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  1. I wouldn't deem it hax, basically i BOUGHT my dvd along with me. It was hax

  2. No. I has brief lappy rinsernet accessinationality

  3. I once had a secret relationship with someone in the attic. It was a bit of a dusty affair.

  4. Oh right, that's fine thenz

  5. I'll read up on the mafia another time sorry br0. When does it start?


    Hmmm probably not today, though I will inform you if I can.

  6. Yeah... If I kept you waiting then the extent to which I'm sorry is untold.

  7. Sorry, was at the rec. Give me a shout if you want a bash.

  8. Get back on naow!!!!!!

  9. Yes, but go on fuub

  10. Michael Jamieson. Fuub, naow

  11. Okai! 12.25 it is

  12. silly me, deffo won't do that again ever. Yeah sure!

  13. I am literally so easy that Mario Galaxy 1 feels proud of its difficulty. Name a time.

  14. Broken Conversation thread - nice 20 second video you made there

  15. Cuntish Rapping?


    Sure thing.

  16. Uhhhh.... Ya know?

  17. Whenever I leave a statement in that thread, i immediately think of a brilliant answer

  18. Quote - it's quite hard


    ...Bob Marley said this once when he tried to re-enact the Rastafarian ceremony without the use of his Zebras. Of course once the tribe had showed up to hunt them down and cook them, the party had begun and the people reggaed right on through the night. You could say they put some music in their food.

  19. That's pretty good reading, some old school posts in there too.

    Btw Unch froze on me, going out now. Peace.

  20. It was as much about the fact that Claire congratulated you about it. It seemed sweet and tragic at the same time. Like she was your Mum to you - a 5 year old that plays shooty videogames.

  21. Oh lolz, I posted on my own wall XD. Will never do that again

  22. Just saw this on your Facebook:


    Michael Jamieson


    has earned a PlayStation®Network trophy in "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™ ".

    Rock A Rhyme (Silver) Get 100 Tricky Medals

    3 hours ago via PlayStation®Network · Comment · Like

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    Michael Jamieson YES! 100 TRICKY MEDALS! WHOOOOOO!!!!!

    about an hour ago


    Claire Ash WHOOOOOO!! Well done xx

    about an hour ago


    Michael Jamieson I am pro at shooting people with a pistol whilst holding onto a building.

    48 minutes ago


    How I chuckled. Dear God. Unmatchable serendipity.