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  1. Nelly Furtado's follow up to the awful Big Hoops is a great track. There is an official video but the below lyric video fits the song much better and is truly inspirational.


    I much prefer Big Hoops. Just listen to the Extended Mix and imagine wearing hoop earrings and it all makes so much sense. This is shrill and not in a cool way. In fact Big Hoops is just great in most remixed forms.



    This would be my ideal first ever single from my bubbling-under top 40 success debut album.




    By the way this is the undisputed best pop song of 2012. That BEAT. The hair. Their 'fuck you' ness. The vocals. The lyrics. The fact it's written by Charli XCX. Nihilism. Rebel. Rebel. / still rich and living off daddy / sweden.



    I crashed my car into the bridge I don't care I love it


    I love the video too. Two stunners.


    I lovutt


    And a smattering of similar ultra-hip pop that is doing the rounds of the tastemaking sites:


    I really like this too, this version removes the atrocious Tinie Tempah section:



    This is quite bad but I love how schizo the video is.

  2. It's hit me that some of the biggest members have all but disappeared recently. Where's ReZ, where's Paj, where's chair?


    I just have more of a life now.


    (I realised that sounds like I'm saying one had to have no life to post on here before, which is obviously not true, but rather I'm much busier in my real life with...just bits. I have a boyfriend, about to go into third year of uni, etc etc.)


    My internet use has changed - I am actually a member of loads of forums for various things, but now only visit a few and rarely post, as I'm usually just going to them for information/news/opinions. I only visit a few now - N-Europe, a big Madonna forum, a kinda random but major Tori Amos fan forum that is quite the community but the members are kinda sick of Tori Amos in any case, and sometimes (but I usually forget) a Heroclix forum where I first met ReZ (<3), but again my interest in that is gone.

  3. Finally saw it after 2 weeks in the countryside of the Turkey/Syria border*.





    I really enjoyed it, it was great.


    I need to see it again as I was very tired (on Turkey time, 2 hours ahead), but still loved it.


    It was a bit messy at points, as it had so much to cram in, and it did feel a bit odd how there were SO many new players and lots of time given to non-costumed characters - BUT in the end it worked.


    And even though I am a Batman demon with knowledge to the ends of the earth RE: his entire history and rouge's gallery I still physically gasped when the 'real villain' was revealed. I think I was just really tired/delirious :p. Cause obviously I knew it was a possibility since that casting decision.


    I really liked Bane/his voice.


    My favourite thing was the reveal of the child's true story. Come on androgyny. I like reveals where you actually already saw the truth (we saw the child escape already) but didn't realise (it wasn't Bane).


    Hey Talia. I love. I kinda wanted her classic comic hair, but it's fine. I liked that this film was the resolution of Ra's plan (in a way). I kinda hate BLOWING UP THE CITYYYYY but it's fine.


    Loved how Scarecrow is in all 3 films. Shame Joker isn't here - he shouldn't ever have been a main part, but they could easily have used him in a similar way to Scarecrow - I felt he'd have things to talk about with Bane. But over it.


    Batman kinda annoyed me, since I hate giving up/I don't know. I'm unsure about an 8-year gap. Feels too long, I can't deal.


    But I did actually love it.


    OH SELENA KYLE. OBVIOUSLY Michelle Pfieffefefer's Catwoman is a Queen of Life never-be-topped, but this is a much more comic-accurate interpretation and I like Anne at the best of times, so very happy with her. She didn't need to be in the film at all really, perhaps it would have let the film be more streamlined, but really she fitted in very well.


    Ra's Al Ghul/ Scarecrow/ The Joker/ Two-Face/ Bane/ Talia


    Yes. Yeeeees. The League of Unsavoury.


    I liked the end.


    AND I agree with Hamish re: how this film makes you feel as opposed to Avengers.


    Avengers left with much more of an "!!!" excitement immediately after, but TDK trilogy will always be seen as more 'films' in their own right that transcend the 'superhero' genre. Avengers I thought was excellent considering the patchiness of the films preceeding it, and it was better than I expected, I loved it - but The Dark Knight films always have much more of a feeling of uncertainty in it's plotting. That' just...like a filmic fact. They are much more uncompromising than the Avengers films. Ok, so Batman isn't dead, the goodies won, the baddies didn't. But...actually look at that! Batman is dead, Bruce isn't (that happend in an interesting way), the characters all have different motivations blah blah can't be bothered writing anymore but yeah. I loved both films, but TDK does have a quality that makes it very different to Avengers.





    *a few hundred miles from it

  4. Love Killer Moth but not sold on Poison Ivy. I feel there's no mystique/allure (not meaning she has to be naked/boobs out or anything), but that's a big thing about her. And ginger afros tend to set off alarm bells. She/her face reminds me of a contestant from Britain (and America's) Next Top Model though, one of my faves, Catherine Thomas:




    She has those sharp, long pointy features that are really intriguing and delicate (like a plant), alluring without being Angelina Jolie jammy and sexual.


    So I like the face. But not the hair/costume. My fave ivy design is Tim Sale's radical re-interpretation:





    Very nypmh/dryad, but I like it. More in the vein of 'Let's make his villains more like creatures than humans', but it fits his aesthetic.


    [/i love Poison Ivy]

  5. GotG are very very unmainstream...me with all my gargantuan Marvel knowledge and I know very few/what they do/why they exist/what their mission statement is. Rocket Racoon was in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 though.


    I like that it's getting a film.

  6. Clayface is my fave...have you seen the animated series episodes with him? They're my fave. And I love his re-interpretation as disease/AIDS victim in Arkham Asylum (the book/graphic novel, not the game).

  7. Oh I love. Catwoman reminds me of a man, but then that stuns more. Yes for the animated series costume reference. I love her booties.


    I need the entire rogue's gallery. Your interpretations of Poison Ivy, Clayface, Man-Bat, Mr. Freeze, Joker, Riddler...argh. Them all. Do them all. And Batman and Robin.

  8. Avenging / Peter Parker, The Spectacular / Sensational / Untold Tales Of / Astonishing / Ultimate / Marvel Knights / Friendly Neighbourhood / Web Of / Deadly Foes Of / Lethal Foes Of / The Many Loves of the Amazing




    's Tangled Web / Unlimited / Family / Loves Mary Jane


    etc etc.


    Many pre and suff to choose from.

  9. I think it's the skin tone/detail that does it for me - amazing. Obviously the faces are almost spot-on perfect, but yeah, the skin in flawless (well...not literally..that's the point!).

  10. Think you're the one taking it a bit to serious tbh Paj. Black Widows bum is just a funny/sexy joke in itself now, nothing more.




    I'm not really that riled up about it or anything, it's just stupid. How much more interested would people be in buying it if they saw this instead? Hopefully more. But maybe bum works. Sex sells everything tbf.



    That's just an amazing bit of toy crafting right there (as with Loki).

  11. I've booked tickets to see Batman Begins and The Dark Knight back to back. It's going to be in one of the Studio Rooms at Empire Cinema (in Poole). The room is tiny, it feels pretty intimate. So excited. :D


    Glad that this has a long running time. 2 Hours probably would have been too short to round things off. The ultimate dream would have been seeing all three films back to back, but lets not get greedy now. :geek:


    A cinema local to me (the oldest one in Edinburgh I think) is doing a marathon, ending with DKR! Sounds cool but I dunno if I'd have the stamina, and would rather see it 'properly'.

  12. Fucking BUM on show all the time.


    *inserts that "If all the male Avengers showed their bum and Black Widow didn't image*


    Can't straight people just get over it? I've seen the face of that figure, it's hauntingly realistic, Scarlett Johannsson's stunning face should sell something like that, not a tiny plastic rump.


    When Spiderman gets shot after Captian Stacy captures him and lets him go. We see Spiderman leave a bloody handprint on a wall. The camera focused on that a bit too much I thought..... Jackel? Clones? Kaine? Ben Reilly anyone? :heh:


    I thought it would be something to do with

    Lizard being able to track him by the bloody hand-prints/blood trail he leaves, but obviously that never came into it. It was just to show that he was seriously bleeding rather than it just being a little flesh wound, I guess.