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  1. That's the spirit Goron. I suppose we should get rid off all the asian doctors and scientists who are keeping the health service running too?




    The Asian doctors aren't the ones going around in gangs and beating up whites are they? Did I say that? No. :shakehead No I didn't. :shakehead

  2. Here are mine:-


    Religious Studies - E

    D&T Graphic Products - D

    ICT - C

    Paper 1 - D

    Coursework - C

    Paper 3 - C

    Coursework - C

    English - D

    English Lit - D

    Geography - D

    Maths - C

    German - D


    I didn't do too bad, I did my best, that's all that matters.


    It'll still get you into sixth form, if that's what you want to do.

  3. Yes there is, race is completely arbitrary. You're proud of something that you have no control over, and did nothing to enhance in any way, and has no effect on you as a person? Oh ok, that's completely rational there, buddy.


    What the hell are you talking about? I'm proud of the amount of contribution to the world that has come from this country, yes I havn't done anything to ehance in any way, but I'm still proud of what people in the past have done to help, enhance and educate the world - all from this tiny country, mainly by the indigenous white British people. Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Horatio Nelson and many more. You're saying these people havn't effect you as a person? They havn't made your lives easier in any way? You havn't learnt more?

  4. The BNP only care for the survival of the native white race of these islands, and there's nothing wrong with that. There are massive arrivals of immigrants from Asian/Black backgrounds that are making the population explode and making the white numbers smaller. The BNP won't go around killing asians/blacks, they won't humilate them in public etc like the Nazi party did (alot of people compare the Nazi party to the BNP, complete fools) they just want smaller immigration numbers.


    britain has always been a bit of a mungral in terms of heritage etc etc i mean we got invaded countless times, our language is a fabulous bastard hybrid of several european languages and changes all the time. multiculturalism is just another step in the evolution of what it is to be british and the thought of 'preserving' britishness' and keeping england for the english etc is lunacy


    What a load of leftie crap. We have been invaded countless times, yes, by white European colonies with basically the same culture/religon etc.. not by Asian/Black colonies, so it's totally different.


    I'm not totally up with the BNP, being an Aussie, but I did see a docco on the party a few years back. And I tell you now, they are bigoted white dickheads. End of story.


    Was there any need to say 'white' in that? That was quite offensive and if you said black instead of white the whole forum would be cussing you out.