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  1. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Mcoy is enjoying his time in the lower league. A nice place to get practice and relearn the ropes of the game. If Mcoy does secure promotion there is a good chance he is in for a nasty shock next season though! a lot of tougher and more battle hardened opponents in the middle league.
  2. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Good rebound for Mcoy. Mcoy was worried his form was going to take a tumble after the last result but things seem to be evening out finally
  3. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Fake team steam roll, fucker injured two of Mcoy's players though. Mcoy forgot how hard it can be to keep young players in very high form sometimes. Mcoy desperately wants to get some good skill increases as soon as possible!
  4. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Mcoy would be happy with his win. But 3-4-3 offensive away from home is a suicide tactic!
  5. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Mcoy is pretty happy to get a result out of that game. Mcoy thought there was little to no chance originally until he saw that Fedex seem to not be changing things up a lot? A bit of a shame for Fedex as they definetly have a squad strong enough to destroy Mcoy at his place. Mcoy managed to get a lucky goal and escape with 3 points.
  6. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Mcoy is pretty satisfied with his first return game to the season. Mcoy has no idea how he'll do against the higher skilled teams but if he can hold a mid to high tier finish then Mcoy will be very happy.
  7. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Mcoy was wondering what peoples opinion on purchasing VIP was?
  8. Xpert 11 Season 32: A Universe full of life

    Mcoy is proud to be back and playing against new and old foes alike. Do not be fooled though, The game may have changed and Mcoy may have a walking stick now, but Mcoy still has a decent idea what he is doing. Mcoy isn't feeling confident enough yet to say that this will be a strong year. But if Mcoy can remember how to train and get good DV values then Mcoy should be fielding a decent enough squad in a few seasons time
  9. Mcoy is mega excited to get the season underway Mcoy just wishes he had a bit more money spare for training! (or the 30-40 million Mcoy had saved before he retired last time XP)
  10. Mcoy does eagerly look forward to rising to the challenge of making a new squad and trying to progress again. Mcoy hasn't ever had a new team so he is sure it will be a few seasons before he maybe is even a threat to the middle league! :P
  11. Mcoy hasn't played for like 2-3 years? ^^
  12. Mcoy means if he starts training now will it carry over to the start of the new season? Mcoy dosen't want to waste money training players form up just for it to all change randomly. Mcoy wants to have his players form up a little for the first match!
  13. Mcoy thanks you. Mcoy is curious, since the change report has taken place, is now the time for Mcoy to start slamming on form training for his players?
  14. Mcoy misses the change report. Mcoy has to try get a youth team sorted out on a low starting budget!
  15. Mcoy's team quota is full so he cannot join it. Mcoy is sorry.
  16. Mcoy was setting tactics and having a ton of errors coming up. He has now discovered he played against some reserve team a moment ago? x3 Mcoy is very confused how he has already played a game!
  17. Mcoy will be making his return to the league (awaiting approval). In his absence Mcoy suffered a severe concussion and has forgotten how to play this game anymore. Therefore Mcoy would appreciate any tips on how to generate some money and get a team running again. Mcoy will try his best to help out his old friend and enemy Haden to defeat the bullies that now reign in the football league. Mcoy knows it's going to be a hard and long fight but he wants to take back the N-Euro championship as well as the N-Europe tag team title with his old friend.
  18. Mcoy demands to know who is in charge.
  19. Haden, Mcoy was wondering if you are still the big boss around nowdays?
  20. Mcoy has returned to destroy you all on the field. When can Mcoy sign up again?
  21. Mcoy starts off with an away win which is very much welcomed
  22. Xpert 11 Season 22: New Start Same Goal

    Mcoy is trying to think what to do with his squad. Mcoy has been pretty solid with his recruitment and upkeep and constantly has players to replace the oldies. Mcoy has 41 million in the bank though XD
  23. Xpert 11 Season 22: New Start Same Goal

    Back in 2010-2011 you and Mcoy were best of friends, sporting one of the best teams in the history of Xpert! Haden: NWO rules the xperrrrrttttt leaguesssss! Mcoy and Haden! they're closer then a lot of brothers! Haden, Mcoy considered you a brother, and you never consider Mcoy anything but a 4 skill 21 year old midfielder! I was your sidekick right? Haden: Who is the Xpert destroyer?! ME But Mcoy was never your sidekick? Mcoy was more like your subsitute! Mcoy was the one who held you up when you got injured from a bruise play against Nikos. Haden: Yeah when I missed that freekick, you took the ball from me and ran Yeah Mcoy took the ball and Mcoy scored the goal, but Mcoy's been scoring them all along. Finally you were no longer in the top league to be in my way. Haden: All the goals you scored didn't bothere me! I came back after two seasons absence and proved that I still have better tactics then you! Yeah you beat Mcoy Haden, but who's pitch is full of field mice and saturated with water? who's balls are punctured? who's shower room floor is soapy? MCOY AND HADEN, Last man standing. The only difference is who will have more dirty tricks and bruise play!
  24. Xpert 11 Season 22: New Start Same Goal

    Mcoy hasn't even been on these forums or game the last few days so didn't realize this was a cup game lol. Mcoy is thinking of quitting either way, Mcoy joined because Dyson played and now that Dyson is gone Mcoy has been losing interest pretty quickly. Mcoy dosen't really wanna stay around and watch his team degrade to inactivity so Mcoy will probably quit shortly. Not really an upset. Mcoy played a low form team with no tactic preperation. If Mcoy had known it was a proper game he'd have set out an appropiate team and tactics. Comrade got lucky because Mcoy got lazy, nothing more.
  25. Football Season 2011/2012

    The ball was part way over the line. Just one of those insane decisions for a ref to call, I believe the rules state the ball has to be all the way over?