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  1. In those scans our hero has an N64 right? A Black one. That's awesome-ness right there.

    Population 3 and counting lol...Yet i'm sure there will be NPC's added to populate the world. Maybe a last minute thing when all other structures have been created? I would certainly hope so as this has the opportunity to be up there with Nintendo's 1st party efforts. With an unpopulated world it would feel almost like Body Havest or something...unless it's all a game of hide and seek?

  2. I think we will see them all...They can't really put Mario Party 2 and 3 without Mario Party 1..Well, they COULD. But it would seem out of place. Maybe a warning would just cover this rotating analogue problem. Maybe with the analogue on the Classic Controller and GC pads being smoother and shorter than the N64's, this may not be as big a problem. I never experienced any hurt. But my thumbs are piano/guitar hardened. Who knows?! Nintendo 1st party games on the N64 were hardly by the millions...They need all the N64 games they can get on VC.

  3. Fair shout Metroid.... I wholly agree. Blind as bats.


    Isn't it just your typical games dev's being stupid because they think:


    It won't be as good as Wii Sports (we can't be arsed to try)

    It's not got Mario in it (we can't compete)

    The graphics aren't too good compared to Virtua Tennis on PS3 (boo hoo)

    We are all drunk on Gin (hic!)


    God the industry scares me sometimes.

    It's TOO obvious. Wii Sports was a template for games to come..

    We've had Tiger Woods, Nippon Boxio fighter japaneesey (that cell shaded boxing game) and Brunswick Bowling. Tennis....Anyone for Tennis? No? Oh well....Back to the Gin.



  4. Duly noted Metroid :D


    Badminton is the greatest game ever in my eyes.

    The real selling point of this game would be online. Even if it mimicks Wii Sports (surely not too hard?) then adding online would garner positive consumer reaction through the sports/competition association.


    Gawd knows when we will see Wii Sports 2....In a few years time when Nintendo have a new product to show off? Knowing Nintendo they have probably got loads of tech sports demos running. Then they develop the wii fit board and remodel them all to that, then something else and so on and so on....Resulting in MASSIVE delays but a great game. Typical Nintendo really.


    That's why we need games like these. If Hudson balls this 'wii sportz copy' up...they are truly the crappiest developers ever.

  5. Seabass staff are made up of half the ISS staff anyhoo from KCEO (after they merged with KCET). ISS ... Whadda game!


    Pro Evo now has the opportunity to become ULTRA realistic and more 'fun' with shirt pulling, conning the ref, advanced AI that would make the best managers pap their pants and many more features such as personalised celebrations and decent online leagues.


    Yet Konami know PES lovers will flock to this....Just like FIFA lovers do, every year. Even with FIFA style updated rosters and slightly tweaked AI and a new cover star! Pro Evo USED to have some major effort put into changing it every year. Now they have sales near/above FIFA they just add buzzwords like 'Teamvision' and promise the world.

  6. H-O-T, For purists, the theme tune was remixed in Bflat. it had a wacky military vibe :D


    I used to play OOT and just put iron boots/blue getup on and just look at Links air bubbles popping on the surface. I just loved doing that. It was peaceful. It was lovely.


    Bizzare I know!!


    Then I used to do the same in the Beaver race area on MM as Zora Link. It was somehow sadder if only for the fact that this, and everything in the game was appreciated much more as the ominous moon lurched perilously over the entire skyline. It was a reminder that the little things were precious. Like bubbles popping on a pond. Or a rock band trying to play, or a deceased hero of yesteryear. Or a baby goron growing up. There was depth. Enough to perplex, and emotionally touch/engage the player on a personal level. The aligning of life and death/selflessness/helplessness. Ideas that games rarely forage through. That was what truly made MM darker and 'adult'.


    For those who have been 'touched' by MM, Zelda would never be the same again.

  7. 3 had that paper mario vibe to it, no? Although MORE was added, it wasn't too bad I guess. One and Two were something special with a group of beer swilling friends.


    Online would be the best way forward for the franchise (or making it More Mii focused too). but I can't se Nintendo changing it. It's still selling.

  8. MM got my vote. Just for the grand and alive feel the world had, (even though it was smaller than OOT). I remember a few tings in OOT and the amazing juxtaposition of 7yrs. But MM had real emotion, developed cut scenes and hard as nails dungeons. Some of the music is still my favourite and far excels OOT. the Astral Observatory is phonomenal. And the oath to order and the wierd red giants were so.... beautiful :D.


    Oh and the field at the end with the tree....That was the greatest thing ever. EVER! Such escapism and suprise. Man I love MM. But without OOT it wouldn't. Even. Exist....



  9. Pointing all the time nacks my wrist. (And in Wii games)!


    I'm suprised Mario Party hasn't been released on the VC yet.




    It's because Nintendo probably know that Mario Party 1 and 2 have yet to be bettered!

  10. The cutscene was in 3. I loved that. Takedown was an amazing addition to the franchise. You could see the damage you had done instead of imagining it as you blasted past them having shoved them into a lamp post. Genius. (An option to remove would have been good though).

    Burnout 3 had WAAAAAY too man tracks and this seemed to take away the purity of the series.

    I adored burnout 2 for the GC and will probably pick it up again one day. It was renderware at it's best and the controls were 100% made for the GC. I remember Criterion actually admitting the GC version was their favourite in an issue of NGC. I'm sure we all felt the pain when 3 never made it onto the GC (thanks EA!). Now EA love the GC and the DS has had a (horrific) version (best ignored), I'm sure it will come. Infact, I pray it will.

  11. I agree with mcj Metroid. For all I loved prime...Super Metroid is STILL my favourite. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It's like Ridley Scott's Alien movies. it has a perfectly crafted fear factor, sense of aloneness and immunity and sense of scale.



  12. Considering Nintendo AND Sega are working on this I have utter faith in their entire existance that they will nail this game. I have no doubt the balance of all characters and events will be polished to the n'th degree. Should be brilliant. Don't doubt with comparisons of Sonic in 1993 and Mario pre 3D. Just trust Nintendo and Sega. This could be Sonic's best game since the Megadrive days. With Miyamoto involved with Sega we should all be hyped for what should be a monumental gaming moment.

  13. Fair shout Razzi. Legend was fantastic and Anniversary just grabbed that template and applied it to the (best) original Tomb raider format. I'm really excited for this version as it seems that a HUGE IP is being improved on the Wii. Nevermind the 360 version. Would you prefer improved graphics or a more involved, innovative game? The ideas in this preview video maybe seemed a little gimmicky (almost Wario Ware), but in the context of Tomb Raider they actually fit. I'm hoping these new additions are as good as they can be and they aren't just a brief (minigame) add on.

  14. Nintendo should release a short playable demo on this new channel (sooner the better). Just a short teaser showing the quality of the title would entice gamers into buying the full game. It 'should' be downloaded straight from the inbox (if plausible). This would target ALL online Wii owners. I'm actually suprised Nintendo haven't done this kind of advertising (straight to Wii) yet. I was thinking this was like free advertising to MILLIONS of Wii owners. I'm sure the Metroid preview channel is only the start of things to come. Maybe in the future we will see short demos becoming available. (Or included with game disks as a bonus channel). Afterall, a video can only convey so much.

  15. I've been having loads of wii partys recently and everyone that attends them go away wanting a wii. These are people aged from 10-40. The power of the Wii is amazing. It's like something out of a sci-fi film to non-gamers. True virtual reality. And when they hear the price (and wii sports is included) they are sold.


    Good on Nintendo. :)