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    I have a friend who'll probably get this, can't wait to go and play it. I love Rock Band, but I'll never buy it. The plastic instruments are expensive and take up too much room. I don't need to pay anything to enjoy these games. So awesome.

  2. I assume you buy these cables in any common game store? im sorry but for someone who owns a hd tv, i know next to nothing about them lol


    Yep. There's the official Nintendo ones, but go for the cheaper third party ones if they have them. I have the official cables, but I heard that the third party ones don't show any difference in quality.

  3. Hello there, I plan on buying Metroid prime trilogy and a few other games for the Wii and if you dont mind, I have a small question that im alittle curious about.. I am buying a Wii again since my last one broke but this time i have a panasonic hd tv (before i just had a normal tv) but dispite the fact how i know the wii doesnt support HD (which isnt a problem at all) i just wanted to know your opinions on how it looks on a hd tv??


    im just curious and im buying a Wii reguardless, so many games that i want to buy such as Metroid prime trilogy :grin:


    (btw,i apolagise if this post feels as if its in the wrong thread, i looked for a wii console topic but i didnt find one except for console problems? i apolagise if incorrect)


    It looks pretty good on my HDTV as long as I sit far away enough from the screen. Yes, there's still lots of jaggies visible even from a distance, but it's what I've come to expect from Wii games. Use component cables though, if you're using composite cables I can guarantee you it will look like shit.

  4. From the creators of The Machine Girl comes...



    Robo Geisha!:






    I loved Machine Girl, own it on DVD and watched it many times already. This looks even more awesomely hilarious!