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  1. Bleh fuck bein politically correct and being nice like the rest of yall - keep your sexual fetishes to yourself Rokhed!.. Nobody on a family orientated forum wants to see a 40 year old man dressed in drag.


    Go out the house and dress like it, surely then you will get the attention you soo desperately crave.


    He hasn't done anything to seek attention though.


    All he did was POST HIS PURCHASES!

  2. Is this post for real? :/


    I think it is as it seems to me many people hav e now assumed that nintendo are not making games like Super Mario Galaxay, Super Smash bros and Zelda.


    They also tend to wank over games like Animal Crossing which are aimed at the casual gamers they tend to fear so much.

  3. yeah but dont you also enjoy (not as much) other teams play? i have to say that i find many teams quite a joy to watch while other are just just put me to sleep (so far only liverpool and al-hillal (saudi team) have managed this).


    Yes and I'm not a Liverpool fan anyway.

  4. sky shows entertaining games, they try their best to stay away from borking ones, hence not being fans of liverpool.


    to be honest liverpool are one of the most boring teams iv seen in my life from houllier timesto rafa times.


    Way to light a fuse on one big Liverpool bomb.

  5. IMO Goldeneye hasnt aged well at all. I tried playing a year back when I had a N64 and I just couldnt. The game wasnt smooth and the controls were terrible, I wouldnt care I used to play it non-stop when I was younger aswell. For its time though Goldeneye was a master piece.


    Its strange I seem to be able to go back to games like these with frame rate issues (especially Perfect Dark multiplayer with n-bombs) and still play them with no problems.

  6. I hate EMA, my friend gets £30 a week and seriously he is pretty rich. Of course my family can hardly afford to send me and my brother to school but do I get any money, no.


    Well then apparently your family earn over £10k more than mine so the question is where does that extra 10k go if they can hardly afford to send you to school?