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  1. They've been able to handle spelling puzzles before, though - one that particularly springs to mind is Ema's name in blood on the broken vase in Rise from the Ashes. However, it might be something that just won't translate to a Western audience; considering we're getting a whole new game and one of the two downloadable cases, it doesn't seem like laziness or a money issue. I think it's genuine concern, but it still bothers me greatly that we're constantly missing out on actual story content in such a plot-heavy series. It's bad style, Capcom. Despite my hopeless optimism I'm starting to consider resorting to fan translation playthroughs, though it doesn't sit right with me.


    (I've been a little out of the loop recently and haven't really taken a look at Theros, but our conversation is also resuscitating my Magic spirit. :D)