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  1. Majora's Mask

    Yeah, I found the saving system to be awkward too. You can't just pick up this game to play it for a few minutes, it requires long play sessions. It's the reason it took me a long while to beat it, but man was it worth it.
  2. Greatest instrument ever created

    I don't really have a favourite, but I play bass and I'm attempting to play the guitar. Kazoos are great too, anyone can play a kazoo.
  3. How many bands can you spot ?

    9.Alice in Chains. For the Alice in Wonderland girl, in chains.
  4. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    I'm sure it will, but wtf...?
  5. So he's saying Joust and Gauntlet are better games than say, Super Mario World and OOT? How the hell did he get in the gaming industry?
  6. The toys you loved as children

    YES! That's it! You saved me from a sleepless night. I once dropped the white power ranger (the leader!) in the toilet, I was so sad...
  7. The toys you loved as children

    I used to have an enormous amount of Action Man figures. I loved building camps with them. Oh man, those battles between Action Man and dr. X were epic. I also remember playing with something that had miniature figures in a miniature cave of some sort. It was this boy with a cap and a slingshot and some evil monster. I had a rat and a spider version. Damnit, I can't think of the name! I guess you could call it the boy version of those little Polly Pocket things.
  8. How much are you putting aside?

    I can't complain about my bank account, but DS games and (maybe) a new bass will plunder it. That's why I'm going to look for a job for the summer.
  9. Picture Scavenger Hunt! (56k beware)

    Alright, if you say so. I suggest Shino picks what's next then? His pig rules.
  10. Picture Scavenger Hunt! (56k beware)

    An inflatable sex doll smoking a cigar, please.
  11. Picture Scavenger Hunt! (56k beware)

    I want a person with his/her hair on fire.
  12. Picture Scavenger Hunt! (56k beware)

    This picture should show up fine. A bald guy feeding pidgeons.
  13. Picture Scavenger Hunt! (56k beware)

    I hope it's the right guy. A cow in outer space.
  14. Favourite TV programs thread (its original!)

    24 Lost ER The 4400, the actors aren't the best but I enjoy watching it. Family Guy
  15. I have really enjoyed the top 50. And under the number one is my comment! W00T! Also, I noticed an error: the picture that is shown at Metroid Prime is from Metroid Prime 2 Echoes.
  16. Yeah, the retro games are quite expensive. I was hoping for it to work with some stars catologue system. I guess I won't be downloading a lot of old games...
  17. Can someone please recommend me...

    Is it really that good? Hm, I saw it for only 10€, I might have to go and pick it up then.
  18. Can someone please recommend me...

    It'd help if you said what games you already own. If you don't have Resident Evil 4 already, you should really ask for it. Other than that, you really can't go wrong with both Metroid Prime games and Zelda Wind Waker.
  19. Zelda TP won't use Revolution Paddle

    But then where did NGC get that information from? They couldn't just have made it up. I'm still hoping for a Rev control scheme, that article really made me get my hopes up.
  20. Floor Vision patent

    A map, DDR games, Wario Ware minigames (stomp bugs and stuff like that), ...
  21. Floor Vision patent

    Holy crap! It's as if the floor is a huge touch screen. If this would be the Revo's final secret, I wonder how the hell they're going to do this.
  22. Best Music of 2005

    Foo Fighters- In Your Honor. Great album. Dave Grohl and his comrades play fanatastic. The second cd on the album isn't as great as the first one though. Queens Of The Stone Age- Lullabies To Paralyze. Album of the year for me. Didn't quite like it at first but after letting it spin a few times it really grew on me. The songs are really catchy, and they have cool lyrics. Queens Of The Stone Age- Over The Years And Through The Woods. All the great QOTSA songs live on cd and dvd. Their live performances are vere energetic.
  23. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    Ganondorf seems to have pointy ears, he had normal ones in OOT. Or am I looking in to this a little too much?
  24. Your Gaming Set Up (56k Yikes!)

    You'll have to turn your head 90 degrees for some pics, don't know how to put them straight. My tv displaying Majora's Mask. Next to it are my three consoles: Then there's my bass and next to it my shelf with games. From top to bottom: Nintendo DS+games, Gamecube+games, N64 games+accessories, Super Nintendo Donky Kong Country set+SNES game Super Soccer+Nintendo 64, GBA+GBC+GB+games, Atari Flashback+Atari Lynx+Atari Lynx games. An ass kicking Mario Kart DS poster on my door. My shelf that holds books and other random things. As you can see I'm a Douglas Adams fan. And 24 rocks, so 24 books rock too. And of course my monitor is showing Revo-Europe. You can also see some of my desk.
  25. What did you GIVE for Xmas?

    My family doesn't spend that much on Christmas presents. For my dad I bought three pairs of Simpsons socks. For my mum I bought some decorative stones. For my brother and his girlfriend I bought Final Fantasy X.