are made. Lack of competition means less competitive prices, means they won't go down over time. There isn't really a solution other than moving, i love Iceland though. I went for a week once and thought it was an amazing country:bowdown: