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  1. Not that I don't love the sentiment. But it seems like a random time to befriend me. Is there a particular reason. I'm just interested in social behaviour [Psychology course]. Not that this is an amazing source for social behaviour. Anyway I'm just wondering. I'll stop talking now.

  2. Football friend!

  3. I meant, why did you care if I updated the smash bros brawl mafia.

  4. Why do you care MR. dead in all mafia games?

  5. Well you convinced me, I'm going to purple it up ya'll.

  6. Maybe I'll try it out for a while. Will I have to manually make it purple every post?

  7. The purple I used once to say the Garden game was gay?

  8. You will replace SPAMBOT4000 in the mafia game.

  9. It costs you 18,751.46€ a year? Why do you do it then?

  10. To see a headline telling them there was new stuff on the site that day?

  11. To see a headline telling them there was new stuff on the site that day?

  12. What if you just put the headline for the day, at least so people know there are new stuff and they can check on the site then. I currently have a google generated one that tells me when you have new stuff, and then I just click on the link and off I go to your site.

  13. Is that not the point of it? So you do not have to go visiting all the sites every day just to check if there is something new?

  14. Does your site have RSS?

  15. Good luck on your greek exam today!