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  1. Next month? I thought it was out in december lol. MY BAD!


    But seriously, what's the exact date? Because i still need Metroid and Zelda: PH! God i hope i get paid soon :(


    Its in the thread title FFS. You know that thing next to were you click to enter the thread and have to read to know what thread you're in.

  2. I'll agree with you there, pwning Cube is fun!


    I'm curious, though: you've never pwned him, so how would you know? :wink:


    Post what you want, mate, but don't expect people not to argue with you if you say stupid stuff.


    And the first person to say "what about free speech?" will be shot, if only for answering their own question...


    But what about free speech?

  3. Went to see The Wombats at my mates dads newsagents today cos it won the NME indie 4 independent stores comp.


    It was laugh but without drums or bass it was a bit lacking. There was struggle when they threw their keyboard into the crowd.