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  1. If i were 'Head' of Nintendo, I would bang my secretary in a huge pile of ill-recieved profit and not give a toss about what you all want because im a billionaire :yay:


    Then you'd get bored and start thinking of games to make, people at Nintendo probably do it all for fun. Wouldn't you think making a game would be fun? Make stories, characters, drawings, the technical stuff. Would be a fun job.

  2. My dad is might actually buy this, he has never bought a game on my consoles just the pc, he's very good at chess though. And I mean very good, for goes on redhotpawn and he's one of the top ranks.

  3. Same with me. Says my e-mail is invalid and i'm sure it was the e-mail I used before th upgrade. We're not the only ones with the problem though, there's quite a few of us so far. Hope it get's sorted soon.


    type completely in lower caps. i had the same problem.

  4. Happy Anniversary broke my wrist one year ago.


    Other than that I got my Wii in April... (after playing on my friend's one with a huge arm cast a few days after it came out, couldn't do nunchuck games very well.)


    It's been very good but sadly enough I never play things much because I have a weird temperament. I'm very happy that the Wii is in short supply rather than a constant supply because it shows the world change is good and Nintendo is good.

  5. Can't you get on it? or haven't you got enough stars?


    My details are 'invalid'.


    I have enough stars, I have like 16 spare slips too.


    Just my account is 'gone'.


    Tomorrow I might consider phoning them up since my parents are out now and I'll ask them first. The site says they are at national rate but yeah. That's if I don't get an email response..

  6. Wonder if it was like the ones they were giving away in Nintendo Magazine UK.


    Probably not made of gold like them though.


    Good sign, most of the site is up but the Club bits are down for me and my friend. Might be fixing the problem!



    ......Looks like it's still crapped up.