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  1. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    You have to purchase WoTB to be able to play the beta.
  2. I've really always loved that Antec case you've posted up. Looks nice and smart. I'd definitely go with it. Also that power supply is great, I've got the 520W one, which is plenty for a quad core, a few HD's and a 8800GT. Weirdly enough, the 650W is cheaper than the 520W, so get it for sure. Forget all that linux and OS bullshit the 'experts' are chatting about. Go with either Windows XP, or Vista 64................if you're using Vista though, make sure you turn off Aero, as it conflicts with Max's UI.
  3. GAME reward card

    You should in indeed be hating yourself for remembering that. haha And yes, we obviously know that giving them away with hardware purchases isn't really by the book..........but budgets/targets/stock & shares and all that rubbish. Kind of been getting fed up with the place to be honest recently.........I think they ask far too much of staff for the £5.55 an hr that they pay us.
  4. GAME reward card

    Totally. And for whoever above mentioned they had one ages ago........go in and ask them to look it up via your postcode, and then they should be able to send you out a replacement. Sales assistants should be asking every customer whether they have a reward card when they are making purchases. If you're buying hardware, and you don't have a loyalty card, then mention is it possible to get one for free 'because you're buying hardware.' We always offer free loyalty cards with console purchases anyway.
  5. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    So are you saying it's now possible to copy the 'backwards compatibility data' (or hack it) onto a standard 40Gb? (I know this is a 360 thread btw people)
  6. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Just sessioned the GRID demo on multiplayer........and wow, had so much fun. Gets crazy funny when you just hope you are one of the survivors out of the 1st corner. haha Tempted to pick up the full game now, although I still need to pick up CoD4 and Bioshock.
  7. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    I agree, was a total shame it didn't sell better, especially when the controls were pretty much nailed perfectly. And the Haze issue is true. It'll most likely drop off the charts in a few weeks, but nowadays to chart so high in your first week is deemed a success (especially up there with GTA), but it would of indeed been interesting to see how that certain title charted with releases on other formats also. Annnnnyway, Beyond Good & Evil 2.
  8. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    I should of used Metroid Prime Corruption then. There's plenty of software that's selling well on the other consoles, you'd be a fool to even bother to question that. And Haze charted damn high for its first week considering it's only on one format currently. Vgcharts........lol.
  9. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Don't think I'll bother saying much more, but I do echo SGC's post from before which really did sum it up.
  10. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Considering how big Rising Star are, then it's no surprise that they were overjoyed. That game had loads going for it, and a lot of the core Wii audience were going to buy it..............but 300,000 worldwide - don't think much else needs to be said really. The 300,000 that NMH sold worldwide won't exactly attract Ubi to release a game that's making a comeback on the Wii........and one that did sell poorly in the first place.
  11. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Some of you lot seriously need to wake up. No one bought No More Heroes.......it bombed, and you're wanting a game like this exclusive to the Wii and thinking it'll sell better than on 360/PS3 combined. Ubi's done their numbers, and they of course know what's best. Edit - The post above. So true.
  12. Beyond Good and Evil 2

    Where's everyone getting this 'BG&E sold best on GC'? It sold like shit on everything, difference is that it has now become a cult classic...........and that audience has moved on and is now split between the 360 and PS3. Makes no sense at all to put this on the Wii. Because Nintendo make a 'fuck ton' of money from licensing fees and for every cartridge sold (in the DS's case).
  13. PS3 or 360?

    Listen to this man. It's the only correct answer, and it really is that simple.
  14. 3D Modelling Thread

    I study 3D Games Art at Hertfordshire. Just finishing up on my 2nd year now, and fuck, still got so much to learn before I finish. Need to pull my finger out next yr or I risk not being able to walk into a job. That's the most worrying thing about this discipline.......that if you aren't prepared to put the work in, then you're unlikely to be able to get that dream job. But if you enjoy it then automatically you'll be putting the work in anyway! Those were the screens we released last week. Characters (probably the strongest point on the project) are done by a fellow team member. Hopefully it'll all come together in the end. Only another few more weeks on this now. Hope you all like them. There's a nice link here which has some introduction tutorial videos for max, and then moves onto some more advanced stuff. Once you understand how the viewports work and how to manage the 'stack' then I recommend you have a look through some of the tutorials on 3dtotal.com as well. And once you feel ready for some character stuff then search out the 'Joan of Arc' body modelling tutorial. It seems like Jamba and darkcloud have given you some useful things to think about when tackling your current model, so take all that info on-board. I tend to never use 'edit mesh'........maybe I've just never modelled that way, but my typical workflow is to just start out with a cube, then convert to 'edit poly' and start extruding cutting away from there. Just remember that if you have any polygons that aren't affecting the shape of the mesh, then there's really no need to have them there at all. I've modelled cars in the past, and the best thing to do is to always keep your mesh as controllable as you can, then later on when you want to add the details it won't be so messy. Hope that makes sense there.
  15. GTA IV

    Quite a few people over at NeoGAF were reporting problems with Firefox. Not everyone mind.
  16. GTA IV

    No idea if you're using Firefox, but apparently the site has problems with it. So use IE. I've signed up, but no idea if I'll ever use it though. That probably depends on how well it's integrated into the game.
  17. 3D Modelling Thread

    Yeh of course. Although nowadays all texture painting is done using a photo as the base texture. Really depends on what you're doing though. For example the scummy area of the toilet (right side of texture) is a few grunge textures blended and then also some areas painted in by myself. The actual main blue areas needed tidying up from the photo I used with bolts having to be moved and things like that. We had our Beta today, which ended up going really well. There's 5 projects in our yr group, and ours was definitely one of the better ones out of those. If anyone wants to see some screens that were released today then just ask here. As I made 4 promo shots this evening. And Jamba, looking forward to it mate. I'm not really the animation type, but I remember your last animation stuff you posted up and it was really quite good. Animation scares me! This may be of great interest to you. This is the showreel of the Animation Lead on Condemned 2. Some awesome animation work in there, and it makes me want to play Condemned 2 as well. http://www.foofinu.com/Lico_AnimationReel_2008.mov
  18. Skins

    Watching now, kinda alright. But what the fuck is with the music during the coffin chase bit? Britney fucking Spears and Girls Aloud...........total shit.
  19. 3D Modelling Thread

    Been quite a while since I've posted in here, so I apoligise. Good to see people posting up anything they're working on though. Jamba - Sorry I didn't get back to you about the road texturing a few pages back. How did it go, as I'm guessing it's been and gone now with that piece of work. Wouldn't mind knowing how you tackled it anyway? I'm currently working on an end of year project, which we're making a mod for Crysis. It's purely a simple single-player driven level, but the point of it being so that we can just cut a game trailer from it and present it. If time all works out though hopefully we'll be able to release it playable for people. Anyway, it's called Scream Park. Simple zombie sort of infestation within a circus/fairground sort of place. I've created a few things so far, while I'm also working with two other people on it. I created the object below so thought I'd show it here seeing as it's probably the best bit of work I've done for it so far. Got so much to be getting on with before the deadline in under a month..........all quite worrying. (lack of AA really harms that image, oh well) Also a portaloo. And the flats for it, which need tidying up a bit. (generic spiderweb needs changing)
  20. Resolution query

    Yep. Well PC monitors anyway............but then again if you're playing DVD's through your PC, then programs like VLC would scale to 16:9, or if you're using a console that is connected to the monitor and you want to play them then you'll need to make sure your monitor can do 1:1 scaling (or whatever it's called). I'm here on 2x 1440x900. Needing moaaaar verticle pixels!
  21. Ever been banned from... something?

    NeoGAF naturally. Was only a week ban, so took it in my stride!
  22. GTA IV

    Amazing artwork. Love the second image there that you posted Dante.
  23. Said ages ago that I'd post up something decent............although I think I also complained that the test really doesn't support Quads. Anyway, was just overclocking earlier as I was bored.... and I think I take 3rd place with this score, so I'm happy.
  24. Do you know me?

    I met the ledge years back. Great bloke. If I remember correctly my original sign up date was 5th Feb 2003. So I've been here for years in some shape or form, although in more recent years I've not posted as much as I would of liked to. You get older, and life is generally too busy with lack of time in a day and all that. I can even say I was an admin for an afternoon.
  25. Your Face, Symmetrical .

    Amazing film, with a damn moving soundtrack to go with it. Shame it goes over the majority of peoples heads entirely............I even had to watch it twice and research into the story after to fully understand it. Give it 10-20 years or so, and it'll be a cult classic which is regarded as a masterpiece. Shame I can't say the same for Aronofsky's film Pi. Think I'd fail at the symmetrical face test.....as I have an annoying flat mole on the right side of my face. Want to get it removed really, but not too sure about how to go about it.